The best food must be always considered on Travels.
Popular restaurants are what tourists search for at first to decide.

How about Burger & Lobster ? I have been one in Soho, London.
As expected, waiting line was long enough to make us tired. But as soon as we finally got our seat and order Lobster, We were not that tired anymore, instead, looking around what they got in restaurants. Waiter and waitress were super great like they already know well how to treat starving customers.

Taste? Like, wow. You must enjoy it by yourself, too.

This is what I ordered. Yumyum…!

If Lobster was for lunch, how about enjoying dinner with Italians menu?
We just went to one of Italian restaurants in the middle of street on our way to somewhere without searching internet.

And that was the point, Less expectation and planning bring much happiness and joyful at the end. Calzone, Carbonara pasta with couple of beers were perfect to be dinner on going down of sunset.

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