Beauty Nails – The Main Reason Why Poly Gel Is Better Than Acrylic


Hi guys, I came with news of my nail life!

The thing is, I just ordered poly gel nails kit from Amazon last night. It will be delivered in 2 days. I am more than just excited. I wanted to try new things with new technics for my self nail life.

Above products are what I ordered from Amazon with the price around 36 EUR. It was hard to finally choose after comparing other products.

I was skeptical of having nail extension with gel products, because I have already done that but was not so satisfied with not long lasting time and easy breaks. However, I got news from nail community that poly gel can be compared with acrylic nails.

What is Poly Gel Anyway?

PolyGel is a breakthrough nail enhancement that can be applied as an overlay or used to sculpt a full set of nails. The enhancement formula delivers strong, flexible, feather light nails that nail technicians and clients can count on. Once applied, PolyGel is astonishingly light on clients and stronger than hard gels.


Why is Poly Gel Better Than Acrylic Nails?

Poly gel is not normal and typical gel nail products but has the strongest durability among the products. Like, Acrylic Types! Some people call it acrylic gel because of that.

Unlike hard gel, PolyGel is not self-leveling, but stays where you place it; unlike acrylic, it doesn’t harden until it’s cured in an LED or UV lamp. PolyGel is more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel, and lighter than both.


What is more about good things of poly gel is that it can be proud of its durability with less smells compared to acrylic nails. If there are people who have already done with acrylic nails, you will definitely know what I am talking about. The process of the acrylic nails gives you headache with stinky chemical smells, right?

Image result for polygel nail gif

Well, You do not have to worry about that part with poly gel nails. Because it almost has no bad smells that you are concerned about when you do it. That is also why I chose to try this products.

I will keep posted about reviews of the poly gel products after I am done with self nail art. I think I am going to do baby boomer nails, but I will see.


Stay tuned, reviews and a result of self nail with poly gel will be uploaded next week!

Image result for nail gif
from GIPHY

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Beauty – Have You Heard Of Baby Boomer Nails a.k.a French Fade? Where Is The Name From?

Image result for self nail ombre
Image from pinterest

People who favor a more classic nail look, rather than the ridiculous fluffy and face nail trends that have been sweeping Instagram, may want to get baby boomer nails once in life.

Baby boomer nails are all the rage in France and Germany. According to Pinterest’s 2018 Global Beauty Report, pins of this particular nail design are up 100%. And if you just asked yourself, “What the heck are baby boomer nails and why are Europeans loving it?”

You’re not the only one, we’ve got the same questions.

Image result for baby boomer nails
Photo: Sergii /

What are baby boomer nails?

If you’re someone who favours a more classic nail look, rather than the over the top nail trends that have been sweeping Instagram as of late (remember jelly nails?), you’ll be pleased to know this latest nail trend offers the perfect blend of minimal nail art and timeless style.

Also known as French ombré or French fade, the Baby Boomer nail trend is basically a new take on the classic French manicure. While the traditional French mani features a light pink base with defined, contrasting tips, baby boomer nails blend the pink and white together, creating a seamless, gradient effect.

A twist on the classic French tips, baby boomer nails are white a pink frosted nails and have the same white tips as a French manicure but with a more gradual fade from pink to white.

Some people add a bit of glitter for a sparkly twist.


The acrylic design can be shaped into a point, squared off or rounded depending on personal preference.

Why are they called and ‘baby boomer nails’?


The name ‘Baby Boomer‘ is confusing because when we think of Baby Boomers, we think of our moms and grandmas. Well, the name comes from the classic look that many older women have worn for a long time, but really it’s a modified version of what we know as the ‘French manicure. 

According to nail artist Jade Tang, who spoke to Refinery29, the trend was named after the post-WWII generation because it evolved from the classic French manicure and dates back to around the 1940s. During that time (the baby boomer years), it was popular to paint your nails in shades of white and pink.

So for reasons that seem obvious this is why the frosted ombre pink and white nail trend was named because of the era the polish colors were most popular.


Health Beauty – 6 Best Ways To Lose Your FAT Right

Woman Wearing Pink Sports Bra and Black Draw String Pants

If you realize your clothes don’t fit anymore on your body like it used to, that is the sign to lose your fat. I do not mean losing weight in unhealthy way, I am only talking about fat.

However, we all know that losing fat is not that easy as we expect. And suffering for losing fat would be even worse if the way is wrong.

From now, I am going to let you the the most 6 efficient ways to lose your fat in healthy way.

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1.Reduce Sugar And Carbohydrate

Close-Up Photo of Sugar Cubes in Glass Jar

Sugar is the top substance giving you much fat, which means, if you reduce it, your fat is getting decreased. Same logic on Carbohydrate.

Less eating sugar and carbohydrate is the key to reduce your fat from your body.


2.Deceive yourself

Woman Wearing Teal Bra and Sunglasses Lying Down with Her Mouth Open

Your fitness process can’t maintain longer if you only have pain with it feeling every single time on the diet. Try to consider that diet and fitness activity is one of what you enjoy in your life. For example, talking a walk a while with your favorite music.

It could help you stay in your fitness program with delightful feeling.

3.Increase Your Muscle

Woman in Gray Sports Bra Holding Black Dumbbell

As we all know, muscle is composed of protein. If you increase your muscle amount of your body, it helps you increase basal metabolic rate(BMR) which is helpful for losing fat in the end.

Moreover, you should not care of number of scale but how you look in terms of fitting in the mirror. This is much helping you to improve your body shape in efficient and less stressful way.

Also, Well, You can lie about how heavy you are, but you can’t fool eyes of people looking at you, right?


