It was around early 2016 before leaving to Germany.

For the last trip that I can take in Korea, I decided to head to Jeju Island with my sister to build good memories which we would be not able to do often because of my moving.

To briefly explain location of Jeju Island, you can see below map that I captured. Well, You can say it looks like Jeju Island is located in the middle of Korea and Japan.
Jeju Island is the most popular site in Korea not only for tourists but also for local people who take short or long vacations.

Jeju Island is located in southern side of South Korea.

I am going to upload more posts about viewing or other experience there. But first, FOOD. 🙂

The best food that I had in Jeju is noodle soup with pork slices and vegetable.

The way Korean traditional style can be explained with various side dishes with main meal.
For daily meal in general Korean household, we take rice as the main meal and have quite many side dishes with it in foreigner’s point of view. (perhaps, in terms of number of side dishes.)

Soup of noodle is made of pork stock. I only love noodle with has meat ingredient. Also, You can see on below photo that at least 2 side dishes with the noodle. Those are Kimchis with different ingredient which is now already famous to overall countries.

Combination of Korean traditional noodle and tasty Kimchi ? It is like heaven which would be never able to describe in already existed words. It could be only described in Korean language and I mean 감칠맛. PERFECT TASTE EVER.

One Kimchi is made of cabbage and the other is made of radish.

The best best food was Marinated Grilled Pork in Jeju style. This menu should be taken with rice and Bean sprouts soup to increase it taste to the best. And Of course, Kimchi is always very basic option as a side dish on Korean meals, therefore, It is already with the menu.

Marinated Grilled Pork with rice and side dishes

Overall Korean food is well known of being healthy meal with less fat inside, compared to foods of western culture. You gotta try it for sure ! Let me guide you with more posting about Korean food and its life style.

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