Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Authentic Blog!

Here, I am going to post here about who I am and what I am mainly in.

authentic grace

Summarizing would be much helpful to absorb the information in a second.

  • You can call me Grace, and I am South Korean currently living in Germany .
  • I have been always type of person who wants to explore new things for experiences.
  • I think I got seriously impressed by the first family trip to Europe when I was 11-12.
  • So, After graduating my university, I have decided to work and live abroad quite a while.
  • I had many trips to other European countries but at the moment, I finally moved out to Germany and settled since 2016.
  • Always thinking about ways how to be me and myself in severe life jungle.
  • My interest is Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Art & Culture, Writing, Drawing, Creating Artworks, Business Development, Marketing, Design AND SO ON.
  • With above interests, I have been creating some Artworks, writing time to time, trying to structure businesses related to it.

You can contact me via bluesea2481(at)gmail(dot)com for business and other matters.

Come and See me again with various interesting topics that I will bring out. Most of it would be about my interest, my life story and things coming from your feedback.

Of course, I would not only simply enjoy myself posting what I want, but also expect many communications with you guys.