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[Share] How to Design A Home Gym for a Less Spacious Apartment — L’Essenziale – Interiors and Lifestyle Blog

We are all looking for the best ways to stay fit and live healthier, more active lives. Diet, a positive mindset, and the right amount of quality sleep are all vital for achieving our health and fitness goals, but the most important factor is doing enough effective exercise. 30 more words How to Design A Home […]

Inner Beauty – How To Practice Detox In Your Everyday Life

If you keep having health problems, it may be a sign that your body needs detox. This article introduces how to practice Detox in everyday life. Our bodies function thoroughly, so whenever you need something, you’re notified right away. Therefore, when a certain nutrient is insufficient or a lot of toxins are accumulated, a signal comes from […]

Wellness Health – How to Safely Reuse + Dispose Surgical Masks / N95s / Cloth Face Covers

Each type of face covering has a different method, and knowing what to do with them really matters. To slow the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends the use of cloth face coverings in public settings where appropriate social distancing could be difficult to maintain, like in line at the grocery […]

Coronavirus And Job Market in Germany – What Can Job Seekers and Career Changers Do?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the world as we know it, and numerous industries and businesses are suffering (or, in some cases, gaining) from its powerful impact. Due to strict measures taken by governments across the globe, most companies are asking their employees to work from home. However, what about those who cannot do their jobs […]

Daily Essay – Avoiding Work Becomes A Habit

Gradually, as the years accumulate, the company sometimes entrusts things that have not been done before. This is the case when you are moving a team or participating in a new TF.  My work is busy right now, but when I get a new job, I have a lot of circumstances that I want to refuse. In […]

Daily Inspiration – How I Overcame Insomnia

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Coronavirus in Germany – How is it going on with Frankfurt Airport? + Latest News

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is well prepared to deal with the outbreak of infectious diseases—fulfilling all recommendations of the health authorities responsible for FRA (the Frankfurt Health Department and the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs). Currently, the authorities have not ordered health screening of passengers to be conducted at FRA. In cooperation with the relevant health […]

Daily Inspiration – Love – 4 Things To Check Before Your Serious Long Lasting Relationship

Relationships are hard work and while there are plenty of couples out there who have been together for decades, everyone has their unique, respective secret sauce that keeps their love tank full.  If you want to have long-lasting relationship with your current partner, you might want to know if he or she would be the right person to […]

Coronavirus in Germany – Warm Helping Communities In Pandemic Crisis / Stay Strong People!

It’s a time to support community members. File photo: DPA Across Germany, grassroots movements are springing up to help people during this tough time. Here are some of them, as well as some helpful resources. Who might need help? Germany has urged people to avoid social contact as much as possible and new, wide-ranging measures, such as […]

Life in Germany – Coronavirus – To People Doing Panic Buying from Anywhere, Please Stop!

Hello guys. Recently, I have been having hard time to get what I need from all the store. Have you heard of panic buying? Related Post CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC: GERMAN SUPERMARKETS REPORT PANIC BUYING / DW People are getting crazy with doing massive consuming because they got scared of Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis. Even though German Government announced […]

Corona Crisis Relief – Germany Plans 40 Billion Euro in Aid for Freelancers and Small Companies

Freelancers and small companies are getting hit especially hard by the corona crisis. DER SPIEGEL has learned that the federal government is planning a massive financial aid package. It would mark the end of Germany’s balanced budget policy. The German federal government is planning a massive bailout program for individual freelancers and small companies with […]

Daily Essay – Desolate Rope To Hold Between You And Me

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Daily Essay – Compliments Do Not Cost But Make You Positive

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Life in Germany – All About Gaining German Permanent Residence Permit / über Niederlassungserlaubnis

Once you have been living and working in Germany on a temporary residence permit for a certain amount of time, you are entitled to apply for a permanent settlement permit. This type of residence permit, as the name suggests, grants you the right to remain in Germany indefinitely and gives you free access to the labor market. Types of […]

Life in Germany – All About Gaining German Citizenship

Getting German Citizenship is one of the top questions we get so we have decided to summarize the information for those who are willing to get started. The German Foreign Office quite ominously warns on its website that “German citizenship law is relatively complicated” and that they can only answer “the issues which currently dominate the inquiries”. […]

Daily Essay – Looking Fool Does Not Mean They Are Actually Fool

What are they thinking about me? Do they think I am actually fool? Or Do they think I am embarrassing people with me? My new ebook is on Sellfy at the moment! You can check this short essay out with tiny cost! ReferenceAll image from Pexel

dpatopbilder – 04.03.2020, Hessen, Gross-Gerau: Roxana Sauer, Arztliche Leiterin des Medizinischen Versorgungszentrum (MVZ), geht mit Abstrichbesteck aus dem MVZ. Bei Verdacht einer Infektion mit dem Coronavirus konnen sich Patienten in der Stadt im

Coronavirus – Germany tests on Covid-19, How About Drive-Thru Test Like South Korea? / Der Spiegel

Why isn’t everyone with symptoms tested for coronavirus? Do general practitioners know what to do? There is currently a lot of criticism of the authorities’ actions. Everything important about the test procedure. The number of confirmed infections with the new coronavirus is currently increasing in Germany: on March 2 there were still 150 cases, on […]

Life In Germany – Enjoy Easter Holiday Market in Frankfurt / I am Expat

Related PostLIFE IN GERMANY – OSTERMONTAG – WHAT DO GERMAN DO ON EASTER HOLIDAY ? Easter markets are as much a long-standing tradition in Germany as the very popular Christmas markets. Villages, town and cities all over the country celebrate the season with painted eggs and regional delicacies. In Frankfurt, the main Easter market takes place in the beautiful setting of […]

Life in Germany – Ostermontag – What Do German Do On Easter Holiday ?

When is Easter Monday (Ostermontag)? Easter Monday is a Christian holiday celebrated the day after Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday (Ostersonntag) in Germany annually celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion on Good Friday, according to the Christian Bible. People mark the day by attending special church services, giving gifts and sharing festive meals with family […]

DAILY IDEA – 4 Ways To Make Your Life Easier

Hello, I hope you have better day than yesterday. I am about to share you some ideas how to live life little bit much chilling and easier. Do not try to get obstacles and crisis by yourself when you can avoid it. Get away from hardness as much as you can. That would make your […]

Philosophy – Conflict between Realism and Idealism

I have never had any time like this before. I am losing my life path confusing what I eventually want to do. Ultimately, when I have seriously thought about reasons why I have to get such a serious pain internally, I can’t help myself but consider the most meaningful and important concept for me to […]


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