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Do you feel that your home is always in order and in order? If so, here are some tips to help you organize your home.

Sometimes trying to organize your home can seem like an endless thing. No matter how cleaned you are, you’ll quickly get back to it, and you’ll always feel like you’re in a house. Home grooming strategies vary depending on your personality, but they are key to all the ways to organize and have tips to help you organize your home.

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Ahead of the house cleanup

The first thing you need to do is identify the most difficult parts of your home area. Carefully analyze the area and consider possible solutions. Don’t try to organize your entire home at once. Let’s invest some time in each area. Even if it takes a few days, let’s get out there one by one.

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In addition, it is important to stick to the decisions you have made in organizing your home so that you do not fall into the same mistake of messing with your house again. With this in mind, you can apply the following tips for organizing your home:

11 tips for efficient home grooming?


1. Do not stack unused items

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The wardrobe is usually full of things to keep you don’t know about. Let’s throw away the thing which we do not use.

Obviously, there will be a number of things that you don’t use an an longer time, but you’ve stored in your closet or box. These are things that you might use again in the future, or that you have memories. There are books, ornaments, documents, old clothes, and even a vinyl that you no longer need because you now listen to music on your hand phone.


These objects, which are no longer in use and stored somewhere, occupy space for God to use or organize for something else. If something is in a box or closet, the objects will probably take up space and stay there for a long time. Every time you try to organize your house, you’ll see it, and you’ll keep it again for months or even years. Therefore, it is best to just throw it away.

If you get a gift from someone or buy something new for yourself, let’s get rid of the old stuff immediately. Donate, give it to someone, or throw it away if it’s no longer worth it. Let’s not keep it with the idea of “because you don’t know.”

2. Always keep things in place

From keys and wallets to purchases, mail or briefcases, there are many things that go into your home every day. Have your family find the right storage place for all your items, even if you take them with you when you go out. For example, place a keyring next to a door, mail next to a shelf, or magazines next to a magazine shelf. Do not stack everything on a table or chair.

3. Organize things according by usage

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Organize your wardrobe and drawers intelligently. Make it easy to use what you use every day. Items that are not used can be stored on a closet shelf that can only be reached by a chair. If you keep your frequently used and rarely used items together, you may need to take them all out when you need something.


4. Use partitions on drawers and shelves

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Don’t keep all your stuff together in drawers and shelves. Let’s use partitions to distinguish. This will help you make better use of your space without stacking things.

5. Don’t stack things on your desk

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People tend to stack things on their desks that they later try to organize. However, it never cleans up after all.

Putting everything on the table is one of the most common temptations. I intend to leave it for a while, but eventually the table is always uddysm. Let’s set a rule so that we never do this. If this doesn’t work, somehow stop the table.


Putting everything on the table is one of the most common temptations. I intend you can leave it for a while, but eventually the table has to be organized in somehow. Let’s make sure that we never do stack a pile on the desk. You can get seperate office organizers to organize small stuffs lying around on your desk.

6. Do not buy boxes for storing items until you discard unnecessary items

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Before you buy a storage box or furniture, make sure you’ve already tossed all the things you don’t need. This is because if you have more storage space than you actually need, you will accumulate a lot of unnecessary things. Therefore, it generates another cleaning money problem.

7. Assign work to do

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If your family doesn’t help with chores, assign each member a job. Someone should take a dish from the table, someone else should do the dishes, and someone else should put away the dishes that have become dishes. One person cleans the bathroom, the other cleans the kitchen. In addition, everyone should clean their own room and organize their own two-bed.

This rule must be strictly enforced. If one does not follow it, other members may also find an underlying role not to play their part.


8. After using the article, take actions as you mean it

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One convenient but not good habit is to leave things for later. The problem is that the ‘later’ never comes. Therefore, children should organize their toys after playing. After eating, do not leave the plate on the table, and wash dishes and cutlery as it ends.

9. Do not collect hangers

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When the hangers are stacked, they only take up space in the closet, which can be used as storage space.

Whenever you come to the laundry or buy new clothes,you often bring a hanger with you and hang it. So, without your own knowing, there are more hangers than clothes, and closetsbecome more complex by the day. Return the hanger to the laundry or store it in a recycling location.

10. Don’t store everything in the garage or attic

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If you’re living in a house with a garage or attic, it’s common to think that there’s always room for unused items. Such an idea would eventually complicate it and become a messed-up space that we never wanted.

As described above, let’s simply get rid of the old stuff. Garages and attics are also part of the house. So don’t make them warehouses.


11. Invest one day of the year in the money

Even if you practice the best way to clean up your home, it’s inevitable that you’ll be messed up again. It doesn’t matter if you feel that the house is finally in order as you imagined. That’s why you need to make sure you don’t collect unnecessary items one day a year, that shelves and drawers are organized, and that everything is in place.

Now let’s clean up the house. Check out all the space and decide where to start!

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