4.Try To Walk As Much As Possible

Person in Blue Denim Jeans and White Sneakers Walking on Road

As a matter of fact, not all the people can have time to do workout due to daily living and working. But every person walks. Therefore, I recommend you to use this way to lose your fat and keep yourself healthy.

Simple walking is much healthier way than you expect. Examples, talking a walk instead of coffee break after lunch would be much considered for you when you try.

5.Please, Do Not Eat After 9 PM

Man in Brown Eating Chips

Everything you eat after 9 pm is becoming your fat with no doubt. SO please don’t! What you eat in the morning or afternoon could be used and burned as your energy, however, food in inappropriate time would definitely not help you get you fit.


6.Sleep Well And Enough

Woman Sleeping

Sleeping can not be out of list of how to be healthy. Get your sleeping at least for 7-8 hours. and if possible, sleep deep. This releases and reduces your stress that you have got from losing fat.

All image from pexel

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Beauty Top Hacks – 9 Ways How To Get Bigger Fuller Lips Without Filler Injection

Image result for fuller lips

 Do you want bigger and fuller lips?

Maybe you’ve been inspired by the recent trend of getting lip injections or maybe you’ve always wanted to pump up your natural lips a bit. Either way, the question of how to make your lips bigger is a very common one. But here’s the thing, Unless you want to get lip injections which are truly not as scary as they sound but do hurt and can cost anywhere around $1,500. It seems there’s no tried-and-true DIY way to get bigger lips that last.

Image result for fuller lips

Well, sure, You can search out a plastic surgeon internet, call to schedule a consultation, drive to the office, pay for someone to inject your lips with a needle, wait four months and then repeat the process all over again. Sounds already tiring.

Or, you can simply try 9 hacks and tricks that I am going to show you of how to get bigger lips without filler injection. It is totally up to you.

So, Would you? then Let’s get started for beauty tricks and hacks to get bigger and fuller lips.

1.Exfoliate Your Lips

Image result for exfoliate lips
Image from pexel

Before you try any other hacks, exfoliate your lips first. Flaky lips reflect less light, which means, a dry pucker could be making your lips look smaller than they actually are.

To get rid of flakes, brush them lightly with a toothbrush. This also boosts circulation, giving you a rosy tint sans makeup. Click here if you want to know about how to exfoliate your lips with home-made natural scrubs.

2.Olive Oil Massage

Image result for olive oil lips massage

You can easily get bigger and fuller lips naturally by lightly massaging them with olive oil. Olive oil is packed with antioxidants and hydrating properties that not only help you condition your lips but also make them plumper. Simply apply some good amount of olive oil (say, 1 Tbsp or less) on your lips and rub it gently. Keep rubbing for about 5-6 minutes, until your lips absorb all the oil. Once done, wash it off with lukewarm water and repeat the same activity daily, for two weeks.

3.Apply Gloss Over The Top

Image result for lip gloss before after

Add a touch of clear gloss to the middle of your bottom lip and right below your cupid’s bow for an automatic plumping affect.

This two-second trick will help draw attention to your lips. Grab your favorite clear lip gloss or a pick shade that matches your lipstick color, then apply a dab of the gloss onto the middle of both of your lips. The shimmery product picks up light, making your pout look fuller.

4.Over-Line Your Pout

Image result for over line lips
Image from pinterest

No matter the lip color, you can always bring out this celebrity makeup-artist tip. Using a shade of liner similar to your natural coloring, draw a tiny bit outside of the area around your cupid’s bow and the middle of your bottom lip. Then, go over and fill in the line with your lip liner and color.

Image result for over line lips
Image from pinterest

Before Kylie Jenner surgically enhanced her lips, she used to use this trick to make them appear bigger. Now, you can’t just swipe lipstick all over your face – you’ll end up looking like Miranda Sings. The trick is to put on concealer before your lip color to blur the line between your lips and your face.

5.Use Highlighter On Your Cupid’s Bow


Make light-reflecting pigments work to your advantage by applying a strobing stick or highlighter on your cupid’s bow (the little indent at the top of your upper lip) and at the plumpest section of your bottom lip. Voilà: Brigitte Bardot status in less than ten seconds.

6.Try A Plumping Treatment

Image result for lip plumping balm
Image from nu skin

There are tons of great plumping balms, glosses, and treatments out there, and any one of them would seriously work for you. I would recommend Chanel, Nu Skin, Nars and Clinique for it.

7. Double Up On Nude Lip Colors


What you really need is dimension. Layering color amps up your pout easily. Here’s how. Apply one shade all over your mouth, then top it with a slightly lighter color (or even a white lip crayon) in the middle of your lips.

Along with making your lips look bigger, it’ll help even out your lips. If you have a fuller top lip and a smaller bottom lip (or vise versa), try only applying the lighter shade to the smallest lip.

8. Line With Concealer After Lipstick

Image from tozalimagazine

Ever wonder how influencers get that FaceTune-perfect lipstick line? Well, partly from FaceTune, but it’s mostly thanks to this concealer hack.

Image from tozalimagazine

Yes, you should be applying concealer before and after your lipstick. Use a skinny brush and a teeny tiny bit of cover-up to line the outside of your already over-lined lips. You won’t believe how much your lipstick will pop.

9. Don’t Skip The Lip Balm

Image result for lip balm bigger lips
Image from elle

I’ll admit, lip balm isn’t as fun to shop for as a new eye shadow palette, but it’s an absolutely essential part of your beauty routine. Your lips are delicate, so they need to be hydrated inside and out. Drink your water and then swipe on a lip balm that will soften your lips. Healthy lips will reach their highest, fullest potential.

