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We live in a variety of relationships. 

Starting from the family, meeting friends at school, and starting social life, you connect with a wide variety of people, whether you want to or not. We do our best to make good connections. On the look, male peacocks try to look pretty and nice, like spreading their wings. Emotionally sympathizing with other people’s feelings of sadness, we try to build a network more closely with close people and more desperately with those who need it.

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Humanity has flourished on Earth because it is a true social animal centered on human relationships. Animals that were physically more powerful than us existed and still exist, but eventually the most influential creatures on Earth became humans. As such, relationships are important to the human race. Strong relationships are possibilities and powers. So, what is the core of the relationship? It is a trust.

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Who do we trust? It will vary from person to person, but according to human instinct, we have no choice but to trust a predictable person, a consistent person. So is our brain structure. In addition, our brain likes to find patterns to minimize energy consumption. Eventually, those who break patterns and act unexpectedly are hard to gain trust. And as a result, it is difficult to establish a strong bond with others.

The worst option to break trust very quickly is lying. Lying breaks the fixed pattern of promise and shows trust in words and actions, drawing trust. Lies that are too big have enormously negative energy enough to ruin all the relationships at once. Little lies crush the foundations of the relationship little by little, and when it accumulates, everything collapses at another little lie in the unexpected moment.

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Think about it right now. I decided to meet at 6, but how many people come at 6? Is it okay if there is a reason for being 5 or 10 minutes late? In general, everyone is normal, so is it right to just understand and move on? no. If you promised but didn’t, you lied. When such a trivial lie prevails, the society becomes a low-trust society, and the social cost to be paid due to such a climate is more than imaginable. Lying destroys personal relationships, small to small, and largely to communities. Let’s not forget again.

We were able to thrive through this complex relationship of cooperation and competition. Trust is a bridge that connects relationships and a disaster that destroys lies. So even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal, it’s important not to lie. It is important to make a habit of doing something hard, but it is equally important to make a habit of not doing bad things.

 Keep in mind that it is really important not to lie, especially when considering good relationships.

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