I have been getting stressed all because of deposit problem from my previous living apartment. I am opening the name of the company, ’cause I am pissed enough. It is VEGIS® Immobilien. Well, It is not that surprising for me to move myself quite often in few years. But I can’t help it to stress out on every single case.

From my experiences, Personal German house owner kept their word about paying back of deposit or promises. But seriously, real estate agents suck, really!

They do not even give me any information that I need to know. Even Their every single feedback is incredibly slow as hell. Followed by German living law, The deposit could be kept by house owner for 6 months. I think companies like real estate agents are misusing this part. The apartment that I used to live 2 years ago, they finally paid back my deposit exactly after 6 months from when I officially moved out. It would have never even happened if I did not chase them with a lot of contacting. And this previous apartment has been doing worse. The place in 2 years ago, at least, replied me from my questions in understandable time. But this previous place? This one is not even giving me information that I have a right to know about! Like, They just reply 1 time of 10 questions and e-mails by me. Still, I did not get answered right from the questions. They are now keeping their words about a period of payback of deposit. (I moved out from the end of July and they officially noticed that payback of deposit will take around 10 weeks. But now? 23 weeks being past since I moved out.)

I hope this will be solved soon, or else I have to use a lawyer which takes time and cost.
Be careful for everyone who is going to use services of VEGIS in Germany!