Image result for fuller lips mmodel


Beauty Nail – Best Inspiring Manicure Ideas That Look Even Better With Short Nails

Image result for short nail

Short Nail Design Can be As Cool As Cardi B-esque Claws

Thanks to social media, finding inspiration for nail art is no problem. However, the majority of said nail art is typically showcased on long, Cardi B-esque claws. And honestly, we don’t blame nail artists for posting their work on lengthy talons—after all, the more nail real estate, the more possibilities for art. But for those of us who are stuck with shorter nails—whether our work requires us to keep them trimmed, we can’t seem to grow them at all or we simply prefer short nails—it can feel like we’re missing out on all the fun.

Whether you’re looking for a design that’s minimal and subdued, or something more daring and involved, the experts agree that nail length doesn’t have to determine just how much fun you can have with you next manicure — and their work is proof.

From trippy holographic fades to camo print and an update on an old classic, check out nine of the chicest nail art designs for short nails right below.


All the nail decor can be done with a mix of gems, glitter, and foil over a neutral base coat for a clean, minimal manicure. Want to give it a try at home? Amazon is a treasure chest for nail gems and foil to create your own beauty!

Image result for short nail


Beauty – Wellness – Does Drinking Coffee Burn Fat? True Or False

Image result for burn fat coffee

In the quest to keep the pilot light that is our metabolism burning at all times, there’s no sweeter sound than finding out that something we’re already doing is helping to keep it aflame.

Case in point: drinking coffee. 83% of adults sip java daily, and lucky for this (large chunk) of the population, reaching for a cup first thing in the morning is actually fueling the flame a lot more than we knew.

Woman About to Drink from Plastic Cup

“Your daily cup of coffee can help boost your metabolic rate by stimulating thermogenesis, helping you burn more fat,” nutritionist Sarah Flowers tells The Express. She continues, “Coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, which helps to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, as well as stimulate the hormone epinephrine, which helps to break down fat.” Chlorogenic acid also slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and suppresses our hunger hormone, ghrelin.

Person Filling Clear Glass Mug With Coffee

Studies back these claims, finding that drinking coffee significantly increased the metabolic rate of participants during the three hours after caffeine ingestion as well as significantly increased fat oxidation during the last hour of the test. These findings occurred only in participants who were of average weight, though—obese participants only saw an increase in metabolic rate, not fat oxidation.

But before you preorder a few ventis on Starbucks’ app, there are a few things to know first: Flowers warns that drinking several cups of coffee will actually decrease these effects and you could eventually become intolerant. Because of this, she suggests sticking to just one or two cups per day. Additionally, a latte, cappuccino, or any drink with loads of sugar and fat won’t elicit these positive effects—stick to a regular cup of dark roast coffee (more antioxidants) with unsweetened almond milk or oat milk. 


If caffeine isn’t your thing, you haven’t been ruled out: Decaf coffee still contains that magic chlorogenic acid.

And if all of this didn’t motivate you to continue your daily brew already (or pick up the habit), coffee also helps decrease mortality rates, helps you power through a workout, and has a bevy of antioxidants to fight against inflammatory diseases.

Image result for cellulite

Coffee may also help reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin.

A small study reported that a topical slimming product containing caffeine and several other active ingredients was more effective at reducing stubborn cellulite in women than a placebo product.

However, from this study, it is not possible to say whether the caffeine, another substance, or a combination produced the results.

A person could try using fresh, wet coffee grounds to scrub and exfoliate areas of cellulite. The exfoliation may also help smooth the skin and stimulate blood flow.


*All image from Pexel

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BEAUTY NAILS – Self Nail Art of The Week 5 – Gray Marble Mood with Ombre Gradient Design


Hello guys, Welcome back to my post series of self nail art of the week!

This week, I wanted to try something different from simple coloring or typical decorating beads. I have been thinking what design should be the best for me to satisfy myself for what I eventually want.

Self Nail Post Series

And yes, I finally decided to try gradient nails by myself at home. It can be also called ombre nails.

Ombré nails (just like ombré hair) are a type of manicure in which a color gradient is created. A light color on the top of the nail gradually blends into a darker color toward the tip.

Image result for self nail gif

Actually, I have wanted to try french ombre nails as below, but I could not do so, sadly, because I did not have the right nail polish color for that.

Image result for self nail ombre
Image from pinterest

So I have to create new Ombre gradient design for doing new nails thinking about limited nail polish color I have at the moment. If I couldn’t get warm moody french ombre gradient style, I wanted to go for cold dark base color as its background. I chose dark gray one for it.

And this time, for shaping nail artificial tips, I chose medium length coffin ail shape. If you would like to check other pretty nail shapes, Click here.


Anyway, It was my very first time to try gradient ombre nails at home by myself. So, the result does not seem perfect and professional. How does it look anyway?

It took quite a while compared to other self nail that I have done before. I had to search good information for beginners how to do gradient ombre nails. For checking related tutorials, Click here, wikihow for reading or Youtube for watching.

Gray Marble Mood with Ombre Gradient Design self nail art
Gray Marble Mood with Ombre Gradient Design self nail art

I thought for a second about adding up some points with beads and so on on this design, but I just decided to leave like this for now.

Simple but Impressive and Chic design is always the best for me when it comes to nail art.

Next time, I am definitely going to try nude tone color french ombre gradient nail. Guys, Stay focused on my Posts!

