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If you realize your clothes don’t fit anymore on your body like it used to, that is the sign to lose your fat. I do not mean losing weight in unhealthy way, I am only talking about fat.

However, we all know that losing fat is not that easy as we expect. And suffering for losing fat would be even worse if the way is wrong.

From now, I am going to let you the the most 6 efficient ways to lose your fat in healthy way.

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1.Reduce Sugar And Carbohydrate

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Sugar is the top substance giving you much fat, which means, if you reduce it, your fat is getting decreased. Same logic on Carbohydrate.

Less eating sugar and carbohydrate is the key to reduce your fat from your body.


2.Deceive yourself

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Your fitness process can’t maintain longer if you only have pain with it feeling every single time on the diet. Try to consider that diet and fitness activity is one of what you enjoy in your life. For example, talking a walk a while with your favorite music.

It could help you stay in your fitness program with delightful feeling.

3.Increase Your Muscle

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As we all know, muscle is composed of protein. If you increase your muscle amount of your body, it helps you increase basal metabolic rate(BMR) which is helpful for losing fat in the end.

Moreover, you should not care of number of scale but how you look in terms of fitting in the mirror. This is much helping you to improve your body shape in efficient and less stressful way.

Also, Well, You can lie about how heavy you are, but you can’t fool eyes of people looking at you, right?


4.Try To Walk As Much As Possible

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As a matter of fact, not all the people can have time to do workout due to daily living and working. But every person walks. Therefore, I recommend you to use this way to lose your fat and keep yourself healthy.

Simple walking is much healthier way than you expect. Examples, talking a walk instead of coffee break after lunch would be much considered for you when you try.

5.Please, Do Not Eat After 9 PM

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Everything you eat after 9 pm is becoming your fat with no doubt. SO please don’t! What you eat in the morning or afternoon could be used and burned as your energy, however, food in inappropriate time would definitely not help you get you fit.


6.Sleep Well And Enough

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Sleeping can not be out of list of how to be healthy. Get your sleeping at least for 7-8 hours. and if possible, sleep deep. This releases and reduces your stress that you have got from losing fat.

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