Because of the Corona incident, news of the racial discrimination against Asians in Europe and the United States is tedious. As it turned out that people infected with the Coronavirus began to increase in Wuhan, China, some people resent Asians, not just Chinese, but also Koreans and Japanese.

On the 13th, a woman was assaulted by a black woman in Manhattan, New York, for not wearing a mask. On the other hand, in Europe, such as Italy and France, Koreans also said, “Wear a mask! Others made racist statements such as “Go back to your country!”

Although it is something that some unconscious people are doing, it is difficult for Koreans who are staying abroad to hide their uneasy minds. In this situation, actor John Jo, who is active in Hollywood, is making a controversial statement about racism.

John Jo is a Korean-American actor who immigrated to the United States at the age of six. “On the 23rd, on his Twitter account,“ Americans who complain about viruses will die. You idiots! ” ‘Ching Cang Chong’ is a term that degrades Asians.

John Joe also shared the column of an Asian American Frankchon.


In this article, “Hospital patients are refusing to see my mother in the hospital, and Asian children are being bullied in school. It is exhausting just to talk about racial discrimination against Asians. ”

Earlier, Korean-American actor Daniel Dae-Kim also announced on the 16th that Coronavirus was confirmed, and said, “The most important thing is to stop prejudice against Asians and meaningless violence.”

US President Donald Trump called Corona the “Chinese virus,” and raised controversy over racial discrimination. President Trump said, “The spread of the Corona 19 virus is not the fault of Asian Americans. They are working closely with us to fight the virus, ”he said.“ Because they came from China. It wasn’t racial discrimination or anything like that. ”

When the world is hard with Corona, you may need resentment, but you should never be racist.