Image result for get nail done gif

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K-Beauty – 7 Korean Makeup Trends You Should Try In 2020

Image result for korean makeup trend 2020
Image from

You’ve probably heard of the famous Korean skin care routine, but you may not realize that there are plenty of other Korean beauty trends that deserve praise of their own makeup included from bright colored blush to glitter eye makeup.

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Korean makeup trends have been dominating for quite some time, and these days it seems like it’s not just Asian women who want to know the latest and best makeup trends straight from Seoul.

Image result for korean makeup trend 2020
Image result for korean makeup trend 2020

As far as 2019 Korean makeup trends are concerned, fruity-looking makeup, glitter lids, and glossy lips were in, but will they continue to be trendy in the new year? You are going to figure it out together what is going to be main trends on makeup style in 2020.

I chose Top 7 important trends of Korean Makeup based on some comments and forecasting by biggest cosmetics market leaders in Korea.


1.Glass & Gloss Will Be Everything In 2020

Image result for korean glossy lips skin

We’re no stranger to glass skin and glossy lips (which was huge in 2019), but this year the Koreans are really taking the gloss up a notch.

While some of us are still obsessing over matte lipsticks, K-beauty has moved on to a glossy finish. And unlike some of the other Korean makeup trends we’re loving, this one is especially quick and easy to try out for yourself. 

To really get that glassy effect, apply a thick layer of clear lip gloss on top of your shiny lip color.

2.If There’s One Shade You Must Have, Then It Is Brown Like Peanut Butter

Image result for korean light brown color makeup

Forget coral and pink shades. 2020 Korean makeup trend is all about peanut butter.

No, we’re not talking about the spread you put on your toast – the brown color is forecasted to be one of the trendiest colors in 2020. The light shade of brown is described as an authentic color that displays natural sophistication and versatility.

Hera Shadow Holic No.5
natural makeup trend / HERA’s Shadow Holic no.5

Although the peanut butter is not the most exciting of colors to work with, we are still excited to play with a shade that is universally flattering and wearable on a daily basis – almost like the MLBB trend applied to the rest of the face!

3.Glitter Eyes Are Here To Stay, And Mascara Is The NEW Liner

Image result for sparkling glitter eyeshadow korean
Image from Althae Korea

Glittery eyes were all the rage in 2019, and it seems like matte eye shadow will be out of the picture for one more year.

Etude House explains that adding glitter to your eyelids helps to draw light to the eyes, and instantly makes it sparkle – perfectly in line with the K-beauty trend of glow and radiance.


If you are planning to stock up on your eyeliners, you might want to use that money to invest in good mascaras or eyelash extensions instead, because Korean women will be using less eyeliner (or even none of it!); instead, they will be using mascara that can help their eyes to pop.

4.Better Change Your Blusher Technique

Image result for demure look korean blusher

If you are feeling dismayed that the new K-beauty trends will require a hefty vanity table revamp, here’s the good news, you can still keep your current blusher stash.

Etude House shared that there will be a change in the technique rather than the color, where blushers are now applied above your cheekbones to give off a shy, demure look.

5.Gradient Lips Are NOT Must-To-Do Anymore

Image result for full lip hwasa
Image result for korean makeup trend 2020

Gradient lips are well-known to be a staple of K-beauty, but both Etude House and HERA acknowledge that the full-on lipstick look is coming back in trend again.

More of the Korean women want thicker and bolder lips but they do not want to overline their lips using a lipstick – instead, they try to achieve the look of plumper lips with lipsticks that can create an actual instant plump effect, as well as a natural ‘flush’.


6.Guess The Best Lip Colors To Invest In?

Image result for brick color lips korean
pinterest / 3CE

MLBB shades are still trending in Korea even after three years, and it looks like the trending isn’t dying anytime soon.

According to LANEIGE, it started with keywords “MLBB” and “dried rose”, which tended towards warm pink tones. Over the years, it has evolved into orange-reddish tones, especially after famous Korean celebrity Bae Suzy pulled off M.A.C’s “Chilli” lipstick shade on a magazine cover:

Suzy Mac Chili

As far as Korean lip makeup trend is concerned, the new keywords to look out for are “red”, “brick”, “chilli”, and “burnt”. These are brownish colours that make your lips look like they are burnt – in a good way.

7.K-BEAUTY Gurus To Watch In 2020

Korean Makeup Gurus 2020

From left: Dasha Kim, Hyo Jin, Risabae, Pony

One of the biggest Korean cosmetic market leaders, HERA, recommends that you check out Korean Youtube beauty gurus like HyojinDahyeshka (Dasha Kim)Risabae, and PONY. They are many Koreans’ makeup inspiration as they try different makeup looks all the time while making sure to give out detailed information on makeup products and application.

While Risabae and PONY are famous for their over-the-top makeup looks, Dahyeshka and Hyojin tend to go for more of the daily makeup but they both know what works best for them.

On the K-pop front, LANEIGE believes that Hwasa, member of girl group Mamamoo, is the new girl crush icon whose heavy makeup looks are highly sought-after by Korean women – let’s just say that we are absolutely sold by her #girlboss vibes as well.

Korean Makeup Gurus Hwasa


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SKIN CARE – Things You Should Know About K-Beauty + Koreans Glowing Skin Secret

Image result for K BEAUTY SKIN CARE
Image from Hypebae

What is K beauty?

KBeauty is a term for skin-care products that derive from South Korea. The fad gained popularity worldwide, especially in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the US and focuses on health, hydration and a preferred lack of pigment.

Essentially a name to categorize the Korean influence upon our own skincare routines and the epic product imports from the country itself, K-Beauty is the secret to looking as luminous as is humanly possible.

