Fashion & Art – The World’s First Supermodel, Lisa Fonssagrives Penn / She Was A Real Artist

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Fernand Fonssagrives photograph Lisa's Eyes
Fernand Fonssagrives photograph Lisa’s Eyes

Long before Gisele Bündchen, Cindy Crawford, or Linda Evangelista ruled the runways, fashion was held in the sway of the very first supermodel, Lisa Fonssagrives. Born in Sweden, in 1911, Fonssagrives was already a trained dancer and sculptor before having her photos taken by Horst P. Horst in 1936.

First of all, to understand her better, Let’s look up her personal history of life in details for background knowledge.

Model Lisa Fonssagrives Penn wearing a Canadian wild mink coat with white gloves and a black velvet beret with...
Photo: Clifford Coffin / The Condé Nast Publications
Woman in Chicken Hat (Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn), New York by Irving Penn

The world’s first “supermodel” being dancer/ dance teacher, model, photographer, fashion designer and sculptor.

Lisa Fonssagrive’s Penn was beautiful, intelligent and cultivated. She was the first supermodel, long before the term was even invented. In the mid-1900s, no other model adorned the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as often as she did. And she was Swedish. Lisa Fonssagrives was born in May 1911 and was initially named Lisa Birgitta Bernstone. A surname like her father, Uddevalla’s first dentist came when he was not happy with Andersson.

She was one of three sisters who grew up in a villa on Lagerbergsgatan in Uddevalla that was demolished in the 1960s to make room for a parking space. The villa had been designed by architect Eugene Thorburn. Holiday homes were a little further south, at Raneberg, in Resteröd a little north of Ljungskile. The holiday home was called Ranehill.

In these two places and in these two houses the three sisters Lisa, Lilian and Kajsa grew up. The two older sisters traveled to Paris to attend a circus school. Lisa then joined a dance company where she met the French dancer Fernand Fonssagrives.

When Fernand was forced to end his dance career due to injuries after a diving accident, Lisa gave him a Rolleiflex camera and together Fernand and Lisa embarked on a romance, marriage and an incredible career journey. They also had a daughter together Mia Fonssagrives.

Irving Penn with his wife, model Lisa Fonssagrives, 1951
Irving Penn & Lisa Fonssagrives, 1951

Fernand was for some time the best-paid photographer in New York and Lisa Fonssagrives the most sought after model. When the two moved to the US just before World War II, the relationship ended. Lisa met the photographer Irving Penn and married him in 1950. Lisa also became Irving Penn’s great source of inspiration and favorite model. They held a second wedding in Resteröd church in 1991, one year before Lisa died.

fernand fonssagrives high-dive ardeche 1936.jpg
fernand fonssagrives leslie ames 1950.jpg
fernand fonssagrives mexican extravaganza 1949 lisa.jpg
fernand fonssagrives le modele lisa 1942.jpg
fernand fonssagrives taxi-cab 1945 lisa.jpg

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Lisa Fonssagrives the First Supermodel
Photo: Irving Penn / Condé Nast Publications

Fonssagrives’s preternaturally elegant, patrician air and skill with movement and understanding of her body made her a natural in front of the camera, and soon image-makers from Horst to Man Ray to Richard Avedon were lining up to shoot her.

Model Lisa Fonssagrives lounging on bed wearing Claire McCardell's pink and white striped dress
hoto: Richard Rutledge / Condé Nast Publications

Lisa’s fashion magazine covers from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar

As her life story which is told above, A regular in the pages of Vogue, Fonssagrives’s most important collaboration in both art and life was her relationship with Irving Penn, whom she met on set in 1947 and would eventually marry.

Penn photographed his wife and muse countless times during their marriage, and several of his images of Fonssagrives have gone on to become iconic. Capturing her sporting a hat made of chicken feathers or nestled in robes in a Moroccan palace, Penn brought out the best in her. Whether she was wearing Cristóbal Balenciaga’s petal dress in a studio portrait or dangling precariously from the Eiffel Tower, Fonssagrives projected an image of unflappable glamour that’s just as relevant today as it was when the pictures were taken.

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Mode von Lucien Lelong auf dem Eiffelturm, Paris 1939; Foto: Erwin Blumenfeld
Image result for Lisa Fonssagrives
Lisa Fonssagrives, March 1951 by Milton H. Greene

Fernand Fonssagrive’s and Irving Penn’s photos with Lisa became legendary and many of them iconic. When the career as a photo model was over, Lisa instead became a successful sculptor and in 1995 the Moderna Museet in Stockholm had a retrospective exhibition dedicated to Lisa Fonssagrive’s Penn, which consisted of Irving Penn’s photos and Lisa Fonssagrive’s Penn sculptures.

