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Painting walls is not something everyone can do. However, if you use the easy technique described from now on, you can quickly achieve the desired effect.


Painting your home, whether outside or inside, is a thoughtful decision. Of course, it’s not something you have to do every day, so it’s important to be happy with your choices. The first thing to consider is color. Paint color can vary depending on personal preferences, furniture in the house, and the environment around the house .

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After choosing a color, you have to choose from many techniques for painting your home. I’m going to briefly explain the techniques one by one so you can choose the right thing when it’s time to paint .

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5 techniques to paint your home!

1. Blur effect

Needless to say, one of the most elegant styles to choose from to create a unique feel in any room is the blur technique. 

The blur technique consists of the following steps.

  • Wear gloves throughout the job .
  • Fold a piece of cloth and soak it in Turpentine.
  • After rubbing a piece of cloth on the wet wall, notice how the turpentine-applied area fades.

There is another way to achieve a similar blur effect. You’ll need two-colored paint, a mixing tray, a paint roller brush, newspaper, and some vinyl . The colors used must be in the same range but different shades.

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Follow the steps below.

  • Paint the walls with the desired paint in a lighter or darker shade.
  • Wrap the rollers in plastic,  dipped in a second shade of paint from the mixing tray, and wipe off excess paint with a newspaper.
  • Roll the paint-soaked roller on the wall to achieve a lighter or darker color as desired.

2. Straight effect

wall stripes
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It’s definitely a technique that deviates from the classic style, but it can make a room look elegant. After completing this technique, you can see that the wall has very thin vertical lines that barely see the background color . The straight line technique can be done very simply.

Just follow the steps below.

  • The walls of the room you want the primary colors paint with .
  • When the paint is not dry, draw a line with a straw brush.
  • Always use the brush’s brush from top to bottom, not from bottom to top .

It’s not an official style, but to get the effect you want, keep the lines neat.


3. Patterned roller

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This method is good for carving patterns on the walls. Special rollers with decorative patterns are required. This roller was popular years ago, when the wallpaper was still expensive and inconvenient to use.

Once you have the pattern you’ve chosen, follow these steps:

  • First , paint the background color on the wall . If the old paint is still in good condition, you can leave it as it is, but don’t forget that after adding a design, you can only change the background by erasing the whole.
  • The pattern you add should be a vivid color that stands out. Soak up the paint with a roller brush and use it to paint the walls.
  • Soak a roller with plenty of paint, then wipe off excess paint with a newspaper.
  • Paint from top to bottom, then move the roller from side to side.
  • Unless it’s what you intended , don’t leave too many gaps to create a continuous effect .

Overall advice for painting?

You may have already thought about painting, but no matter what technique you choose to paint your home, basic advice will help.

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  • Cover furniture to prevent paint from splashing  .
  • Let’s start painting at the top near the ceiling .
  • Test the color and other effects first before using it directly on the wall .
  • Paint in a well- lit , well-ventilated area . Don’t forget that the paint darkens once it dries.
  • Choose paints and enamels of the highest quality possible. Note that choosing inexpensive paint can cost you more in the long run.
  • After drying for at least 6 hours, apply another layer of paint.

Now that you’ve learned about the different techniques for painting your home, it’s time to start! If you can’t do it yourself, you can get the results you’ve always wanted with the help of a professional papermaker.

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