While K-Beauty is no longer a new concept to us, its typically kitschy aesthetic kept it confined to teenage beauty cabinets for a few years. But now, Korean skincare has truly come of age, with the likes of Cult Beauty, Net-A-Porter and Selfridges now offering a selection of sophisticated Korean lines that will appeal to the skintellectual as well as the K-Beauty obsessive.

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Cream Skin Is The New Glass Skin For K-Beauty

Image result for K BEAUTY SKIN CARE

Why K-Beauty?

Benefits garnered from Kbeauty are more than meet the eye – sheet masks that provide unrivaled moisture, while leaving a gorgeous glow; hydrating body lotions that help to improve circulation. More dual duty of these products? Aside from the aesthetic benefits, they’re safe to use, having been approved by the KFDA.

Image result for K BEAUTY SKIN CARE
Image from sisinternational

Why is it so good?

It’s said this mucus helps to fade acne scar and hyper pigmentation while moisturizing and firming the skin. The use of these relatively unknown ingredients makes the Korean products so much more appealing to people all over the world.

Image result for skin care routine gif

How to Basically Care Your Skin In K-Beauty Way (Skincare Routine)

1. Eye make-up remover

Why? The skin around your eyes is thinner and much more delicate, which means an ordinary cleanser cannot be expected to step up to the mark without dragging the skin around.

2. Double cleanse

Why? Clean = pristine. Your first, oil-based, cleanser (yes, there will be two), is used to dissolve make-up and grime that sits on the surface of your skin, allowing your second clean (usually a foam or stick) to tackle pollution and impurities from within the pores.

3. Exfoliate

Why? Less is more for the Korean woman, so you won’t find any hardcore daily exfoliants on the K-Beauty aisles. Some industry experts recommend exfoliating every other day, while others suggest as little as once a month. Twice a week, with a gentle AHA-soaked pad, is a happy medium for most.


4. Tone

Why? To remove any left-over cleansing residue, and prep the skin for the next steps.

5. Treatment essence

Why? This is likely the point where you’ll start scratching your head. However, essence is actually less mythical than it sounds – these watery formulas are simply a lighter version of a serum, used to prep your skin for the products that follow.

6. Treatments

Why? Ok, this one’s easy. Slather on your favourite boosters, serums and ampoules to clarify, brighten, or simply hydrate with concentrated active ingredients. Typically, K-Beauty treatments are highly results-focused, holding up to ingredients-list scrutiny with ease.

7. Sheet mask

Why? We’re not suggesting you reach for a sheet mask every day, but they are a great weekly treat to help infuse more moisture into your skin, leading to that elusive glass-skin glow.

8. Eye cream

Why? See step 1: your eyes need special care and attention stat.

9. Sleep Pack/Moisturiser

Why? You’ve come so far, you may as well finish the job with a seriously hydrating or detoxing overnight pack (that’s a face mask you don’t wash off to you and me) or day cream. Only this time it’ll be supercharged by the eight other products you’ve already put on your face.


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Beauty Cosmetics – 3 Best Blemish Concealers For Epic MakeUp

Image result for concealer

Concealer can come in different colors, and the main ones to look out for here are yellow based ones that will help even out skin tone, while a green-based option can help reduce redness.  

When covering spots, put a tiny amount on either a small brush or your fingertip and dab on the spot gently. Concealers are also a great choice for masking any discolourings or redness.

I brought Top 3 Blemish Concealer Information from popular brand that you guys already know. No-ad based, but from my experience and one from people around me.

Image result for concealer make up gif

1. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit

Image result for bobbi brown creamy concealer kit

This yellow-based, creamy concealer is first applied to the spot, and then set with the sheer powder that evens out the concealer and keeps it in place.  It comes in an impressive 15 shades and is a good one for fairer skins as the palest one comes with a white powder (as opposed to the yellow-based one you get with the others). Containing Vitamin A and E, it’s gets points for keeping skin nourished too. Also, this is my favorite one.


2. NARS Concealer

Image result for nars concealer stick

This stick concealer is easy to apply by putting it straight on to the spot. Start with a minimal amount and then build it up depending on how much coverage you need and it will see you throughout the day. It also contains Vitamin E, so it will help moisturise the skin, avoiding dryness. There are nine shades to choose from.  

3. MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Image result for mac studio finish concealer

People found this creamy concealer disguised the angriest of spots, without clogging skin. Apply with a finger or thin brush. The SPF 35 makes it a good choice for those enjoying a bit of sun, and it comes in 15 different shades.


About Using Concealer…

While liquid-based, light-reflecting concealers can be good for under-eye areas due to their re-hydrating qualities, a solid or stick-based concealer can be better for blemishes. You’ll get better coverage and the fact they are drier means they will stay put in the face of oils in the affected area.

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BEAUTY – COSMETICS – Top 3 Brands of matte MLBB Lip Products + Color Finder


If you’re still unaware of the acronym “MLBB”, it basically means My Lips But Better, a term which refers to a lipstick shade similar to the natural color of your lips. Whether you’re going for a no-makeup look or a dark smokey eye, it adds a natural wash of color to perk up your overall complexion.

You would already know about MLBB term well if you were or are interested in K-beauty. The term and followed beauty cosmetic trend was booming few years ago. For people who want to try K-beauty trend about , you can check below article which contains information of Korean cosmetic brands.

When it comes to makeup, sometimes less is more. If you are aiming for a more natural look, nude lipsticks are the best choice. “My lips but better” shades aka MLBB lipsticks are great for daytime and nighttime. These shades go with any type of outfit and occasion.

Image result for find the right lip color

Finding the right shade may be a little tricky, the key is knowing your skin tone.

