In the era of the corona pandemic, public life still stands. Museums, drama, opera – all social rights are closed. But you don’t have to do without it beforehand!

This page bundles the digital cultural offerings of Frankfurt – from living room concerts and greetings from the independent scene to museum offers – and brings the art and culture from museums and theaters, music, literature and visual arts and podcasts directly onto the sofa.

Many facilities in Frankfurt have expanded their digital offering in order to continue to provide people with art and culture. 

From now on, all offers are collected on the Internet platform “Culture on the sofa” of the Kulturamt. The corona virus has almost brought public life to a standstill in Frankfurt, and all cultural institutions are closed until April 20. In order to continue to ensure diversity in art and culture, many theaters, museums and organizers have expanded their digital offering. To this end, the cultural department and the cultural office have launched the “Culture on the Sofa” platform , from which all offers and promotions can now be viewed in one place.


“In times of Corona, we notice how much we lack culture,” said Culture Director Ina Hartwig (SPD). “The analog shared experience of a museum or concert visit has broken away from one day to the next and we are forced to spend a lot of time at home.” Through their offers, the creative artists continued to enable social encounters in the digital space. This is important, “because the culture must remain visible, especially at this time,” emphasizes the head of culture.

In addition to living room concerts, theatrical performances or virtual art exhibitions, the page currently also includes greetings from Frankfurt artists. The overview should be updated continuously, additional suggestions can be sent by email to

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