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Smart Asses have their own specialty. They are literally special. I do not mean “Born-To-Be-Special”.

Many people tend to follow them because of their attractive color. If you are admiring to be like them, right now, you would know what kind of abilities they have specially. Here we go, 10 common Things you can find from Smart Asses around you.


1. Already Know How To Be Flexible

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You might already think that talented people would be usually stubborn of what they do, however, that is not true.

They know how to think flexible and its importance. They are able to insist own opinions convincing others, In the meantime, accepting different thoughts is also possible to do for them. This Open Mindset made them much special and remarkable among group of people.

2. Always Think Before Saying

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They, Logical people know how to organize their thoughts and opinions in logic way. You only see them talking fluently without nonsense, but the truth is that they are always prepared being done with thinking what they are clearly. supposed to insist of. Those people knows that it would be the best and easiest way to communicate with and convince others well.


3. Do Not Like To Talk Much

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Smart people save their words to say. They don’t use chatting method to break silence on purpose or to get other’s attention. Especially, when they are with new faces, Smart asses tend to not talk much being careful of any kind of mistake cased by words.

4. Do Not Care About Major League

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Smart asses have their own clear view. They do not want to support
authoritative people unconditionally, nor are they against them. They always respect others with their own thoughts being ready to raise their voice.

5. Understand Accepting Imperfections

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Arrogant people are sometimes stubborn for getting through opinions. However, Smart asses always know and admit that human would make mistakes including themselves. Because they are just human.

6. Make Effort To Act For You

Smart people always want to be rational than emotional. Their convincing and persuading are based on true facts at all times. Instead, they imply subjective facts to understand their own in other’s point of view.


7. Free From Emotional Slavery

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They already realized that it is not good at all for themselves to be a fan of being too emotional. They always try to keep calm to minimize emotional fights.

8. Good At Getting Other’s Instinct

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Real Smart Asses do not consider facts only. They know that relying on information, logic and instinct is sometimes important when it comes to deciding. You have to penetrate inside of others to get what they truly means with their literal words.


9. Always Ready To Act

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Smarties do not just sit around sticking their asses onto the floor thinking about worries. They are ready to act and, if possible, try to activate what they think of as soon as possible.

10. Do Not Care Others Judging

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Smart asses do not actually care of being defined by others. If they think it is right to go on, then it is as it is. They already realized how much time people have been spending to hear other’s judging. No, That is not helpful to be smarter. If you want to be a smart ass, You have got to listen your own voice inside of yourself.

Being smart is not decided by their intellectual knowledge. It ultimately depends of attitude and mindset. Those kind of people are always prepared to accept feedback from others do their own thing. I hope Above 10 things helps you feel like increasing your IQ range.

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