Person With Bunch Medication Pills on Hand

I became curious as I was constantly taking nutritional supplements. Are you also taking care of nutritional supplements for inner and external beauty?

There is essential nutritional exploration of Beauty People, I would like to share you what those are!


1.Vitamin D3 Gummies

Women's Gumi, price undecided, Vitafusion.  Vitamin D3 Gummies, undecided, Nordic Naturals.

 Multi-vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin B5, there are many of them. The problem is that taking a pill form of vitamin is more burdensome than I thought. The alternative choice is a vitamin in the form of jelly. 

When you take vitamins, you are constantly questioning the effect, but if you don’t eat it, you will definitely feel heavy. I think it can be said that jelly vitamins are particularly effective because they taste good and are eaten every day. First, steady is the best. 

2.Combination of ‘Omega 3 + Vitamin + Probiotics’

Lipajab, price undecided, Pnpholdings.

Lipipjab helps a healthy diet. The doctors who asked for advice to cover the articles are unanimously recommending the combination of ‘Omega 3 + Vitamin + Probiotics’ and are still eating it. Be sure to bring nutrition for your diet. It’s not a dramatic change, but it’s a good dietary supplement for the liver. 


3.Aloe Gel Powder

Allen Aloe Gel Powder, 95,000 won, Maiim.

Aloe gel, the secret of shiny skin. If you’re busy, you’re often on an empty stomach all day long, so you’re trying to get nutritional supplements in the morning. It feels like a subtle energy. Krill Oil, Bion 3 (Multivitamin), Ultimost Hair Skin Nails, Albain and Aloe Gel Powder. 

 The effect is well objectively judged by skin. Of these, aloe gel powder is good for skin health and good for gut health, so it is steadily taken and eats, but after eating it, it is less tired. 

4.Lactic Acid Bacteria from Green Tea

Lactic acid bacteria from green tea, 28,000 won, Vitalbeautie.

Green tea lactic acid bacteria that woke up in the morningIt was very difficult to open my eyes in the morning as I lived in the mid 30s after practicing ‘meat for drinking is my strength’. 

The results of the health check up to high cholesterol levels in the early fatty liver! Lactobacillus, vitamin C, Noni capsules, L-Cartinine, etc., into the nutritional design centered on items with good antioxidant effects. In particular, lactobacillus has been showing an effect on bowel movement since it started to be eaten every day. The intestine was sensitive to drinking, but I feel that I feel comfortable. 

The advantage is that the powder melts as soon as it touches the mouth, so there is no roughness.


5.Olive oil Capsule

Mediterranean olive oil capsule, 18,000 won, Positive hotel.

Even after going to the bathroom, my stomach was bloated so I ate olive oil as soon as I went to work on an empty stomach every day. Olive oil capsul was chosen because it is burdensome to consume extra virgin olive oil directly. It is easy to eat, and above all, it is very satisfying in that it goes well in the bathroom. Definitely soft inside. The problem of the intestine has been resolved, and skin problems have also been significantly reduced. However, when eating a fatty meal, reduce the intake.


Magnesium 350, 22,000 won, Green Store.

 It is said to modern people that many intestinal leaks and lactic acid bacteria that maintain various body balances play a surprisingly large role. I have a habit of drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning, so I eat it at the timing. Here, the tremors under the eyes have become so severe that even magnesium has begun to be eaten. After taking magnesium, the trembling under my eyes certainly disappeared, and the degree of dysmenorrhea weakened due to my mood. 

I believe that it is better to listen to the signals that the body sends, rather than to take a lot of nutrients in the era of overnutrition. 


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