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International trade fair for the procurement of clothing and fashion accessories.”

*Reference: Asia Apparel Expo 2020 Official Website.


Delight news for who is interested in Asian Fashion Industry. Plus, If you are living in Europe, this would be an awesome chance to get to know better about your interest and what you are about to do for it. In about 2 weeks from now, there will be an related Exhibition in Berlin, Germany, called ASIA APPAREL EXPO 2020. Let’s check out what this is about.

First, Take a look briefly how the event looked like in 2019 via below Youtube.

ASIA APPAREL EXPO-BERLIN is a sourcing Trade show for apparel production and the only business event in Europe exclusively for Asian clothing manufacturers and fabric suppliers to connect with European brands.


If someone sources production and supply from Asian apparel manufacturers, It would be a good idea coming Berlin to meet with experienced clothing suppliers in the business of meeting the demand from European companies for finished garments, contract manufacturing and private label development

Since the first edition in 2012, ASIA APPAREL EXPO has established its reputation as a convenient marketplace for European buyers to see, select and source from the price-competitive made in Asia apparel and workwear manufacturers on show.

ASIA APPAREL EXPO presents a carefully-selected group of over 450 high-quality Asian companies with a wide range of apparel and footwear products, covering men’s, women’s and children’s wear, knitwear, denim, footwear, fabrics and textiles, as well as trimmings and accessories.

The Asia Apparel Expo in Berlin gives Asian merchants the ability to establish themselves in Europe. The Expo showcases selected Asian fashion accessories and apparel under the theme “Asian Fashion Delights in Europe.” It is the first exhibition that offers Asian fashion products to European buyers. Textile and clothing are all 100% Made in Asia.

Why Berlin among other area in Europe?

Berlin has established itself as one of the key trading and business meeting hubs in Europe. Centrally located, with easy access from both Western and Eastern Europe, and over 580 hotels providing 45,000 rooms, Berlin is an ideal location for European buyers to meet with Asian suppliers.

Also, Berlin is one of the most important cities in Europe among Fashionistas and Leaders of Fashion Trend. Totally BEST area to gather up.


The ninth Asia Apparel Expo takes place on 3 days from Tue., 18.02.2020 to Thur., 20.02.2020 in Berlin, Germany. To get more information about visiting and registration, check this link!

I wish you good luck to get what you need !

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