I have been dreaming about being an expert in Fashion Business.

I mean, not as a designer but as a businessman. As I am into managing and developing a business and Fashion, I wanted to make both related. So I specified my thoughts to be a marketing/business manager in Fashion Industry as a future job.


Speaking of which, This time, I have decided to share you ideas and information about what is fashion marketing and related skills and conditions to get on its career. The Conditions include minimum degree of studying, therefore, best school list in Germany will be shared as well.

What is Fashion Marketing and What is this aiming for?

Fashion marketing is the management of advertising campaigns and promotions to sell fashion brands and products. The effort required to present fashion products in a way that appeals to potential customers is called fashion marketing. It’s a vital part of the business side of fashion.

The goal of fashion marketing is to identify target consumers and develop promotion strategies that encourage the targeted audience to buy a product. Fashion marketers may also set product prices and plan distribution, however fashion marketers typically focus on promoting the product to the consumer.


What skills do you need for fashion marketing?


The fashion industry moves a lot more quickly than other industries. In order to keep up with trends and consumer demands, fashion marketing managers need to always be thinking of new and creative ways to market products. This includes a lot of research on what their target audience wants and creativity on how to get their product and message across to that audience.

Fashion marketing jobs can be competitive. While a bachelor’s degree is basically the minimum requirement, many companies prefer applicants to have related experience. A master’s degree can also give an individual an edge over the competition.

A bachelor’s degree in management, business administration, or marketing is an ideal place to begin the path to a career in fashion marketing. These degrees can be found at many universities and don’t have to be obtained through a specific fashion school. However, a fashion marketing degree from a fashion college can provide an individual with a fashion-focused curriculum and environment, as well as connections to relevant internships.

No matter where an individual acquires their degree from, they will need experience in the fashion industry to apply for fashion marketing jobs. This can be done by entering an internship with a fashion brand, which is often part of a fashion school’s curriculum. Paid work experience in the field also counts.


Additionally, having a master’s degree in marketing or a related field can increase an individual’s chances of getting hired. If one has a general business/marketing degree, a master’s degree in fashion marketing can provide them with advanced knowledge that is specialized in the industry.

Therefore, if you are dreaming about being one, You will need to get into school to get those required degree and needed experiences. Herewith I share you a list of Top 5 Schools of Fashion Marketing and Management in Germany. Let’s get started for a stepstone of your dream.

In Germany, you have a possibility to get BAföG, Scholarship
or Education loan to finance tuition fee and costs for living while being student. (depending on your social and legal status)

Therefore, It is recommendable to check in advance before studying.

1.ISM (International School of Management)

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The ISM offers its students a comprehensive international education. Thus, international bachelor’s students must combine their business studies with a second foreign language either German, French or Spanish. Students complete one or two semesters of study abroad in a European or overseas country.


Depending on their specialization, ISM students choose an institution from the ISM’s around 190 partner universities. The semester abroad is designed to further develop and expand their intercultural and language competencies and enhance and deepen their professional knowledge in an international context. In addition to their study abroad semester, they also complete at least ten weeks of their 20-week internship period at a company outside Germany. Related Campuses are all located in Dortmund, Frankfurt/Main, München, Hamburg, Köln, Stuttgart and Berlin, and it is depending of a course.

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Official Website: https://www.ism.de/

2.BSP Business School Berlin

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The BSP Business School Berlin is a university for management. We offer our students an application-oriented course that actively combines scientifically sound theoretical management training and sustainable practical experience.

On its course, it teaches you that fashion is an everyday example of the expression of creativity, individuality, dynamism and eccentricity. But even behind the most creative, most revealing brand and the funniest creation are sophisticated, rational management and marketing processes. Because fashion brands, agencies, boutiques and online platforms as well as shops are business companies that have to be managed strategically. Specific technical skills are therefore required in the fashion industry.

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Official Website : https://www.businessschool-berlin.de/en/

3.FDI (Fashion Design Institut) 

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The Fashion Design Institute was founded in 2008 by the graduate fashion designer and historian Inna Thomas and her husband. They were advised by many national and international fashion companies such as Van Laack, Philipp Plein, Michalsky, Hugo Boss, Joop, Windsor, Strellson and many others. Initially, only international fashion designers were trained, and in the following years the program was expanded to include fashion journalism, fashion marketing / management in collaboration with the industry. Through cooperation with other universities, Bachelor’s and Master’s programs and degrees can be offered in all areas.

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Official Website : https://www.fashion-design-institut.com/en/

4.AMD Academy of Fashion and Design

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The AMD Akademie Mode & Design offers internationally certified training programs in fashion, design, media, communication and management. It is the design department of the private Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. With locations in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden (start 2019), Munich and Berlin, AMD is thus part of one of the largest private universities of applied sciences in Germany and is based in Idstein together with the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. Accredited study programs, training and further education programmes in the fields of design, fashion, communication and industry-specific management are part of its educational offer.

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Official Website : https://www.amdnet.de/en/


5.Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

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Macromedia University, a part of Galileo Global Education, is one of the largest German universities for professionally-oriented courses in media management, design, arts, music and business management with around 100 professors and more than 3,500 students coming from over 80 different countries. 

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences has campuses in Munich, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin. All undergraduate and graduate programmes are accredited by the FIBAA agency and recognized by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. In 2011, Macromedia University also received institutional accreditation from the German Federal Government’s Scientific Council, and in 2014 the quality seal of the media camp in Bavaria. The CHE-Hochschulranking 2014/15 lists Macromedia University several times in the field of media/communication sciences/journalism. All Bachelor programmes are designed for the acquirement of 210 ECTS and thus meet the formal requirements for a successive Master’s degree. 

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Official Website : https://www.mhmk-international.org/

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