Hello, I hope you are having wonderful day.

There are always tricks for rich people or lucky ones at all time. They do not get their wealth and happiness just by a coincidence. Check yourself out what tricks they are using for.

If you still think you can’t be lucky or happy, I recommend you to check below post first. It would help you concentrate on this post quite well.


1.Luck is always coming in from outside

If you like to be stuck in your room, Luck will never come to you naturally. Meet as many people as you can. People make networks each by each like spider web, which could lead you to a new possibility to be lucky. Go introduce yourself in new groups.

2.Draw your own Road map for Success

Image Making actually works for you to reach a real success in life. Imagining yourself to be successful is what extraordinary athletes usually do. Like, Tiger Woods who is a pro Golfer. Check every step on every day where you are at to go to your victory.


3.Try New Thing

Be Curious of new things that you have never tried before. Meeting new people in a odd field is actually helping you expand your perspective and create new chances.

4.Diversity is necessary

You will never know what kind of ability you could have before trying various and new things. Do not avoid new chance but challenge yourself. You can win or lose after trying, however, you definitely fail if you try nothing at all.

5.Keep hypnotizing that You are Always Lucky

Richard Wiseman said people who think they are lucky actually have lucky cases. Common point of them is that they are working hard and positive no matter how bad situation they are in.


6.You Sometimes need to step aside

You can never win all the time. Failure is what you can have in life. But the point is how you act in front of hard situation. Trying to overcome is much better than easily giving up. Do not be obssessed with your thoughts and try to be calm. Then Another Chance will be coming to you.

7.Human Network is related to Luck

Avoid those type of people. : who enjoys showing them off too often, who does not spend money and be treated by others, who does not help people. Try to meet people who can give you bright energy and make you feel happy. Like, whom you can do positive give and take. You will possibly get Luck with this type of person.

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