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: Capital of Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, sits on the coastal islands of Zealand and Amager. It’s linked to Malmo in southern Sweden by the Öresund Bridge. Indre By, the city’s historic center, contains Frederiksstaden, an 18th-century rococo district, home to the royal family’s Amalienborg Palace. Nearby is Christiansborg Palace and the Renaissance-era Rosenborg Castle, surrounded by gardens and home to the crown jewels.

I have traveled a lot in 2016 when I was staying in Sweden. Precisely, I was young with hot blood wanting to do anything I can think of in new countries I have never been to.

I have heard of connecting each countries of Scandinavian continent by train and cruise for travelling purpose, therefore, I decided to visit Denmark which is right next to Sweden.

When I was visiting a friend of mine in Malmoe Sweden, I think this would be the best opportunity to see through all nearby. As malmoe is located in close border of Sweden and Denmark, I did not even have to hesitate.

So, 1 day trip had begun at the time! (I had no more time to spend for travel as I had to work on the next Monday.)

I wanted to grab a street food in the city. That was crepe with nutella !

My friend and I rented bikes for a day nearby Copenhagen Station then made a tour by ourselves. Actually, Copenhagen is not so big city, so I would say that you can look around the city by feet or by bike. I did not think public transportation or taxi would not be needed. Plus, weather in the weekend was perfect to be out as a tourist.

Nyhavn , Copenhagen in 2016
Nyhavn in Copenhagen in 2016

What I could remember is that we had a tour riding a bike and saw The Little Mermaid Statue nearby the city and spent time at Nyhavn. Actually, the status was not really interesting for me, because I do not want to be that kind of people who only want to look at famous things, take pictures of it and then leave. We can search its background history on books or online, right? Also, the statue is smaller than expected so I could not be overwhelmed or something from it.

At the Nyhavn, there were lots of small street performances. Of course, cute restaurants and pubs were in lines of street blocks.

Now, after I had a trip in Amsterdam, Netherlands, I would be able to say its atmosphere is similar with the one I got from Amsterdam. Maybe it is because of canals in the cities.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen in 2016

And as we both like beer so much, we also visited Carlsberg Beer Tour in the city. If you are also a beer lover, you have to know the brand. Carlsberg has its headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark with long history after being founded in 1847.

For tourists or people who would love to have fun experience with them, there is a Carlsberg brewery tour you can join when you visit Copenhagen!

You are able to get an access to see our micro-brewery, Jacobsen (although due to health and safety regulations, it’s not possible to enter the brewery itself), as well as the exhibition in the original Old Carlsberg Brewery, the stables, the sculpture garden, our Brand Store and the beer garden. There are two kinds of tour, a self-guided tour, which takes 30 – 60 minutes and a guided tour, which takes about 45 minutes and tells the story of Carlsberg.

If you do not want any of the tours, you can still take a carriage ride (depending on the weather) and enjoy a beer and a bite to eat.

*amission ticket includes 1 beer or soft drink and is currently €13.42 for adults and €9.40 for students with a valid ID. There is a separate beer tasting ticket for €10.74 online.

My review of the tour? I LOVED it as one of beer lovers. I strongly recommend you to try when visiting Denmark. I did not think I wasted my money for it, totally worth it!

Entrance of Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen in 2016

I wish I could visit Denmark once again soon. Yes, It is not big city for tourists spending few days in one spot, however, it is just worth it with the meaning of as we simply stay there.

Scandinavian countries, I want you to know I miss you so much!

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