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Even without makeup, the cleanliness of the facial skin is essential. By practicing a skin care routine at night, you can make your skin look much healthier and younger.

A night time skin care routine is as important as or more than the steps you take each morning before leaving home. If you want beautiful skin, you need to take care of your skin in the morning and evening. This article introduces seven tips that should be included in a nighttime skin care routine.

With the right product , you can take care of your face for a relaxing and energizing break in less than 10 minutes.

How To Follow Night Skin Care Routine?

1. Always erase makeup

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In the skin care routine at night, the first step is the most important. 

Make sure to remove your makeup before your facial skin is ready to rest . If you don’t remove any makeup residue, you’ll greet the morning with a poor complexion by clogging your pores.

If you use a lot of semi-permanent cosmetics, you can choose an oil remover with a high concentration. On the other hand, you can use lighter and thinner products for lighter and more natural makeup.


2. Using a mild cleanser

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The second step is to wash your face deep into your skin even without makeup. 

This will remove dirt, impurities or dead skin that makes the skin look dull.

Nowadays, mild soap and cream cleansing are available, and there are cleansing products that can even exfoliate. 

It is important to use products without these ingredients as alcohol or strong ingredients can change the pH and natural oils of the skin.

3. Toner for fatigue

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Nighttime skin care routines should have toners that will help you spend a tiring day and relieve the symptoms on your skin. The toner closes the pores, balances and moisturizes the skin.

It is recommended to choose an alcohol-free product as it feels refreshing but does not damage the skin. There are also natural toners that can be used, such as rose water, rosemary, and witch hazel. 


4. Night time skin care routine: using a serum that fits your skin

Serum is a product used just before applying moisture cream and contains highly concentrated nutrients. 

This product can be applied in the morning and evening, but it is most effective to apply it before bed. 

The type of serum used depends on the desired result. 

The most commonly used products contain hyaluronic acid, collagen , vitamins A, B, C, and coenzyme Q10.

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5. Night Cream

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When you turn 25, you should start using a specific night moisturizing cream. Don’t forget that there is a difference between day cream and night cream .

At night, your skin absorbs nutrients more efficiently than during the day due to rest. This is why night creams need more nutrients.

In addition, daytime creams usually have sun protection, but are not very concentrated in nutrients. For this reason, products used during the day can be used at night, but the same effect cannot be achieved.


6. Massage is the most effective

If you have a few minutes to complete your night-time skin care routine, try a facial massage. 

If your partner, friend, or family member does the massage for you, you will have a more relaxing effect.

Facial massage is the best treatment for relaxing and relaxing your face. 

In addition , it gives skin elasticity and activates blood circulation. This will allow the skin to better absorb the product applied in the previous step.

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7. Get enough rest

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Finally, don’t forget the final tip to finish the night routine:

  • When you sleep, you should keep the room completely dark without any light coming in. You should also avoid light from your phone or computer .
  • This is the best posture to prevent wrinkles, so sleep with your face up. 
  • Empty your mind before bed, forget your worries and let your face relax.
  • If your face swells well when you wake up in the morning, try a lighter texture and a slightly higher pillow.
  • If you sleep for a few hours less than your body needs, it affects your face. However, sleeping too long can also make you tired the next day. Find the perfect balance for your health.

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