When I first moved to Germany, I once stayed in Eschborn area in Germany.

It was not bad but, sadly not that good for me either. Do not take it personally if there are viewers living in the area. I just meant that it is quiet, calm, peaceful area to live, but I just wanted to live in more cheerful and lively area in the country. But I strongly agree with a fact that It is such a perfect area for families having kids to raise or old couples.

Anyway, I moved out from there to be in Frankfurt city after 6 months living.

one of days in the evening in Eschborn Bahnhof

After moving to the city, I could be able to take a walk nearby Main river often. Taking a walk by waterside is one of the favorite things that I enjoy. So why not, It was a good idea to decide to move!
I even captured a enchanting moment when I was enjoying Mainfest in 2018. (as below)

Dazzling moment of Mainfest in Main River in 2018

Besides special events in Main River, Simply enjoying sunset in a daytime is also good for living in Frankfurt city. As I can be there whenever I want to, It is not even a tiring job to do everyday for walking and etc. Having couple of beers by waterside under sunset is kind of awesome feeling thinking like “It is not a bad idea to be alive for this”

Enjoying Beck’s Beer at Main River under Sunset, NICE !

Grabbing some Beers like Plisner or Hefeweizen(Wheat Beer) and head to Main River, Frankfurters ! Let’s meet up there. 🙂