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By paying attention to the small details, the utilization of the entire room can be surprisingly different. 

In this article, let’s take a look at what to avoid in small room interiors. Small rooms are not useless at all. However, if you avoid a few serious mistakes that are easy to make when decorating a small room, you can make the most of the potential in space.

Among the small rooms, the small sized bedroom is a very personal space used mainly by people living in the house. Therefore, it is necessary to think about what to do to decorate to feel the maximum comfort.

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In the process of decorating a small room to look great, I often make a few mistakes. Let’s see what mistakes are made.

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Common mistakes happening in a small room interior

When decorating, cares must be taken to avoid unnecessary space consumption. Below are some things for you to keep in mind in a small room interior!

1. Do not use shelves

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Small rooms also have a small floor size, so you need to make the most of the wall space. Wall-mounted shelves or organizers are books and ornaments, and the best choice to solve all the things you couldn’t find in the right place .

Another good way is to use the attic. Shoes and clothes that are no longer used or have no place in the room can be conveniently stored.

2. Do not use a necessary mirror in a small room interior

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Mirrors have the advantage of reflecting light, giving the room a much wider feel, even if it is only a visual effect Feel free to experiment with a large stand mirror or multiple mirrors in one room. The effect is really certain.

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3. Choose the wrong furniture

The problem with furniture selection is one of the most common mistakes in small room interiors. Unfortunately, furniture is also the most challenging item. This is because not only the characteristics of the space but also the tastes and needs of the people living in the house must be reflected.

The first thing to do is to leave only the furniture you will use most often, and remove furniture that you will not use most. Also, remove any decorations that are considered unnecessary. Custom furniture will make things easier.

The basic rule is to arrange furniture so that the circulation in the space is free. 
That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any furniture in the middle of the room. Rather, it is a good way to give a space division effect.

4. Bad lighting to avoid in small room interiors

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If the lighting is not good when the space of the room is small, it will appear smaller. Therefore, a small room should be sunny. Thick curtains or blinds instead, such as a light curtain or shade only by a thin cloth of minimalist design blind pick.

5. Use a flat color

In small rooms, there are people who think that intense colors don’t suit, and the opposite is true.

Properly combining vivid colors with other colors can make the atmosphere look more lively and look cooler. 
However, it is advised by experts to use up to three colors in one space, but unify them in the same series.

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6. Too small rugs

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You may feel contrary to what you usually think, but putting a large carpet in the middle of a small room is actually a great option. Put a coffee table or a stylish sofa on top of it to become a gold prize.

Are you worried that a small room will become too complicated? Not necessarily!

One of the biggest mistakes made in the interior of a small room is the inability to properly use props that fit the space.

You can focus your attention on the middle of the room with a few pieces of furniture that you have chosen with a large rug. As a result, it distracts attention from the narrowness of the entire space, and the space is naturally divided into several sections due to the large props.

7. Bad bed location

When decorating a small bedroom, remember that the bedroom is a place for relaxation. Therefore, the main part of the bedroom is the bed, and the first thing to know is the best place to put the bed.

All elements, such as lighting, ventilation, temperature, carpet, and bedside table, must be carefully examined. None of them matter.

According to Feng Shui theory, the bed should have a spacious headboard, there should be no windows behind the bed, and the position of the bed should be opposite to the visit.

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In a small room interior, a few minor mistakes  can have a very detrimental effect on the space. 
Be careful not to fall into the trap described above, and make it a more cozy, peaceful and pleasant home.

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