When I was 22-23, I was kind of into getting tattoo by my own.

But Listen, you know, We cannot get real tattoo personally without tattooist.
At the time, I could not get real tattoo when I was living with my parents, because they said that they will kick me out i I got anything of it.

The moment I used to enjoy Henna !

Sooooo, The way I chose is fake tattoo, a.k.a. Henna. I bought needed products online and enjoyed it quite long time for 1-2 years. I remember it lasts 4-5 days at least once I put it on with Golecha. Maybe other similar products would have the same duration.

I think I used this products ‘Golecha’

I guess I quit enjoyed old time for that, even though I had to listen negative opinions from my parents and sister.

Sadly, I could not find it from my stuffs anymore. Well, even if I could, my henna must be already dried all up. HAHAHA

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