  • If you have warm undertones, choose warmer hues such as lipsticks with red undertones (colours which are more saturated);
  • And if your skin colour has cool undertones, opt for shades with blue/purple undertones. Stay away from mattes as well – the key is to look as natural as possible. Here, our favourite MLBB lipsticks for a range of different skin tones.
  • Another way to find your perfect MLBB is by matching the darkest shade of your inner lip. The Frisky recommends taking a picture of your inner lip, so you don’t have to look like a fool when comparing shades in-store.

And now, it is time to match your skin tone and lips color to real matte MLBB Lip products. This would be much better to find out the best products for you getting self customized. Followed by personal experience, I picked Top 3 Cosmetics Brands for matte MLBB Lip products for you.


1.MAC Matte Lipstick

Image result for mac matte lipstick
MAC Matte Lipstick – Please Me
Image result for mac matte lipstick
MAC Matte Lipstick – Taupe
Image result for mac matte lipstick
MAC Matte Lipstick – Yash
Image result for mac matte lipstick
Image from Lani Blog

A creamy rich lipstick formula with high color payoff in a no-shine matte finish.

Matte lipsticks are very long wearing, especially dark and bright colors. More glossy ones last much less. MAC has a large variety of both finishes and colors, and they also have a line of liquid lipsticks, which are made to be long wearing (although drying).

Below list is what I picked for models of MAC Matte Lipstick which can be called as MLBB colors.

  • Down To An Art
  • You Wouldn’t Get It
  • Honeylove
  • Velvet Teddy
  • Whirl
  • Taupe
  • Yash
  • Kinda Sexy
  • Tropic Tonic
  • So Chaud

2.NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Image result for nyx soft matte lip cream
Image result for nyx soft matte lip cream nude

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Soft Matte Lip Cream, High-Pigmented Cream Lipstick in Prague. … PLUSH & HIGH-PIGMENTED FORMULA: Envelop your lips in plush, intensely creamy matte lipstick color that’s lightweight and never feels dry. Just slide the creamy formula over lips and allow to set to a smooth matte finish.

Neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this matte lip cream is a new form of lip color that is easy to apply and gives a matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly long-lasting and, unlike some matt lipstick formulas, also moisturizing.

Below highlight photos are models of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream which can be called as MLBB colors.

Image result for nyx soft matte lip cream color
Image result for nyx soft matte lip cream whole color

3.NARS Velvet Lip Pencil

Image result for nars velvet matte lip pencil
Image result for nars velvet matte lip pencil dolce vita
NARS Velvet Lip Pencil – Dolce Vita

Cult-favorite Velvet Matte Lip Pencil instantly delivers the impact of a matte lipstick with the spontaneity of a pencil. The long lasting, non-drying formula is enriched with Vitamin E and emollients for a creamy texture, while a combination of unique silicones ensures long-lasting, seamless matte color for hours.

Image result for nars velvet matte lip pencil

Lips are instantly saturated with rich, vivid pigments and a velvety matte finish. This versatile formula also makes it easy to pair with another lip product for added dimension or as a tinted base. Whether it’s soft and neutral or bold and edgy, this lip pencil is ideal for making a lip statement. Works best with NARS Pencil Sharpener.Other sharpeners may be harmful or damaging.

Image result for nars velvet matte lip pencil

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BEAUTY – COSMETICS – 5 Best Matte Foundations with Color Chart / Shade Finder


To put it simply, matte makeup is a type of makeup that gives a completely matte finish to the face. This makeup can be ideal for women with extremely oily skin and it can hide the skin imperfections effectively giving a smooth and comfortable finish.

Matte foundation doesn’t have to be cakey, heavy and one-dimensional, believe it or not. … It’s also pretty common for matte foundations to contain oil-absorbing ingredients like clay and silica that will mop up any excess shine that might ruin your game face. These are the best matte foundations for shine-free skin.

Image from MAC

Matte-Finish Liquid Foundations are typically easy to blend; buildable coverage. Excellent for holding back excess oily shine. Generally a safe choice for covering blemish-prone skin. Beneficial for those who live in humid climates and cannot get their foundation to last.

For the matter you want to solve, I brought 5 Best and Top Matte Foundations from my experience. My skin type is in the middle of oily and combination.

You can also check what color would fit you on each products with color charts So guys, Let’s get started! Los geht’s!

1.Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Make-up

Double Wear
All colors of the products

All skintones. All undertones. Double Wear is made in your shade. It’s matte foundation that looks flawless and natural—liquid foundation that feels lightweight and so comfortable, you won’t believe it’s super long wear. No touchups needed.

Unifies uneven skintone and covers imperfections—buildable, medium to full coverage foundation. Stays color true. Won’t look grey on deeper skintones.

Our best foundation for long wear, Double Wear is oil-free and oil-controlling. This transfer-resistant and waterproof foundation formula lasts in hot and humid weather. Keeps up with your busy day. For millions of women, it’s Double Wear or nothing. Put it on once and don’t think twice.

You cacn find your shade: Choose your skin’s intensity level (from light to deep) and undertone (cool, neutral or warm).

Image result for Estée Lauder Double Wear color

For this products, you can actually get consulted at their official shade finder. (Of course, all free.) Check yourself out if you are interested in!

2.Bobbi Brown Foundation Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation

long-lasting foundation with constructive, medium to high coverage and a natural, matt finish that is pleasant, breathable and particularly light. This ultra-fine, silky emulsion, which was produced by a high-speed cold fusion process, is characterized by a combination of special ingredients, oil-controlling agents and skin-friendly pigments.