In the late 1950s and ’60s, Fonssagrives left the fashion world, spending more time in Huntington, where she worked on her sculptures, which were exhibited at Marlborough Gallery in NYC.

Fonssagrives, who died in 1992 at the age of 80 (Penn died in 2009) “was gorgeous, and incredibly classy And there was clearly a strong bond between her and Penn,” says Priscilla Rattazzi, who photographed Fonssagrives later in her life. But most importantly, she adds, “she was a real artist.”

David Seidner, Lisa Fonssagrives at the Crillon, Paris, 1990
Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn in the Crillon, Paris (by David Seidner, 1990) was a multi talent. During her life she was a successful dancer/ dance teacher, model, photographer, fashion designer and sculptor.


K-Pop Artist News – BTS cancel shows due to coronavirus, Fans donate refunds to relief efforts / Dazed

courtesy of instagram/@bts.bighitofficial

The Army has stepped up after the cancellation of Seoul dates from the group’s Map of the Soul tour, due to fears about spreading the virus

BTS have announced that several of the shows from their upcoming Map of the Soul tour – namely, the tour’s first four dates at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium, which were due to take place April 11, 12, 18 and 19 – will be cancelled, amid fears about spreading coronavirus.

“Plans for ‘Map of the Soul Tour – Seoul’ included the involvement of a number of global production companies and a large group of expert international crew, with over 200,000 concertgoers expected to attend,” reads a statement from the K-pop group.

“However, the current global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has made it impossible at this time to predict the scale of the outbreak during the dates of the concert in April, alongside increasing uncertainty about the cross-border movement of concert staff and equipment.”


“While we hope that the situation will improve, we must take into consideration the health and safety of hundreds of thousands of guests as well as our artists and the dire impact a last-minute cancellation may have on guests from overseas, production companies and staff.”

“We have thus determined that with approximately one month left before the Seoul concert is set to begin, it is unavoidable that the concert must be cancelled without further delay.”

This also follows the cancellation of Seoul Fashion Week and lockdowns in towns and cities across Asia and Europe.

While the cancellation of BTS’s home shows is obviously disappointing for their fans – or ARMY – however, many have spun it into something positive, donating their refunded ticket money to relief funds and charities fighting the virus. 

This comes after the band’s Suga reportedly donated 100 million won (around £65,000) to the disaster relief organisation Hope Bridge to help prevention in his hometown, Daegu. (Parasite director Bong Joon-ho has also contributed to the organisation’s efforts.)

Hundreds have since made contributions, according to reports, with donations being coordinated by BTS fans across various social media platforms.

Full Article from Dazed:

ARTIST REVIEW – Suffered and Cheered With Sia / Collab as LSD


“Sia, her songs always make me dance with my soul.”

It is not easy to find people who don’t know who she is nowadays.
Sia Kate Isobelle Furler a.k.a Sia (born 18 December 1975) is an Australian singer, songwriter, voice actress and music video director.

Image result for sia
from picture alliance
Image result for sia Big Girls Cry
from Sia – Chandelier Official Music Video 
Maddie Ziegler starring in a series of music videos by Sia

Recently, I needed some kind of songs which understand feelings and thoughts inside me. I didn’t need any person who listen to me because it is even tiring job to do to make them understand me quite hard.

Why should I do that leaving music behind? Explaining by words to someone about me is not always fun, especially when I am in frustrated feeling.

Somehow, I can always get encouraged and cheered by music without any single word to human. And I like that quite much. This time, Sia encouraged me with her soulful songs containing her world.

To understand her world better, her personal life story might sound meaningful.

Image result for sia


Following the disbandment of Crisp in 1997, Sia decided to move to London to follow her relationship with boyfriend Dan Pontifex. Several weeks later, while on a stopover in Thailand, she received the news that Pontifex had died after being in a car accident in London. She returned to Australia, but soon she received a call from one of Pontifex’s former housemates, who invited her to stay in London.

In 2008, Sia discussed her sexual orientation in interviews and revealed her relationship with JD Samson. they broke up in 2011. When asked about her sexuality in 2009, she said, “I’ve always dated boys and girls and anything in between. I don’t care what gender you are, it’s about people. … I’ve always been… well, flexible is the word I would use.”

