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Hi there, this time, I brought a special information for people who are book-lovers.

As modern times are passing so fast as time goes by, followed by tendency, busy working people are having quite a hard time to make a enough break for reading books.

If you want to read books / articles / magazines as much as you wan but lack of time only matters for this, You can definitely find the answer right here, audible ! It has all you need to enjoy the taste of your literature.


What is audible?

Audible is an Amazon company and the world’s largest distributor of digital audio books. Bestsellers, thrillers, novels and classics – with Audible, there’s a genre for everyone. As a customer, you download an audio book directly to your computer or mobile device and you can immerse yourself in them anytime, anywhere. The range includes over 200,000 audio books, radio plays, series, audio magazines, foreign language titles and much more.

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You will have below advantages if you subscribe audible Amazon right as soon as you are done with reading this post.

  • Try it free for 30 days (with a trial subscription), then € 9.95 a month
  • Selection of audio books / radio plays from over 200,000 titles
  • Download the audiobook directly to a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Available anywhere and anytime!
  • Seamless switching between the book and the audiobook with over 80,000 Kindle eBook titles
  • All audiobooks in the Audible library belong to the user and can be heard at any time. Even if you cancel the subscription.
  • 1 audio book of your choice per month
  • Also available offline at any time with the app for smartphones and tablets
  • Unlimited and without advertising
  • Note: This offer is only valid for customers who are Prime members and new Audible customers in Germany.

Moreover, what is personally good having this service is that, in my experience, Audiobook subscription would be helpful to people who are in insomnia having sleeping disorder. My boyfriend are sometimes suffering this and whenever he can’t fall asleep even though trying hard, he turns on audiobook next to bed and it usually works and helps.

Come and click here to check details and ways how to subscribe !