All colors of the products

It is particularly gentle, easy to spread and feels like a second skin. This 16 hour formula has been tested in extreme heat and moisture and is water, sweat and moisture resistant. Available in many skin-true colors. Ideal for normal to oily skin.

Test results *: -93% of the testers found that their pores immediately looked smaller. -92% said that their skin looked more even all day. -96% said their skin immediately looked less shiny. -84% found their skin felt moisturized. -91% said their skin looked fresh all day.-81% said the Foundation held out in all of its activities. * Based on a 4-week consumer study of 101 participants.

3.NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Image result for NYX Professional Makeup Can't Stop Won't Stop
All colors of the products
Image result for NYX Professional Makeup Can't Stop Won't Stop

Shockingly lightweight, waterproof and pigmented AF, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation is our full coverage classic foundation that hustles as hard as you do.

This comfy, long-wearing waterproof liquid comes in a wide range of flattering tones that don’t transfer. Every creamy liquid shade glides on smooth, delivering matte coverage that stays true up to 24 hours. This over achiever also works to control shine and mattify your complexion all-day long. But it doesn’t stop there: this classic foundation is noncomedogenic and suitable for normal, oily, combination, and sensitive skin types.

4.Maybelline FIT ME MATTE + PORELESS Foundation

Image result for Maybelline FIT ME MATTE + PORELESS foundation
New version of the products with glass package
Old version of the products with tube package

Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation face makeup. This lightweight foundation mattifies and refines pores and leaves a natural, seamless finish.  

Ideal for normal to oily skin, our exclusive matte foundation formula features micro-powders to control shine and blur pores. Pore minimizing foundation. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. Non-comedogenic.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation is a lightweight foundation that blends really well and has an abundance of shades for fair to dusky skin tones. The finish is satin and looks extremely natural although it has a tendency to oxidize. For the price, the foundation is decent.

Image result for maybelline fit me foundation color chart
Image result for maybelline fit me foundation color chart
Image result for Maybelline FIT ME MATTE + PORELESS foundation

5.Maybelline Superstay 24h Make Up

Image result for Maybelline Superstay foundation

Regardless of whether you are planning a long day of work or a night in the club, you can rely on one thing: your Super Stay 24H make-up will last. So you can get through the day and night without worrying, without constantly checking your makeup or putting on make-up.

The highly concentrated formula contains pure color pigments and ensures a flawless result that lasts up to 24 hours. In this way, blemishes, redness or blemishes are perfectly covered.

To cover your complexion flawlessly, apply the make-up to your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Then spread the foundation from the middle of the face outwards using a blender. Finally, blend well so that there are no makeup edges.

Image result for Maybelline Superstay foundation
All colors of the products
Image result for Maybelline Superstay foundation

Images and product Information from official website of :
Estée Lauder / Bobbi Brown / NYX / Maybelline

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Health – Inner Beauty – 5 Best Detox Juices You Must Try


Detoxification is vital to stay healthy. Toxins clog our system and interfere with the proper functioning of the organs. Getting rid of the toxins is necessary to prevent lethargy, insomnia, obesity, diabetes, back pain, and digestive disorders. Detoxification not only ensures the proper flow of energy but also boosts our immune system and prevents chronic diseases.

Detoxification is vital to stay healthy. Toxins clog our system and interfere with the proper functioning of the organs. Getting rid of the toxins is necessary to prevent lethargy, insomnia, obesity, diabetes, back pain, and digestive disorders. Detoxification not only ensures the proper flow of energy but also boosts our immune system and prevents chronic diseases.


Why Detox Juices?

We love drinking sweetened drinks, especially during summer, without giving a second thought. Even if we feel refreshed, carbonated drinks do more harm than good as they increase the toxins. Eventually, we end up feeling sluggish and get into a habit of drinking caffeine and sweetened drinks. The only way to break out of this situation is by drinking detox juices, which cleanse our body of all those unwanted toxins.

Reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, improve digestion, cleanse the liver and promote healthy skin, by feeding your system with detox juices regularly. The juices are easy to make provided you have a good juicer. Make sure you add some fruits, vegetables, and herbs that stimulate detoxification.

Experiment with these unconventional detox juices and notice how great you feel afterward.


1.Stay In The Pink Of Health:  Ginger & Beetroot Juice

Ginger & Beetroot Juice

This one is not only healthy but also yummy! All you need to do extract the juice of 1 whole beet with the help of cold pressed juicer. This will inject pink color into your drink. Add 1.5 cups of pineapple and a pear juice (both aid digestion) and immunity-boosting ginger (2 inches) to the concoction. Ginger also helps in reducing inflammation and adds a spicy flavor to the juice.  To retain the essential minerals make sure you use cold pressed juicer instead of a conventional one.

Also Read- 5 ReasonsYouu Should Drink Beetroot Juice During Winter

2.Vibrant Delight: Carrot and Ginger Juice

Carrot and Ginger Juice

You can’t go wrong with the sweet and slightly sour taste of oranges mixed with the sweetness of carrots and zing of ginger. Carrots are loaded with beta carotene and vitamins, whereas oranges are a storehouse of vitamin A and C. The detox juice also reduces bad cholesterol and aid digestion. The juice is also great for your hair and nails!

Also Read: Water vs Fruit Juice – Choosing a Better Option

3.Perfect Detox: Dill Juice

Dill Juice

Sip and enjoy this perfect detox juice, which includes dill (1 bunch) as the main ingredient. Dill is rich in vitamin A and C and contains essential minerals like iron, magnesium, and manganese. Dill is also an excellent source of calcium and helps boost immunity. Add carrots (4 whole), one whole lemon and a large apple to dill. While carrots are rich in vitamin A, both lemon and apples are loaded with vitamin C. Lemons also cleanse the system gently, balancing it from inside. Juice all the ingredients to get a drink full of health.