Sia has suffered from depression, addictions to painkillers and alcohol, and had contemplated suicide, going as far as to write a suicide note. Later that year, in an ARIA Awards interview, Sia said her health was improving after rest and thyroid hormone replacement therapy.  In 2019, Sia revealed that she suffers from Ehlers–Danlos syndrome.


Sia married documentary filmmaker Erik Anders Lang in August 2014. The couple revealed their separation in December 2016. In 2020, she had recently adopted a son and has decided to be single for the rest of her life.

Basically, Her personal life does not sound happy for all the time. It mainly shows sadness and frustration in her previous life story. However, that made present Sia.  I believe in that Previously Falling into adversity leads human to final and ultimate success and peace in the end.

The Best songs by Sia are on below list (to present me) which are already well known to everyone living in the world.

  1. The Greatest
  2. Cheap Thrills
  3. Elastic Heart
  4. Big Girls Cry

And did you know what?

From 2018, Her moves has been heading to collaborations with 2 other artists. This supergroup is called LSD. (Yes, the same name as a sort of drugs)

Image result for lsd song list

The supergroup consists of British musician and rapper Labrinth, Australian singer-songwriter Sia and American music producer Diplo. The ensemble has released six singles, five of which appear on their first album, released on 12 April 2019.

Image result for sia
Studio album by LSD

The Best song by LSD is Genius. Try it right now if you did not know about the song! Lyrics and Melody are unique and iteresting.

the song was released on 3 May 2018 as the group’s debut and lead single from their debut studio album, accompanied with a “psychedelic” animated music video directed by Ben Jones and art by Gabriel Alcala. The song impacted the US alternative radios on 19 June 2018. 

A remixed version of “Genius” featuring American rapper Lil Wayne was released in January 2019.


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MUSIC ARTIST – Hyukoh Band Comes Frankfurt Germany Soon !

Hyukoh Band

Hyukoh is a South Korean indie band signed to DooRooDooRoo Artist Company. The band was formed in May 2014 and consists of leader, singer, and guitarist Oh Hyuk, bassist Im Dong-geon, guitarist Lim Hyun-jae, and drummer Lee In-woo.

In 2015, the band gained mainstream popularity after participating in the popular Korean variety program. The band received positive responses from critics and the public, charting in the top ten of the Billboard World Albums Chart two months after the release of their second EP 22, also named after the band members’ age at the time.

Hyukoh Band
Hyukoh Band

On July 21, 2015, Hyukoh became the first act to sign with independent label HIGHGRND, a subsidiary of Korean media conglomerate YG Entertainment.

On April 30 and May 2, 2016, the band performed at Strawberry Music Festival in Shanghai and Beijing, representing Korean indie bands. They also performed at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan in August 2016.

Music by the band featured on a TV commercial released in June 2018 by Apple Inc. for the iPhone X smartphone. The song featured was Citizen Kane.

Try yourself for 2 representative songs of them via youtube. Comes and Goes and Wi Ing Wi Ing. Actually, those are my favorites, too.

Their Style of Music Be Like…

Hyukoh has also been recognized for their attention to the band’s visual aesthetic, ranging from their music videos to wardrobe choices. The band frequently works with photographer Han Dasom and videographer Jung Dawoon, who are both also known as Dadaism Club. They met in 2014. Oh has cited The Beatles and The Whitest Boy Alive as major influences in the band’s musical style.

If you are people enjoying country music or band music concert in aesthetic mood, they are totally right one for you. Indie rock and indie pop, those could be definitions for them.


Hyukoh will being kicking off their tour in February 2020 (HYUKOH 2020 WORLD TOUR), visiting places such as Seoul, making their way around Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

Do not worry about songs in language which you do not know. If you already like melody, beat and feeling of the artist, that is more than enough to enjoy their concert and music. That should be one of ways how we enjoy various kind of music. What do you say? Come, Try and Enjoy.

Especially people living in Frankfurt or nearby in Germany, HYUKOH 2020 WORLD TOUR is also for Frankfurt, Germany. It will be held in Gibson Club, Frankfurt, Germany and date is 25.04.2020 at 19:30. Gibson is already more than just famous place, therefore, I guess many people will come. Click below link Get Ticket to get ticket if you would like.

Get Ticket



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Hyukoh Concert in Gibson, Frankfurt

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