I brought a chart of the most 19 effective combination of color.
I picked 19 combinations which I think it would be effective the most to make the best visual design. You can us or refer it to your blog, presentations, visual report and so on.

The importance of color design stems from the significance of color to the human mind. Color creates ideas, expresses messages, spark interest, and generate certain emotions. … Within the psychology of colors, warm colors show excitement, optimism, and creativity; cool colors symbolize peace, calmness, and harmony.


Color is also a powerful tool in graphic design. It can be used to attract attention, organize content, emphasize elements, evoke emotion and help a design look aesthetically pleasing. n order to choose the right colors and color combinations, it is important that the graphic designer have a basic understanding of color theory.

Color theory is the study of color in art and design, their relationships with each other and principles used to create harmonious color schemes.

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