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Cold and wind have a significant effect on the skin, especially dryness. Why is it important for oily skin to have a winter care method?


Today, let’s take a look at how to take care of your oily skin in winter. Some people think that because oily skin does not require additional care in winter, the winter cold only affects dry skin. But that is the wrong idea.

To maintain the freshness and cleanliness of oily skin, you need a full winter care method.

Obviously, oily skin is less affected by cold than dry or sensitive skin. However, this does not mean that winter management methods are not necessary to maintain moisture and prevent dullness and animation.

It is important to know that if oily skin does not have a winter care method, the “recoil” effect eventually occurs. This means that in a dry environment your skin may react poorly and even become more severe oily skin and can cause a number of problems accordingly.


Winter Skin Care

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Cold temperatures affect all types of skin, usually because they cause dryness. However, oily skin can be one of the most affected by low temperatures and high humidity. First, oily skin can become paler than other types of skin.

But this is not the worst. Crucially, during the winter the skin loses moisture and nutrients. Cold causes contractions in capillaries. As a result, oxygen, moisture, and nutrients are reduced. In addition, this condition increases the number of dead cells.

As more dead cells become, pores become easier to blockage. This will occur when the “recoil effect” occurs, and this includes increased blackheads and acne. The key is to maintain a winter care method for oily skin.


How to care for oily skin in winter?

Winter care methods for oily skin include a variety of measures, mainly related to oxygen supply, hydration, and skin protection. Below are the main methods you need to do to maintain healthy skin and avoid recoil effects.

  • Proper cleansing: Ideally, you should cleanse twice a day using a cleansing cleanser for your cleansing. Cleansing cleanser for cleansing is good to include natural antimicrobial agents. This is better if it contains mint extract or tea tree. These components help to remove impurities and hide pores.
  • Double Face Wash: For best results, apply an oil-free lotion after face wash. Lotions made of hamamelis, rosemary, ivy or aloe vera are most preferred.
  • Hydration: Once you’ve finished your face, oily skin should hydrate with beauty acidic ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. This kind of product helps to restore the natural moisture of the skin.
  • Water intake and sun protection: It is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day and apply sunscreen daily.
  • Dead skin cells: The dead cells must be removed twice a week to remove dead cells. The best way to do this is to use a scrub that does not damage you.

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Other skin care methods?

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There are other management methods that can be tried to complement the winter care method for oily skin, as well as the methods already mentioned. The method is as follows.

  • Use masks: Masks are a great way to refine skin’ skin, especially if it’s dull. Watch carefully for products made with green tea, blue agarbe and marigold. If you use it twice a week, that’s enough.
  • Peeling with salicylic seed: If the skin looks too bright or oily even though using a different management method, peeling with salicylic seed is a good option. This method helps to remove blackheads and acne and also lowers the tone.
  • Using a good makeup method: This type of makeup method improves skin quality. It also provides long-lasting makeup in winter. Therefore, you do not need to modify the makeup frequently.
  • Use the right product: Moisturizing gels or gel creams are best if you followthe general rules. It’s even better if it’s a sebum remover, non-comedogenic, oil-free product. Use products recommended by dermatologists, not necessarily advertising products.

The bottom line is that oily skin care in winter is just as important as other types of skin care. During this time, all you need to do to avoid dermatology problems is to take some basic care!

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