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 The bathroom is the most private space in the house. It is generally narrow, but it can be made into a practical space with a little imagination. 

Decorating a bathroom can be a complex task. However, with a little imagination and work , you can turn it into a practical space as follows . 

  • A comfortable space is created.
  • Everything you need is well organized.
  • You can enjoy a private, unique and original space.
  • You can feel harmony and tranquility at home.

For those of you who want to remodel your bathroom, here are 9 great ideas for decorating your bathroom. Do not miss it!


1. The wall comes first

White Bathroom Interior

To make your bathroom look bigger than it really is, we recommend that you paint the walls with brightly colored paints, such as white, blue, green, and off-white, that will delight your eyes . 

These colors are not only very easy to blend together, but also make the space look elegant.

2. Let’s make the bathroom look bigger than the actual size

White Towel on Gray Steel Bar

It is very important to make the most of the space. Because of this, we recommend putting a shelf under the sink.

The shelf will help:

  • You feel like the space is wider.
  • The storage space is bigger.
  • You can keep things you don’t know where you put them.
  • You can style the space.
  • You can decorate the bathroom.

3. Lighting is a very important factor

White Bathtub on White Tile Bathroom Near Brown Framed Clear Glass Window

Room lighting is very important, especially in the bathroom.

So if you place the lights correctly,

  • You can make the bathroom look more refreshing.
  • The color inside the bathroom is vibrant.
  • You can create a pleasant space to look at.

It is recommended to use a white incandescent bulb that is colorless and does not interfere with the harmony of the decoration.

4. Mirror

White Sink
Mirror on Wall

In addition to checking your appearance, the mirror is a must-have item for the bathroom. The mirror produces the following effects.

  • Makes the bathroom look more elegant.
  • It illuminates the outdoors.
  • You can decorate the space.
  • Makes light across the entire bathroom.

To make the most of all the features of the mirror, place a large enough mirror. 

5. Wall hangings

Oval Mirror Near Toilet Bowl

A wall organizer is a great idea for a bathroom or small room. Using this organizer,

  • You can decorate the bathroom without having to do too much work.
  • It shows the organized appearance.
  • Space can be utilized.
  • You can keep all the little things inside the bathroom.

For a better look, it is recommended to place an intensely colored organizer against the wall .

6. Shelf

White Water Closet in Bathroom

Minimalism design has become popular in recent years, but minimalism is not appropriate for toilets.

Shelves take up space, but offer the following advantages:

  • Decorate the room.
  • Towels, tissues, and any other products that require storage can be stored.
  • Makes the bathroom look neat.
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7. Toilet basket

Stack of Towels on Rack
White Textile Lot

Toilet baskets are a great way to organize towels and even dirty clothes .

We recommend using a wicker basket to help decorate and style your space .

8. Small details are the most effective to decorate space

Two White Bottles Beside Potted Plant on Bathtub

When it comes to decorating the bathroom, we should always find a way to stay in harmony.

Listen to the following advice.

  • Use small decorations.
  • Natural or artificial plants always go well together.
  • Find pictures or photos that go well with the rest of the room.
  • Candles are a great way to decorate your bathroom.
  • It is not necessary to fill the entire bathroom with decorations. A few small details are enough.
White Bathroom Toilet Bowl

9. Never forget Basic Rules

White Bathtub in Bathroom
White Ceramic Bathtub Near White Framed Glass Window

This is a more common rule, especially in small spaces like toilets. Many people have the wrong idea that the more decorations you place in the bathroom, the better it will look.

Whenever you think about decorating your bathroom, remember the following:

  • Forget the intense, cheap  colors.
  • Do not use decorations that are too large.
  • Curtains take up a lot of space, so use blinds.
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The toilet should be a place where you can forget about the outside world and relax. 

If you follow all the tips of the day, you can turn your bathroom into a paradise filled with comfort, harmony and tranquility.