They left the German Red Cross clinic two weeks after being flown out of the Chinese city of Wuhan. Germany has reported a total of 16 coronavirus cases but no deaths.

DRK clinic in Berlin Koepenick (picture-alliance/dpa/G. Fischer)

Twenty Germans who had visited China were released from a two-week quarantine at a German Red Cross (DRK) clinic on Sunday (23rd Feb 2020) in Berlin.

We are “very relieved” that the novel coronavirus had not been detected in any of those affected, said DRK Secretary-General Christian Reuter in a statement.

The 14-day isolation had been an “enormous” burden for all concerned, he added.

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Two weeks ago, the 20 Germans had been flown back from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of coronavirus. The group included 16 adults and four children.

The group on Friday tested negative on their fourth and final test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Since Friday, the DRK has been caring for another 15 Wuhan returnees in Kirchheim unter Teck in Baden-Württemberg. On Saturday, six German passengers of the cruise ship “Diamond Princess” also arrived in Germany after the quarantine on the ship had ended.

Last Sunday, more than 100 German Wuhan evacuees were given the all clear to leave quarantined military barracks in Germersheim, Germany. There were initially 122 people on their flight, two of whom tested positive for the virus and were quarantined separately in Frankfurt. 

Germany has reported 16 cases of coronavirus but no deaths. Several of the cases were linked to one company in the southern state of Bavaria, following the visit of an executive from China.

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