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Choosing a wedding outfit depends first on what role you play in the wedding. 
If you’re going to drop by , or if you’re a friend of the bride, or a bride, of course it will be different! 

In this article, I’ll introduce some tips on how to choose the perfect wedding guest look. 
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The Basics of choosing the perfect guest look?

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Choosing a wedding guest outfit is not an easy task. 
There are a lot of things to keep in mind, and these are usually important. For example, you won’t wear the same clothes for a wedding in fall and spring.

Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect guest look, and  then point out the points to highlight each season.


So, What clothes? One-Piece Dress Does Not Fail!

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Maybe you hate dresses or skirts, but you might stick with them. 

However, the wedding is a special day, and it is a different day than usualall wearing the best clothes they have. 

So if you are a guest, one piece dress is the best choice. Even if you prefer jackets and pants suits, I emphasize again that skirt suits are better. 

A short dress is fine during the day, but  a long dress at night is perfect.

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Pattern Or Primary Color Of The Dress?

The primary color dress and shiny accessories make a perfect match.

Needless to say, the one-piece dress that shows off elegance is more suitable for the  perfect wedding look. Even hot pink is a good choice. Of course, avoid the white color of the bride.

On the other hand, remember that there are some specific colors you shouldn’t wear. 

For example, black is always controversial. Black is not suitable for weddings because it is a color of mourning. However, it is also the color that is the best of elegance.

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In addition, there are grooms and brides who “determine” the color of clothes that their bridesmaids and attending friends will wear, so  it is important to ask the groom and the bride in advance what colors they should not wear.

But  that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear dresses with patterns . So, you can choose a dress with a classic floral pattern or a trendy pattern.


Accessories are an indispensable item, and  the difference is  particularly noticeable when a primary color dress is selected The accessory will fill the dress and make it stand out.

Here are some tips on accessories!

  • For shoes , remember that wedding shoes also wear the most high-heeled shoes. However, it is also a place to enjoy, so don’t choose too high heels or uncomfortable shoes. The wedding should be a good day!
  • Choose a small bag. You don’t have to carry around this and that,  it’s enough to hold only the basic items in a small bag that suits your dress.
  • The same goes for jewelry. It is better to choose a minimalist type, and  avoid too colorful jewelry.
  • If the wedding ceremony is held in church,  prepare a shoulder shawl. It can also be useful at a later reception.
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Fall Or Winter Wedding?

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The only problem with the wedding in the cold season is that we have more clothes to add to our guest look. 

The goal now is to wear warmth while showing off elegance. So let’s take a look at the next tips.

  • Choose gloves. Soft, long gloves give elegance to stand out.
  • Choose an elegant and colorful coat.
  • It is an ideal season to choose velvet . Don’t hesitate.
  • Of course, you need to look at the weather forecast. Maybe not too cold.

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Now the last tip is left. It is natural beauty. 
The way to make you shine the most is to enjoy it in its original form. 

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