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Recently, I have been having mental pains and personal standing position in life.

On Slumping down situation, if you are an adult, You will understand It is quite hard to get consulted or confess to people by me. It is pretty impossible for me, especially, because of my personality. I am kind of type of person to be independent at all time no matter how I am and what problem I have.

My family quite worried about this part about me, as I am working and living abroad apart from my family. They do want to know my situation even though it is quite bad. They want me to tell them a truth all the time. But, you know, I cannot do that, really.

I am on slumping period in life in Germany.

As I do not feel free yet living here as a foreigner due to language barrier, My other concerns are going deeper inside of me combined with it. I could overcome language problems with my effort, but in somehow, time was already passed for few years in English and Korean, with the fact, I became feeling even awkward to learn and speak it out from my mouth. Confidence of German Language is already on the bottom. To be honest, I really do know know the right solution for me at the time.

But I have to keep living, right? As I told you on the post: first blogging post, I have to live if I do not die. I gotta have solutions for my life in here. I tried to organize what I can do next as below. :

  1. I can go back to my family to my home country to make myself relieved and healed.
    But this is NOT what I want to do. Even though I almost dying for some reasons, This has to be the last option for me. I do not want to give in to my obstacle and stupid slump.
  2. First, Getting rid of all the stress that I have gotten from German life. And those are Working, Language including administrative processes in German and so on. I quit a job and now, money for living does matter. It also gives me a stress. I need to get helped by German Labor Administrative Agency. However, It requires German Language for consulting which is another problem for me.

In the middle of writing down concerns and possible solutions, It became clear and I realized All should be a stress if I want to keep living in any foreign country without any previous local experience there.

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Let me say, I should stay strong, No more negative feeling, Try to avoid unnecessary stress, Keep Calm and Wait for final decision for my Master Degree. If I fail to get into master degree (It could be further Slump, However, Of course, I hope it will never happen to me…!), then I will need to search a new job.

Everyone, any option life above number 1 is what I want you not to choose in your hard situation as well. Stay strong with me, do not surrender, Show people or yourself that you can overcome and grow better no matter what circumstance you are in.

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Do not give up then you will be a winner of what you desperately want to achieve ! We can encourage and Cheer up each other !