The flared jeans are back

In order for flared jeans to really feel like they’re from the ’60s, you need to understand the basic rules of wearing them.

Often, current fashion trends give a new change from the elements of the past. The same is true of flared jeans, which were very representative in the 1960s. Do you remember that these jeans became fashionable again in the early 2000s?

The faded fashion is back again this time. The flared jeans, which changed slightly on the runway during the 2017 F /W season, began to appear again.

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As a result, in early 2018, window mannequins in all shops were wearing flared jeans. The short designed pants length and wide barrel remained the same, but only slightly changed the sewing details to emphasize the body. 

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Flared Gene’s Return!

Flared jeans or trumpet jeans were created by fashion designer Mary Quant in the 1960s . She also enjoyed the popularity of mini skirts, which recorded historical trends in the 60s.

By the 70s, everybody had trumpet pants in their closet, and no one could get out of this.

The bigger the barrel, the more bold the person wearing the pants. I also made the most of vivid colors and psychedelic stamps. Today, these elements are still symbols of boldness and style.

Of course, there were also monochromatic trumpet jeans.
 Also, these pants are made of corduroy rather than jeans.

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Highlight the body

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Martha Gil de Montes , style expert at Macy’s Department Store, says the flare jeans show off a nicer silhouette. It also goes well with tight sleeved tops (blouses, sweaters, jackets or button-down shirts). 

Undoubtedly, these pants are very practical and comfortable. 
It is said that the pants appear more clearly because the pants go up to the waistline.


Also, since the trumpet starts at the knee, it looks taller. 
Wearing flared jeans and shoes together adds to the illusion of making your keys look taller. If you put on your shoes together, everyone will see our legs longer.

To my pants are really the feeling from the 1960s is to be understood that the basic rule dress.

Let’s expose the jeans

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There are two basic rules for wearing flared jeans with confidence and overflowing style.

  • Always wear it with high heels.
  • Better suits blouses with tight sleeves. 

If possible, it should be a heel that prevents wedge heels or pants from being pulled. If you don’t want to wear high heels, the tip of your pants will drag to the floor and won’t move.

  • Shoes are an important accessory that we should not underestimate. 
  • The shirt is the second point that makes trumpet jeans look great. The sleeves of the tops should be narrow so that they do not look excessive. Shirts with wide sleeves or lots of fabric do not look at the pants and do not look pretty.

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Fit your pants to your body

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When wearing trumpet jeans, choose a size that matches your height and body size. For example, pants with very wide legs are best for women with thick legs.

These pants are not only wide knees, but wide pants. This makes the legs look smaller and the body looks more balanced.


On the other hand, classic kegs are great for those with thin legs. The pants are tight from the thigh to the knee , so there will be no problem wearing them. In fact, these pants are especially good for tall and skinny women.

For shorter, plump women, trumpet jeans without pockets are good. The pockets on both sides can have a negative visual effect that makes them look more voluminous.

For the same reason, women with raised hips should avoid patterned pants and stick to dark, solid pants that fit well.

So, Skinny vs Flare Jeans?

At some point, you’ve probably tried to repair skinny pants and make them skinny. Maybe you’ve thrown away your favorite pants because they’re no longer fashionable.

At last, you will be happy to know that Skinny Jean’s era can come to an end and revive the hippie spirit .

In the past few years, flare jeans have been covered in skinny or straight trousers . In fact, those still wearing trumpet jeans seemed out of fashion.

Flare jeans were replaced little by little. Over the years, the pant became less and less, and everyone became accustomed to skinny jeans. However, fashion repeats the cycle.

Trends come and go periodically. 
There are still skinny jeans in everybody’s wardrobe, but flare jeans have always been special in people’s minds and have become popular again.

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