Today, I was supposed to go to the downtown with my boyfriend to get some special grocery and look around home decor shop. We got ready and headed to the shop called “DEPOT”.

To briefly talk about what store is this about, Gries Deco Holding GmbH, who has DEPOT brand, is a German retail company based in Niedernberg and operates a branch network for home accessories and small furniture under the brand name DEPOT. The company was founded in Schöllkrippen in 1948 as a company for the production of artificial fruits and Christmas tree decorations and was majority owned by the Swiss Migros Group from 2011 to December 2019.

Therefore, this brand is quite famous in Germany to people who are interested in home decorating and related stuffs.

Back to the main story of the post, I have just heard of the store but never been there actually, so we simply decided to visit to see what they have for home decorating. I visited one store in Frankfurt Zeil street.

Well, I would say that overall mood of the brand and store is quit different from what I have expected. Meanwhile expecting little bit heavy atmosphere, how it actually looks like was much more brighter and lighter. See below photos that I have taken.

As I have been into plants decoration at home, I just took some of corner for it in the store.

As you can see, entire atmosphere of the shop is floral, bright, light colorful.

I was looking around fake plant decoration to put on kitchen table, but my boyfriend did not like fake plant at all. That is why he kept being annoyed saying negative about fake products.


He insisted like we got to put real plant at home which finally makes home much eco-friendly and better. It was so annoying because I was not caring about that much like him, however, I had to admit that he got a point on that. Besides, there was no products making me feel like buying so I just quit getting one from there. Instead, we have got whiskey bottle for my boyfriend and glass straw for my personal water bottle.

Then, we had a dinner like snacks nearby and was about to go back to home.

Right then, I realized that my boyfriend has been still minding what he said to me about getting fake plant. He knew that he kind of pissed me off in the store. I think that was a sort of making up. He strongly suggested me to get real pretty plant or flower at flower shop in the city, saying ‘I would like to buy something for you, you have wanted to get some for a kitchen table.’ That was pretty sweet and cute.

Yes, we went to flower shop to check what they have. They did have such beautiful flowers in the shop. Among those, Sunflowers with vivid orange color captured my eyes and attention. So we got 3 of those. I put it in a long vase that I have already had as soon as we got home.

The bottle next to the vase? That’s right, it is the whiskey bottle that we bought from DEPOT. Isn’t it pretty? I usually have no idea about liquor bottles, but this one has simple but stylish shape, so I told my boyfriend it would be good idea to keep it for him.

I think I got to do this much often with my boyfriend. I mean, discussing about home decorating and figure out what kind of tastes he has on it.

This Saturday Night is going off and Sunday has begun. I wish you have a good weekend as well!

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