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Washing your hair every day is not only annoying, but it can also boost oil production. It might get your hair messier or hurt.

You may need to wash your hair every day to keep it clean.  However, it takes a long time. Proper hygiene is required to maintain the scalp’s pH, but it may be better not to detect it every day. This is because the sebaceous glands of people who wash their hair every day produce more oil. 

So, if you want to combine health, practicality, and hygiene, learn about the 9 secrets to perfecting your hair every day without having to wiggle your hair.

1. We are what we eat

The words “we are what we eat” are more sincere than we thought. Therefore, if you want to keep your hair clean for a long time, you need to adjust your diet.

For this, you should exclude fatty foods, fried foods, sugar, white bread and canned foods from your diet. 
Instead, substitute foods that help reduce sebaceous gland activity.

  • fruit
  • vegetable
  • dairy product
  • Lean meat
  • nuts

2. Use dry shampoo

There are several well-known  dry shampoos on the market.

  • If you want to remove the oil using a dry shampoo, you can split your hair into several equal parts and apply it to the roots as you would with a hair spray. 
  • If the shampoo is talc-like powder , apply it to the roots and wait 10 minutes. After that, brush your hair. 
  • This will create a protective layer around the oily hair to keep the hair clean for longer.
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3. Don’t Let Your Hair Contact To Too Hot Water

The temperature of the water you use to wash your hair is also important.

It is recommended to wash your hair with cold water, and do not wash your hair with hot water. 
This is because hot water increases the amount of sebum produced by the scalp.

Also, it is better to dry your hair naturally, not a hair dryer.


4. Let’s braid

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  • If you don’t have time to wash your hair, braid it.
  • If braided hair can hide the oily roots. The thicker the braid, the better.
  • The best way is not to braid your hair very loosely. This will help hide the fact that your hair is not clean.

5. Let’s part your hair opposite

Let’s change your parted hair which you used to make. As the hair gets used to a specific position, the area where parted hair is burned each time could become much messy. Even a simple way changing the hair’s part can make your hair look cleaner and more voluminous.

6. Regularly brush your hair

It is recommended to wash your hair brush or frequently used comb at least once a week. If you don’t, sebum, conditioner, or other substances that may remain in the brush will re-infiltrate your clean hair.

  • Rinse your comb and hair brush once a week with warm water and shampoo or soap. 
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7. Comb your hair before bed

A good trick to keep your hair clean for longer is combing your hair before bed.
Tilt your head back and place it on a pillow, then ponytail or loose braid.

8. Don’t loose your hair

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The straight hair looks more dirty and oily. 

The best way to avoid this is to comb the roots for a sense of volume and then lift your head.

9. Learn how to wash your hair

It is not good to wash your hair the old way. Wash your hair in the following way.

  • Do not scratch your scalp when washing your hair. Instead, rub it gently with your fingertips. 
  • The conditioner is applied from half to the end of the hair, not the roots .
  • When you have finished washing your hair, shake it off by hand before removing it with a towel.

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