Hello guys, Welcome Back to my small beauty post!

If you already checked my previous posts of self beauty care on hair, you would probably know that my hair color is currently lemon – light – ash blonde. (It is kind of mixed, I cannot tell a word to describe it.)

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Well, after staying in this hair quite a while for 4 months, I felt bored on the style that I was having. I wanted to get rid of my hair bang and change hair style in some how.

As I still love to be in blonde world, I decided to do haircut instead of changing my hair color. I got inspired for the new looks from below pictures.

Hair styles. | Blonde asian hair, Asian hair, Short blonde haircuts
hair in los angeles? i've got shoulder-length asian hair that i'm ...

Images from pinterest
Look how gorgeouse they look on cool hair style!

I am not a type of person hesitating if there is no special or specific reason, so I worked on it right away! Already so excited. No, I shouldn’t…Do you know why?

The Higher expectation, the more disappointed..

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What To Prepare For The Self Haircut?

  • A professional hair scissors (general scissors would be also okay, but not recommended)
  • Towels or old newspaper to place underneath to get your throwing hair
  • A comb
  • Some hair bands
  • Youtube Video to keep watching!

The youtube video I referred before cutting my hair. You guys should also give it a try. So Easy to catch up!

I am going to show you pictures of before and after! How does it look?


AFTER with hair bun

You might not feel much different, but for real, my looks got much nicer!
I always go after chic in freedom and stylish image on myself, so this medium-shoulder length would give me the personal image.

If you are sick of staying in long hair a while, try this new look! It would make you feel much refresh and lighter with different looks.

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