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Hello gorgeous, welcome to my review post of humidifer!

I have been having a dry nose especially in warm and dry season like spring and fall. Because of it, I often got nose bleeding from peeled nose skin due to rubbing nose. Since then, I have wanted to get a good humidifier for my own good. I had to do something for my health.

As I have been recently decorating my bedroom, I thought it would be a super idea to get one to be placed on my bedside table.

And it came true, I got one from Amazon with very reasonable price around 33 Eur!


The product even has a function of aroma diffusing, which is great for me because I always care about smell in the room and want to have nice scent whenever I enter into it.

Entire functions of the diffuser/humidifier are as below.:

  • 7-color LED lighting
  • The 400 ml aroma diffuser has 4 time settings (1h / 3h / 6h or to remain on)
  • With a power supply and a small measuring cup. Dual voltage: 100 – 240 V.
  • Quiet operation. The ultrasonic technology allows for a safe and fine mist with less than 35 dB of noise, so your work or peace is not disturbed.
  • Best aromatherapy diffuser gift: Coated with natural wood grain, you can add 8 – 9 drops of your favourite essential oil for diffusing. This provides an isolated and relaxing space and the best aromatherapy for all activities, even for those suffering from asthma, a cough or allergies.

Aroma essential oils to get additionally. I also got it from Amazon.

It has 6 type of scent, orange / peppermint / tea tree / lavender / lemon grass / eucalyptus.
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Nano Face Humidifier - Refresh & Hydrates Your Skin Anywhere, Anytime
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So, What I have actually experienced from the product after using it is that it operates quiet thanks to ultrasonic technology, so it is not disturbing your sleep at night. Also, various color of light is perfect for home decor and mood-up for every day. Sensitive mist is an additional good point of the product. It is able to spread aroma oil effectively to every corner of the room. At last, It is actually working for dry nose skin to get rid of sneezing the whole day and night.

In conclusion, I am deeply satisfied with the product considering its price and quality. For full page of purchasing or getting more details, click here if you would like!

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