Hello all, Welcome to my post about a short trip to Munich! The city also called München in German, here is where I headed to for short trip during one of weekends.

Actually, at the moment, it was Oktoberfest season in 2018 that I have never been to Munich before. So I finally decided to experience in original area for the festival feeling excited.

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After train trip from Frankfurt to Munich on Friday after work (It was like hell, crazy people on the night train!), I finally arrived! My college and I could stay at house of my college’s friend, luckily. Thanks to my college.

The first morning in Munich, before going to Oktoberfest, we agreed to go to one of cafes in Munich for brunch time. The one we found is called Schneewittchen Am Glockenbach as its full name. (Schneewittchen means ‘Snow White’ in English. How pretty the name is!)

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Entrance View
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View of Way to Cashier

Schneewittchen Am Glockenbach
Am Glockenbach 8, 80469 München
Opening Hours
Tue-Sun 10am-7pm
Mon Closed
Phone: +49 (0)89 38904059

The cafe looks lovely and adorable. Especially, workers at the cafe was so friendly and nice with warm smile. That made me even think that Munich is way better place to live compared to Frankfurt. (Just my thoughts, because I have never felt such a warm welcoming to any place in Frankfurt providing service such as restaurants.) Just get it like Munich is lovely place.

As I got inspired by clean, adorable and cozy atmosphere, I had to take some shoot with my phone camera. Did I catch any good sense of capturing what I have enjoyed?

Schneewittchen cafe authentic me
They provide plenty salmon for salmon bagel sandwich. Impressive!
Crape with Nutella, blueberry and raspberry Tart are added up.
Schneewittchen cafe authentic me
All the cake and beverage, cool cool and delicious.

It was more than just satisfying. Delicious food and beverage and nice customer oriented mind made them go for 5 of 5 stars!

Evening of the day came soon. We headed to the place for enjoying Oktoberfest, finally! But, sadly, I could not take many pictures as soon as we got inside. You know why?


Because I got exhausted right after that seeing enormous crowd of people. (Also, I got drunk so fast.) Seriously, people, Only one time. Enjoying international festivals in original place is enough to end up with one time. We couldn’t go to any restaurant or pub in the festival. Let’s say we could, if we would have waited for long line for 4-5 hours. Nope we would not do that.

Even Biergartens (Beer gardens) are already crowded but less than other pubs. But we decided to wait for this line, as we had to do it to grab any single beer. We made it after around 2 hours. Now, it is time that we have been waiting for, Drink hard, guys!

Grabbing 1 litter beer in Biergarten during festival

I strongly recommend to visit Munich for trips or living. I know living costs are killing people in the area. However, besides money problem, I think it will be a good chance to live there or travel little bit more.

Also, About Oktoberfest, Visit at least once. You should more if you live in Germany. It is worth it for adults, specially. Besides drinking, there is also amusement park inside the festival. It is one of enjoyable parts of the festival at night. As a kind of good point, Waiting line is getting less when it is getting darker, be noted.

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