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 Plants are very useful for our survival. Simply put, a creature cannot live without a plant. After all, human and plant kingdoms have a very close relationship.

Some people have a small indoor garden or terrace, a large patio, or a house with a garden. Some people live in homes without gardens or in small apartments with little window space. Usually there is not enough space to make a garden in the house. However, it is not impossible to grow a mini garden at home. You can have your own garden.

It has been proved that gardening not only adds beauty to our space, but also contributes to mental well-being . You can also learn how to care for plants, give meaning and love by doing mini gardening activities.

Green Plant

The mini garden is a great hobby that is becoming more and more popular among plant lovers.

This activity is especially good in that you can unleash your imagination and creativity. In addition , it has a  very important efficacy in purifying the air in the house. We can use a variety of ideas. First, you can choose your favorite plant that best suits your space.

Here are a few tips and steps to keep in mind to make your mini garden successful at home!


Get Your Own Cool Mini Garden!

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The first thing to keep in mind is ‘courage‘ . For example, a transparent glass container will let you receive a sufficient amount of light. In addition, growing roots  to maintain the number of branches at the same time you should use a deep enough courage to . For plants that don’t need excessive moisture, the best way is to use open containers.

A cylindrical or cup-shaped bowl such as a fish tank or a vase can be used.

The following materials are needed to make a mini garden.

  • Pebbles or small pebbles
  • Charcoal or activated charcoal
  • Soil or mulch
  • Moss or decorative stones (optional)

Plants to consider?

Variety Of Green Plants

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Best match plant types in the mini-garden are small one, so you can love the shade and tolerate higher temperatures. And the types can withstand high humidity.

  • A closed mini-gardens,  orchids, ferns, Bro Mary Saad, begonias , etc. can grow .
  • Open mini-garden,  succulents, cactus, or small fruit trees.

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Steps to make a mini garden for your home

Person Arranging Pot Plant

  1. Fill the pot with gravel 2 ~ 3cm deep. 
    This prevents the standing water from reaching the roots. Laying a layer of moss on the floor acts as a sponge to absorb water so that the soil does not escape through the gravel.

  2. Mix soil or fertilizer with charcoal.  
    This organic substance facilitates drainage and helps the roots grow. Cover the mixture to take up about 1/4 or 1/3 of the pot.

  3. The selected plant is taken out of the original pot and placed in this pot.  
    Make sure there is enough space between the roots of the plants. Each plant should be at least 10 cm apart .

  4. After placing the plant, the surface is covered with moss or decorative stones. 
    This prevents weeds from growing.

  5. Finally, water the gravel at the bottom so that it gets wet .  
    The watering cycle depends on the type of plant, but the soil should always be moist. Water only during off-peak hours (early morning or night).

  6. When finished, leave the mini-garden in a sunny place so  you can get direct sunlight.

  7. As plants grow, pruning is necessary to maintain their shape. 
    Remember that you should always remove dead or yellow leaves .

Mini garden inside the house

Potted Green Indoor Plants

To create a beautiful indoor mini-garden, you can grow plants using hard jars or glass vases. Just fill in a small stone or soil.

  • Remember to pick a small plant that can grow in the shade .
  •  You can place the plant holder on the dining table, windowsill or floor.

Mini garden on the balcony

Woman Wearing Beige Dress Shirt Using Laptop Computer

If you have a balcony at home, you can make this a mini garden. Planting vines is a good way to make the balcony garden look beautiful  .  

In summer, these plants create an amazing view of the true rainforest. Not only you, but everyone who sees the balcony from the outside will feel the same.

Indoor or skylight garden

Green Plants on Brown Clay Pots

If you live in a house with an indoor garden or skylight, you have the opportunity to create a great atmosphere in your home.

Use this space to create a mini garden. Do not fill with large plants that do not fit in the pot. The best thing is to grow small plants to let the light in.


Mini herb garden

Six Potted Plants Close-up Photo

This small space can be filled by making a small bush.

  • Growing scented herbs can be used to make tea and  can be used to cook like other plants.
  • Can be grown in cans.
  • You can hang it in the air, hang it on the wall, or put it on the floor.
  • Growing scented herbs can be used to make tea and can be used to cook like other plants.
  • Can be grown in cans.
  • You can hang it in the air, hang it on the wall, or put it on the floor.

The great thing about those ideas is that you can have fresh ingredients to use when cooking, and at the same time add beautiful and useful ornaments to the empty space in your home!

Try Yourself Out And Be Happy!

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