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Amazon has transformed from a small online bookseller into one of the largest online marketplaces in the world with a range of millions of items since 1994 and now even offers its own credit card. With its own bonus program, it can be worthwhile for Amazon customers after a certain turnover. There are two versions: The classic credit card is available for all Amazon customers, the Prime credit card is reserved for certain members.

Amazon credit card

  • start credit
  • Bonus program when shopping at Amazon (2 bonus points per full euro purchase value)
  • VISA card in the first year without card price

As one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, the original online book retailer Amazon now sells millions of different products. The offer extends far beyond media and books and includes electronic items as well as household goods or food.

The mail-order giant now also offers its own credit card, which is issued by Landesbank Berlin (LBB). This is available in two versions.

The credit card that all Amazon customers can apply for is free for the first year. After that there is an annual fee of 20 euros. However, there is an option to recoup these costs through the bonus program linked to the card. In addition, customers receive a starting credit of 50 euros for the first application, which can be used immediately after confirmation of the card application. The Amazon Prime credit card appears to be more attractive: it generally does not require a user fee, also brings 50 euros in starting credit and provides more bonus points per purchase.

The bonus program
The bonus program of the classic Amazon credit card provides that you get two bonus points for every full euro you spend with Amazon. If the card is also used by other retailers, you will receive a bonus point for every two euros spent on the card.

The Prime Credit Card bonus program rewards you with three bonus points for every euro you spend at Amazon. The following also applies to this card: use at other retailers is “rewarded” with a bonus point for every two euros spent on the card.

You can redeem the points earned for purchases from Amazon. Every point is worth a cent there. Converted, this means that when you buy with an credit card, you get a maximum of two cents back at Amazon and a maximum of 0.5 cents from other retailers. With the Prime credit card, there is a maximum of three cents per Amazon purchase.

Sample calculations
You are applying for the credit card for the first time. You will then receive a € 50 start credit, the fee for the first year will be waived and you will collect points.

Costs & requirements
You can apply for the Amazon credit card directly from Amazon online. For the application, the online retailer provides an online form that you can fill out and send after logging in with your Amazon access data. To apply, you must be at least 18 years old and have a German place of residence. Prime membership at Amazon is also mandatory for the Prime credit card.

Amazon usually reviews your application within a few seconds so that the card can be used immediately for the next purchase including the card credit. If there are problems with the creditworthiness, the test can also take longer.

Overview of fees (as of May 2019)
The Amazon credit card costs 19.99 euros per year. Each additional partner card then costs 9.99 a year. The Prime credit card is free of charge, as is a possible partner card linked to it

When you apply for a credit card for the first time, Amazon will refund the first annual fee to your credit card account for the classic card.

Other fees
Debit interest with a partial payment function of 14.98 percent effective per year
Example: You use your limit of € 500 to buy an electronic item. If you pay back only small installments, you will have to expect interest of more than 50 euros per year.
Withdrawal fees if the available limit of three percent is used, but at least 7.50 euros in Germany and five euros abroad.

Example: If you withdraw 200 euros abroad without credit, more than six euros will be charged. If you withdraw 50 euros three times abroad, you will have to pay 15 euros. In Germany, the second example would even be due for 22.50 euros.
Foreign currency fees for card use outside the euro zone amounting to 1.75 percent of sales
For example, if you shop in the U.S. for $ 400, you will have to pay a $ 7 fee.

*Summary of Amazon credit card*

  • start credit
  • Bonus program when shopping at Amazon
  • VISA card in the first year without card price
  • Apply online now Compare other credit cards
  • Requirements for the application
  • If you want to apply for an Amazon credit card, you must either already be an Amazon customer or become one with the card application. In addition, the applicant must:
  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Have a permanent residence in Germany
  3. Have a current account in Germany
  4. Have an adequate credit rating
  5. It is not necessary to open an account with Landesbank Berlin.

When and how can I cancel my credit card?
The Amazon credit card can be canceled at any time. There is no minimum term. For the termination to be effective, it should be made in writing.

Write your termination. Please refer to the earliest possible time for termination and ask for confirmation in the letter. This should also include your cancellation: name, address, customer number, date and signature.
Send the signed letter by post to KartenService Landesbank Berlin AG, Gustav-Meyer-Allee 1, 13355 Berlin or by fax to: 030/2455 2450.

Beware of termination
When canceling, make sure that the card is no longer charged. If you cancel, you usually have to pay the open amount to LBB within 14 days.

Initial credit limit: 200 euros
The standard credit limit is initially 200 euros. The final card limit will only be determined after you have released it in full and your credit rating has been checked. You will be informed of this after approximately 14 days after receiving your Amazon credit card. However, it is also possible to contact LBB directly to inquire about the individual credit card limit.

Advantages of the Amazon VISA card

  • Starting credit: Anyone applying for the card will receive a starting credit of 50 euros.
  • Fast shipping: The credit card is delivered within a week after the customer has identified himself using the Postident procedure.
  • Bonus program: With every purchase from Amazon or other retailers, the cardholder receives bonus points that can be redeemed for purchases from Amazon.
  • Prepaid function: The card is equipped with a prepaid function and can therefore be charged for safe shopping.
  • Automatic point collection: If the Amazon credit card is stored directly as a payment method in the Amazon customer account and at other frequently visited retailers, you automatically collect points with every purchase.
  • Free cash withdrawals: Anyone who withdraws cash with a credit card at home or abroad does not pay any fees to Visa. Fees for the machine operators can still arise.


  • Annual fees: The classic card costs EUR 19.99 per year, only the Prime model remains free of charge.
  • Interest with the installment facility: If the installment facility is used, you can expect high effective annual interest of 14.98 percent.
  • Fees for assignments abroad: When paying abroad, 1.75 percent of fees are due outside the Eurozone.
  • High turnover required: The classic card is only worthwhile if you have an annual turnover of over 1,000 euros at Amazon.


Due to the high annual fee, the classic Amazon credit card is mainly interesting for loyal Amazon customers with a four-digit annual turnover. Prime customers, on the other hand, can benefit from the free card. But: There are fees for cash withdrawals and use abroad. Therefore, those types of credit cards are particularly useful alternatives to the Amazon card that do not charge foreign currency or withdrawal fees abroad.