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 Share a secret to keep the floor clean and shiny. You will get a clean floor with minimal effort!

Nothing feels better than walking through a clean, shiny floor. Even if the floor of my house isn’t my favorite style and material, it’s kind of neat and tidy when the floor is clean, so I’m happy. 

The floor is a big part of home decoration . Maintaining the floor without stains or scratches makes the whole house feel much cleaner. To keep the floor clean, you must first know the material of the floor. How to maintain and repair the floor depends on the material.

Today’s purpose is not only to keep the space of the house neat, but also to make it shine. Why? If you’re in a clean, shiny house, you’ll feel comfortable! When I came home after a tiring day, I just enjoyed the imagination that a fresh house welcomed me.

The secret to making a shiny hardwood floor?

White and Brown Kitchen Counter

If you want to keep the wooden floor neat and shiny, you need to put a pad under all furniture legs, such as a chair or table. This will prevent damage to the wooden floor by furniture.

Hardwood floors are materials that need to be polished from time to time. Otherwise, the color becomes dark and wears out quickly. Especially if there is a lot of dust and wet place.

Do not use tools or materials that can scratch the surface of the wood. If you want to keep the wooden floor as new as possible, it is a good idea to clean it with natural products as much as possible.

Do not use too much water, soapy water, or detergent when mopping. When the floor is completely dry, apply wax or varnish to keep moisture on the surface. That way, the already worn wooden surface will remain somewhat soft and moist.



  • 3 liters of water
  • pail
  • 10 mL vinegar
  • Lemon juice 5mL
  • Straw mop
  • 30 mL olive oil (optional)

Cleaning method?

  • First, let’s remove the dust on the floor.
  • Put water, vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil together in a bucket and mix well.
  • Put the mop in a bucket, moisten it, and squeeze out the water.
  • Wipe the floor and let it dry.

Magnetic tiles

Magnetic Flooring Is New - Georgia Carpet Industries

Porcelain tile is a flooring material that is often seen these days, and has the advantage of being easy to clean. It is mostly laid in the kitchen or bathroom.

First, prepare apple cider vinegar that acts as a natural fragrance and disinfectant. Also, get baking soda that acts as a natural bleach.

Magnetic self-laying ceramic floor - magneti permanenti industriali


  • Rag
  • pail
  • Squeegee (rubber cleaner for the floor)
  • 3 liters of clean water
  • Apple cider vinegar 3mL
  • 1g baking soda

Cleaning method?

  • First, sweep the tile well to remove dust.
  • Pour water into the bucket.
  • Add vinegar and baking soda and mix well.
  • After wiping the floor with a mop, use a squeegee to wipe the tile surface.
  • Rinse the entire tile with water and dry it.

Porcelain tile

120x20 Time Grey Porcelain wood effect Tiles

Porcelain tiles (porcelain tiles) have a unique luster, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the surface too much. These tiles are very strong and come in large sizes, making it easier to clean the gaps between the tiles.

Porcelain Floor Tiles 600x600 mm at Rs 280 /box ...


  • pail
  • 3 liters of clean water
  • Rag
  • Detergent or neutral liquid soap 3mL

Cleaning method?

  • First, completely remove the dust on the floor.
  • Mix the detergent and water well in the bucket. Wait until the detergent or soap is completely dissolved in water.
  • After mopping the mop, wipe the entire floor with water.

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