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I have started doing nails by myself since few years ago.

I just cared of nail polishing before I moved to Germany, but then I got interested in nail extension as well. So I had to find tools and ways how to make it done.

You will probably all know how to get nail polish products and apply it, I am going to introduce you how to be a beginner to do gel nail polish and nail extension. (in my way!)

You can get all those products as a kit with reasonable price in Ebay or Amazon.
  1. Self Gel Nail
  • This is not difficult at all. There is a lot of nail kit products in Ebay and Amazon.
  • You can search it with keywords like ‘gel nail kit’. After getting products, most of it already have a beginner manual paper sheet inside.

  1. Nail Extension

For this one, I have to divide for 3 parts. Gel, Acrylic and Tip extension.
On this posting, I am going to inform you about gel nail first.

About Gel Extension, if you already know how to do gel nail, it will be easily understood.
For my tip, you can simply use nail artificial tip as nail form.

These are artificial nail tips, of course, you can easily buy those online in Ebay and Amazon.
1) What you do on first step.

First, put ‘Hard Gel’ for extension usage into the artificial tip . (Before that, of course, you have to choose right sized tip for your each finger.) You gotta put right amount after deciding how long nails you want. TIP, put little more than you want, because you have to file it up anyway at the end to shape.

2) An Example after Second step

Second, gently put prepared tip on your nail and let it dry by UV or LED nail Lamp. Depending on products, but I recommend at least 2 min.

Third, get rid of each artificial tip from nails gently and slightly. then you will see transparent grilled 🙂 gel on your finger nails like 2) photo. For beginners, It is so obvious that its shape is not pretty at all. But do not worry, as I said on the first step, You are going to file it up with nail file to get to perfect shape you want. At last, taking a while to file all the gel on your fingers you have!

For the process, you need to get nail kit set and artificial nails if you want to learn about self nail on basic level. The kit usually costs under 30-40 EUR with all the needed tools and materials and artificial nails are so cheap. Check this out to buy simply!

*TIP: Before starting, Be sure that your finger nails are clean and have even surface. Recommending filing up your original nails with nail file to be so. It helps your extension maintain much longer.