Hello guys, I am back again with my new nails of the week!

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BEAUTY – NAILS – DIY -Self Nail Art of the week – 셀프 네일
BEAUTY – NAILS – Self Nail Art of The Week 2 – White And Shiny Style

I have been into blue colors for weeks, so I thought It would be perfect to have it this week. Ta-Daa, See those nails that I did. This time, It is not so basic style with simple color only. I would call it Style of Metallic Blue and with beads and metallic light blue with pattern of line and shape.

How does it look? 🙂

To confess you, there is a secret on the nail. I did not do those nails by myself with whole designing and stuff. Those are ready-made nail tips. There are lots of nail tips products in the world with various beautiful design. But I am only using one brand that I have been using so far. Name of the products is Dashing Diva. For me, I bought lots of those from Korea. But I think its headquarter is in the State.

Anyway, the way how to do it is more than simple. This product already contains strong sticker for nail uses backside of each nail. Therefore, you peel off those stickers and simply apply on your real nails. But, as a person who is much interested in trying as many ready made nail tips as possible, I got some lesson from my experience.


Stickers would be better for caring your real nails from attaching and detaching than nail super glue. But, sadly, I prefer longer lasting of nail tips than much caring of real nails. Therefore, I would say, just use nail glue for nail tips even though there is already sticker on nail tips. For Long Lasting.

For people who might wonder where to get those products of Dashing Diva, It is sadly hard to get it offline easily. To get it in Germany or in Europe, I think Amazon is just the best and the easiest way for you. You can simply check and click below pictures what kind of models Amazon does have for Dashing Diva. Sadly, Amazon only has a few kind of model that Dashing Diva is producing. That makes me sad, honestly.

They do have pedi-set as well for your information.

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