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Pilates not only straightens your posture and keeps your body flexible, but also gives you time to get away from the world for a while to relieve stress and worry.

More and more people are enjoying Pilates every week. What started out as exercise has now turned into an activity that helps mental and physical health. Pilates not only helps with weight loss, muscle training, and good posture, but also relieves symptoms such as stress and anxiety.

In this article today, I will introduce six benefits of doing Pilates every week. The fact that you can gain flexibility and build strong muscles!


6 Benefits of Pilates?

1. Gradual weight loss

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Pilates activates the metabolism that governs energy consumption . As your metabolism increases, your body temperature rises, sweating and burning calories. You can lose weight slowly this way.

Pilates and aerobic exercise such as walking, dancing, running, swimming, cycling, etc. increase the effect.

It can maintain a good balance of the body between strength training and cardiovascular exercise, and is the healthiest and most effective method for weight loss without yo-yo.

2. Injury-free muscle training

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Pilates is a good strength exercise that strengthens muscles and increases resistance . Pilates’ instruments and movements target various muscles of the body, and unlike other sports , you can exercise while balancing the upper and lower bodies.

One of the great advantages of Pilates is that it can prevent injuries . This is because Pilates uses only his own weight or lighter tools. Tools used in Pilates include rubber bands and gym balls of different sizes.


3. It holds the body

Exercising Keeps Oneself Healthy

Slowly lose weight and gain muscle, your body will come to life. The muscles no longer grow, and the outlines begin to stand out. At the same time, the flexibility gained from stretching makes the  silhouette stand out.

Working with your body’s muscles helps you get to know yourself better. If you’re a woman, you’ll have a tight curve in your body. In the case of men, you can get clear muscles that are balanced in the upper and lower body.

4. Correct posture

As mentioned earlier, Pilates creates a good posture.

  • Strengthening the abdominal muscles straightens the curved back. If your lower back is firm, you can safely support your lower back.
  • Strong legs and hips are needed to support the whole body. This allows the entire body to balance and function efficiently.

In a way, Pilates changes our body as a whole.


5. Increased flexibility

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Pilates includes flexibility and stretching from start to finish, and is integrated with muscle strengthening techniques.

Good quality stretching is an essential step for your muscles to be used comprehensively. No matter what, don’t underestimate stretching.

As you continue stretching, you will feel your body’s flexibility gradually increase. If your body is flexible, you can prevent injuries, muscle and joint problems in advance. It also helps to maintain the usual posture, and it makes it a habit to keep it upright no matter what exercise you do.

6. Reduce stress

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Pilates isn’t just effective for weight loss and muscle training, it helps you shape your overall body. Physical exercise can help stabilize the nervous system . Through exercise, we can relieve problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

In particular, Pilates requires high concentration and coordination. By focusing on these two things, you can temporarily forget the worries and worries that have cleared your head and filled me.

During Pilates, the mind focuses solely on the actions of the body, balance, strength, and breathing. So Pilates is a powerful tool to lower your stress.

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