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Few hours ago, I just reminded of time that I have had to live and survive in Germany. In the middle of it, Struggles that I have been having could be good at being organized by me on this post. Keep reading of what I have been having as the worst struggles below.

It might be useful for people who are planning to stay in Germany a while or who are already related!

1. Legal/Authorizing Paperwork to live in Germany

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You all know that Germany uses its own language, German. Therefore, we all have to no forget that German People use German language. Especially, In administration offices.

Do not expect too much that every German would speak English for you friendly. As far as I have experienced, no German people in German administration or public service are pleasantly using English for foreigners with smile on their face. Don’t get me wrong, I did not mean that they need to smile and polite to foreigners using English specially. What I mean is that they would usually ask you for speaking German no matter how you are good at.

It is still hard for me to say what I want in poor German in front of looking-mad face.

2.Getting any simple Job Is Almost Impossible

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There is a huge limit for only English-speaking people living in Germany and trying to get a simple job. What I mean for simple job is something we can simply start without working experience for careers. Most of simple part-time jobs are mainly requiring German skills in communication. If it is about office job, then you will have to be almost perfect with writing and reading as well.

If you can’t be confident with using German, the you will probably have no chance to get any place like serving job in German restaurant.


3.Applying for Education Courses

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There is many international course from Master degree in Germany, indeed. But you will never find any studying position for Bachelor degree or lower level ones in Germany which is exclusively taught in English. If there is some, It requires you huge amount of money as tuition fee.

Also, You will have to be fluent with German when you are about to start your internship or any working experience as junior level in Germany. You have to be aware that there is not many working or studying positions only for English-speakers living in Germany.

4.Feel Embarrassed in Public

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Every time people are asking you for direction in public in German, if you do not speak the language, you would feel awkward and embarrassed for answering. Don’t be surprised, It will be happening to you quite many times.

Well, In my case, Sorry to people but I simply ignore them or pretend I understand English only, even though I understood little. But Don’t judge me, please, you will never know before you experience how tiring this is like as a foreigner who is still bad at German.

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