Coronavirus Update – The Number of Infected Case in Germany Increasing Much Slowly / Der Spiegel

Leere Autobahn A40 Richtung Essen am Morgen des Sonntag, 22. März 2020.
Leere Autobahn A40 Richtung Essen am Morgen des Sonntag, 22. März 2020.
 Roland Weihrauch/ dpa

The number of infections in Germany continues to increase, but not as quickly anymore – this is shown by the current information from the Robert Koch Institute. If the trend continues, this would confirm the effectiveness of the measures. (This message is no longer current, it is based on an incorrect number.)

The figures published by the Robert Koch Institute have now turned out to be incomplete, as the number of cases from several health offices over the weekend was not included in the statistics. A current article on the process can be found here.

In Germany, the rise in infections and deaths from the corona virus has slowed. The Robert Koch Institute reported 18,610 people infected on Sunday. In 1948 these were infections more than the day before.

On Saturday, however, the number of new cases increased by 2705 compared to the previous day. According to the institute, the number of deaths as a result of Covid-19 disease was 55 on Sunday. Here too there is an at least short-term positive trend: from Friday to Saturday, 15 people had succumbed to the disease, but only from Saturday to Sunday nine.


Already on late Saturday there had been reports that the number of infected had exceeded the 20,000 mark. These numbers were published by Johns Hopkins University. Their numbers and those that the Robert Koch Institute mentions in their reports have different origins.

Are the restrictions effective?

Johns Hopkins University in the United States does not have any official bodies to report every day. The researchers search for publicly available sources on the Internet and take the latest figures there. These are websites, but also Twitter accounts from authorities and organizations, or numbers that an Internet community of medical professionals in China determines, as well as reports from local media. That is why the Johns Hopkins numbers are usually a little ahead of the Robert Koch Institute numbers. The Robert Koch Institute reported the numbers of the various health departments.

Regardless of the absolute amount of the numbers and their difference, the development seems positive: if the number of infections continues to decrease over the next few days, this would be an important signal. It would show that the sometimes drastic restrictions on public life in Germany are having an effect.

Full Article from Der Spiegel:

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