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Hello, beauties! Welcome back to my self nail art post!

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I feel like it has been a while since I posted the latest post of self nail art. Well, Let’s say I have been busy to take care of my nails thinking of what should be the next for new nails. I was dealing with tough real life that I have been carrying on.

However, I think I have done things which must be done, so I am finally able to think about my own beauty with new nails.

A sudden idea for the new nails was ‘transparency’. I thought it would be cool to try transparent nails with glitter so it can make little bit of holographic effect.

Below Instagram photo is what I got inspired by for this time. Look at that gorgeous shimmering holographic transparent nail design!


Uh-Oh, But sadly, I could not do just like the design, because I did not have right nail sticker foil of holographic design. What I only have is 3 kinds of glitters. So, I had to choose one of those which seems similar with the holographic color the most.

Take a look the result that I have tried to reach any similar looks for that! Of course, as I mentioned on previous post, I tool coffin ballerina shape for new nails.

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Materials Needed For The New Nails?

  • Poly Gel Kit for nail extension
  • Gel UV LED Lamp
  • Nail Glitter
  • Top and Base Gel Coat
  • Nail Decor Stone Set & Tweezer
  • Nail file
  • Gel Nail Polish Cleaner or Nail Remover Acetone
  • Some Cotton Pads or Tissue


Well, for me doing those nails, I am not fully satisfied with its result. I am going to be improved on skills and nail materials and try it again with the perfectly right materials for holographic transparent nails.

Yet, I do love all the nails that I have done so far and my lovely hobby which is always bringing pretty outcomes for better and I-Feel-Pretty mood.

Until the next nail design, Cheers!

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