Relationships are hard work and while there are plenty of couples out there who have been together for decades, everyone has their unique, respective secret sauce that keeps their love tank full. 

If you want to have long-lasting relationship with your current partner, you might want to know if he or she would be the right person to spend time together with long time.

There are simple ways to check if your partner would be serious on you as much as you are. Follow and check below things which could be on related checklist for your couple.

1.Can We Give and Take Serious Q&A ?

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If your relation is getting deeper and more serious, then the couple must be okay in very serious topic or issue to talk about. Romance always needs this component on love.

Hanging Out with no serious feeling is spreading to young people nowadays, because they do not want to have nay responsibilities or pressures on it. Of course, it is convenient to deal with, but I do not think that is how love goes.

If you are hesitating to throw serious questions to your partner, then you better have to think about your relationship seriously.

2.What Are Near Future Plans On Us?

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Sudden changes of life influences strong relationship. Check if there would be any big changes on one of couples, such as changing career abroad or having a journey for long term. If one of couple is thinking about big changes of life path, it would be not positive on maintaining relationship.

Discuss often about future plans which each thinks about. Ask to each other what near future plans are.


3.What Do You Usually Do on Sunday?

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Leisure pattern tells things about people. Some people can do outdoor activities on weekends or others can sleep all day after heavy drinking night.

If one spends most of time with his or her family and friends, try to meet them around him or her. You will probably feel what kind of the person you are seeing is.

4.How Do You Deal With Stress?

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Life is not always happy and easy to go on. It has various disasters from small to big. The things can always happen so it does matter that it does. What matters is how people react on crisis and stress in life.

Ways to handle tragedy and life stress will tell you what kind of person it is.

If your partner is being an asshole to you unnecessarily because of stress that he or she got from work or study, think about your relationship if it could be going on for long term in serious way.

Attitude is all between people and, especially, couples. Wise Discussion in a bad situation would be the key for couples to maintain health relationship.

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You would never know what comes to you on your relationship, as you would be happy and that is all on its first step.

Like a rose, it is your decision if you leave it die soon or grow it as mature red rose at last. I encourage you to grow stable relationship with pure love!

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