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Many daily activities and external factors such as pollutants can spoil makeup that takes a lot of effort every morning.

Today in this article, we’ll look at 11 interesting tips for long-lasting makeup .

How good would it be if the makeup was maintained properly and there was no need to fix it every moment? However, the sweat from the body, the temperature, and the molecules in the air gradually fade it until the cosmetic disappears completely from the face.

Fortunately, there are a number of handy beauty tips you can use every day for long-lasting makeup.

Let’s check out some tips right now!

1. Washing your face perfectly

Woman Washing Her Face With Water

Before applying any cosmetics, you should wash your face well with a mild cleanser and water.

This step reduces the blemishes on the skin’s surface and allows makeup to stick to the skin.

2. Using moisturizing cream

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In order for cosmetics to spread well and stay on the skin for a long time, a moisturizing cream must be applied.

This is because the moisturizing cream forms a protective layer on the face and prevents changes due to natural lipids on the face.

3. Using a primer

Primers are very popular. It removes excess shine from your face and keeps your makeup fresh all day long. It is applied to uneven areas for an even makeup base and used before applying foundation step.

Moreover, if you continue to use the primer, the pore size will decrease, making impurities and blackheads less prone.

Recommendable products to maintain your makeup longer?

NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect Primer, Clear, Makeup Primer, Ebenmäßiger Teint, Vermindert feine Linien und Poren, Vegane Formel
  • Light and skin-optimizing primer for an even base for makeup forming a soft cushion between skin and make-up
  • Colorless texture + coverage of fine lines and large pores + ideal for all skin types and tones
  • Silky Vegan Formula, Also Available in Lavender and Green for Color Correction
  • Box contents: 1x NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect Primer, colour: Clear, 30 ml

NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler, Makeup Primer, Reduziert Poren, Ebenmäßiger Teint, Leichte Textur, Vegane Formel
  • Light primer reduces the appearance of pores, facilitates application and improves the durability of the foundation.
  • Transparent & vitamin E-enriched texture
  • Ideal for oily skin and every skin tone
  • talc-free and oil-free + vegan texture
  • scope of delivery: 1x NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler Primer, 20 ml

NYX Professional Makeup Hydra Touch Primer feuchtigkeitsspendende Makeup Grundlage
  • Ideally prepares the skin for the makeup
  • Moisturizing and Longer lasting finish
  • The primer prepares the skin for an even makeup.
  • Enriched with nourishing ingredients such as jojoba and rice oil
  • Hydra Touch Primer provides moisture and ensures a dreamy finish.

4. Using finishing powder

Finishing powder plays a very important role in preserving makeup. To apply properly, you should tap lightly with a brush so that it can be applied evenly to your face. 

In addition, you shouldn’t be “swept” when you apply powder on your face, because it will erase the already applied cosmetics. After the finish powder has been applied to the desired area, wait a few seconds and remove excess powder with a soft cloth or brush.

Recommendable products to maintain your makeup longer?

NYX Professional Makeup High Definition Finishing Powder, Gepresstes Puder, Perfektionierte Haut, Mattes Finish, Ölabsorbierend, Vegane Formel, Farbton: Translucent
  • Mineral fixing powder with vegan formula + oil-absorbing effect to fix the foundation for a long-lasting effect and matt finish
  • Colorless and can be used as a primer or for color correction, it suits all skin types and tones
  • Simply put powder under the eyes, cheekbones, along the T-zone or other places
  • Use the powder directly after the foundation
  • suitable for fixing liquid and powder makeup

Manhattan Soft Mat Loose Powder, Loses Puder zum Mattieren und Baken des Teints, Farbe Natural 1, 1 x 20g
  • Ultra-fine powder that perfectly mattifies skin giving velvety appearance
  • Light texture for spreading even on the overall skin
  • To be used solo as matting or on top to fix the foundation
  • This makes the look ultra long lasting.
  • Due to the almost transparent color of the powder, it is great for an everyday or no-make-up look, but also for the full make-up
  • Available in 2 color shades. makeup sponge is included

MAYBELLINE Fit Me! Loose Finishing Powder – Fair
  • The fit happens from start to finish. This silky lightweight finish powder has a touch of color for a seamless natural look.
  • Fit Me loose finishing powder is a mineral base formula designed to help control shine and smooth skin texture with a touch of color.
  • This mineral powder provides the finishing touch to your makeup base.

5. Using a water proof product

Photo Of Woman's Head Above Water

Waterproof mascara, eye shadows and cosmetics are perfect for oily skin or those who sweat a lot. This is because these products do not need to be constantly modified, and they can be maintained for a long time.

However, since the chemicals contained in this product tend to be more irritating than normal products, you should allow your skin to rest for a few days after using the waterproof product.

6. Using long-lasting lipstick

Woman Holding a Pink Lipstick

Cosmetics companies make long-lasting lipsticks like a trend. 

These products are intense in color and can be maintained all day long without further modification. If you can’t find the perfect long-lasting lipstick, use regular lipstick and a bit of finishing powder to prevent it from being erased quickly.

Lip products to maintain your makeup longer?

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Un-Nudes Lippenstift – flüssiger Lippenstift, bis zu 16 Stunden Halt, intensive & langanhaltende Farben, mattes Finish, Nr. 70 Amazonian, 5 ml
  • Second skin effect in just one coat
  • A precise arrow applicator for a smooth matte
  • Ultra-chic matt finish and flawless for at least 12 hours
  • Maybelline Presents Superstay Matt Ink + An Intense Ink Colour Concentration
  • No matter whether in bright colors or soft nude tones. Thanks to the soft applicator tip, the paint is applied precisely and evenly. Non-stop matte finish for a beautiful lip make-up.

KIKO Milano Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 104, 2.5 g
  • Lipstick no-transfer, natural tattoo effect and extremely long hold (10 hours clinical instrumental test)
  • Water-based formula guarantees in combination with special film-forming polymers
  • Natural tattoo finish and a pleasant “weightless” feel on the lips
  • Its liquid consistency dries in a few moments and leaves the lips a light, barely noticeable film
  • The slightly rounded precision tip allows the contours to be traced, the lips to color with the desired color intensity

7. Apply eyeliner twice

If, after a few hours, the eyeliner is smeared and irritated, apply a little compressed powder on top after using the eyeliner pencil.

Then wait a few seconds, and then  apply a liquid eyeliner over the powder.

8. Using Blushers

Red and White Makeup Brush

It is very easy to apply and lasts much longer than powder.

Also, It is important to know how to apply evenly to give a natural impression.

9. Use the right products on your skin

Women with oily skin should purchase oil-free powder cosmetics without lipids for long-lasting makeup.

On the other hand, women with complex or dry skin should use creamy makeup or stick products.

10. Avoid excessive makeup

Many people think that if you make up multiple layers of makeup, it will last longer than if you did one layer. But this is a false belief.

However, makeup artists say that if you make a thin layer of makeup, it will last longer.  Excess makeup is not only easily removed, but also makes the skin look bad.

11. Don’t forget the facial toner

Woman Getting a Facial Treatment

The best product you can use to make your makeup last is facial toner. This refreshing toner cleans the pores and keeps the skin from losing its natural shine.

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It is ideal to use toner before makeup, but you can also spray it over your face several times a day. However, you should always wipe off excess toner without rubbing too hard with a cotton pad.

Even without the help of a professional makeup artist, these simple methods make perfect long-lasting makeup possible.

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