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STUDY IN GERMANY – When can I get A Final Decision for Master Application?

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Hi, I am finally back with the result for master that I applied for summer semester 2020. For your short information of previous post, I am applying for international management as master degree.

I got a final decision from the university on 4th February. It got around 3 weeks since deadline is closed. I was waiting and waiting patiently by a day before yesterday. after one inquiry e-mail of when I could get any result.

Well, It was not a easy time to endure timing coming. I did kind of everything I could do to avoid negative feelings keeping internal anxiety. Like, watching new film or series or ones that I already watched before in a row for all day and night with a bucket of ice cream.


Guess what, It was totally not positive. Speaking of which, I got denied by the university.

I was wondering why that is, because I graduated university for bachelor related to business administration. What is more, I even got certificate for international trade specialist and working experience as a business development.

So far, what they informed me is that I got no proven core competencies that they require for study position. Especially, Regarding of My Bachelor. But the point is that I do not certainly get this, as I already got many subjects and modules related to business and international tasks.

I doubt of reasons that it could be possible for my specific degree which is mainly Logistics.
They open the position for “International Management”particularly, so It might be possible that they need to reject my application.

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Still, you know what, I am going to do a legal claim officially by post to the university.

As far as I know, in overall universities and studying organizations in Germany, We can officially claim from results that they announce within one month after issuance of rejection letter. If I can’t accept following reasons or don’t have any clue why it is happening, I will definitely do it for sure.


I think that it is not quite clear to simply accept this denial. I gotta do everything I could do to get things right for me. I will keep posted about what will happen about my claim! Hope My effort could turn the result over.

In the meantime, I am also going to prepare for other applications for upcoming Winter Semester. I would be able to apply for many, as there are usually much more positions I can apply for than summer semester.

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