4.Vitamins & Minerals Treat: Apple, Beetroot and Carrot Juice

Apple, Beetroot and Carrot Juice

A concoction of apple, beetroot, and carrot is the perfect vitamin and mineral supplement for your system. In fact, it can also be counted as your fruit and vegetable portions for the day. The vitamins help in detoxifying your system and improving metabolism.


5.Summer Detox Potion: Ginger, Cucumber and Apple

Ginger, Cucumber and Apple

The combination of ginger, cucumber, and apple offer a sweet as well as refreshing juice, which is great for detox especially during the warmer months of the year. The ginger provides a strong kick while the cucumber balances well with the apple flavor. This drink helps to release toxins from the body while aiding the digestive system.

The Bottom Line

As a beginner, you may start off with a few of these juices and later add on many other types depending on your taste buds. While there are several detox plans, it’s better to stick to one that is right for you and easy to follow. So instead of constantly bombarding yourself with processed foods and letting toxins accumulate, consider a juice detox diet for a couple of days.

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Health Beauty – How To Get Fit Body Like Victoria’s Secret Angels / Core Workout Tutorials


Hi guys, welcome back to my blog for beauty tips and information. This time, I am going to talk about Victoria’s Secret Models and their special workout. I am saying that you are going to get how-to-be The most gorgeous and glowing women in the world. Stay tuned here!

Image result for victoria secret show
Image result for victoria secret gif
Image result for victoria secret angel gif

First of all, As you all know, Victoria’s Secret is an American designer, manufacturer, and marketer of women’s lingerie, womenswear, and beauty products. Popular keywords of the brand could be said Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Image result for victoria secret angel gif
Legendary Angel, Adriana Lima in the show in 2013

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an annual show sponsored by and featuring Victoria’s Secret, a brand of lingerie and sleepwear. Victoria’s Secret used the show to promote and market its goods in high-profile settings. And Victoria’s Secret Angels boost and glow the show with their gorgeous appearance.

  • 2020 Victoria’s Secret Angels
  • Candice Swanepoel
  • Taylor Hill
  • Elsa Hosk
  • Martha Hunt
  • Stella Maxwell
  • Lais Ribeiro
  • Sara Sampaio
  • Romee Strijd
  • Jasmine Tookes
  • Josephine Skriver
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Alexina GrahamLeomie Anderson
  • Grace Elizabeth 

Image result for victoria secret gif
My favorite Angel, Candice Swanepoel

About Victoria’s Secret Angels, they became glamorous icons for worldwide women, as they always show off their incredibly made bodies on shows to audiences. However, behind the scene, they have put enormous effort and gain pain to get those perfect bodies.

We got to get know-how off perfect body like those angels!

Image result for victoria secret angel workout
Image result for victoria secret angel workout
from pinterest

They always care of what they eat especially on show season and workout hard. Herewith I share you some tutorials video how to get body like Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Image result for josephine skriver workout
Josephine Skriver, one of adorable angels of Victoria’s Secret
/ from pinterest
Image result for victoria secret angel workout
Doutzen Kroes who was was a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2008 until 2014
/ from pinterest

The Victoria’s Secret workout includes a combination of:

  • Cardio (mostly steady state running and some cycling)
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Reformer Pilates
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Ballet / barre
  • Dance cardio
  • Circuits using:
    • Weights
    • Bands
    • Ankle weights
    • Stability balls
    • Sliders
  • Heavy lifting – a few of the models (especially those that train at Dogpound) add heavy lifting to their training.

A lot of models do avoid heavy lifting (nothing heavier than 5-10 pounds – about 2-5 kilograms) to prevent unwanted bulk. Those that do heavy lifting combine heavy lifting with lighter exercises as well.

Model trainer Justin Gelband says that if a client wants really high energy he does boxing and some plyometric exercises.

Image result for victoria secret angel workout
Image Source

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BEAUTY NAILS – Self Nail Art of The Week 4 – Simple But Chic Black



Series Of The Post
BEAUTY – NAILS – DIY -Self Nail Art of the week – 셀프 네일
BEAUTY – NAILS – Self Nail Art of The Week 2 – White And Shiny Style
BEAUTY-NAILS – Self Nail Art of The Week 3 – Bling Bling Metallic Blue

Image result for nail done gif

Hey Beauties Welcome to my post of pretty self-nail.

I guess 2 days ago, I got new self nail with black color for this week. I left my nail with nothing on it few weeks before this. Well, that was my plan, as my nails kind of got damaged from doing self nails much often. But I couldn’t leave those as they are. You Know Why?

I have a bad habit biting my nails. Sadly, I can’t really fix the habit which is out of control. I got it from my youth, so It is quite hard to fix in a second. Doing nails is not only for being pretty but also for preventing myself from biting those. I am thinking of it as Kill two birds with one stone.

A week ago, I changed my hair color from black to blonde, I want to have a remarkable opposite color of it. I thought combination of black and matt light blonde would look perfect, so I decided nail color for Black.

Enjoy what I have got as the outcome for little bit shiny, simple but chic black nails.


For its shape, I chose almond as usual. Ballerina tpe is still too far for me to try on as I have to do house work by myself every day, sadly. About other various nail shapes, check my previous post about this!

Next time, I am thinking about trying fancy type with glitter and crystals on. Keep paying your attention on my trying!

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BEAUTY TOP TIP – 5 Best Ways To Care Bleached / Damaged / Blonde Hair

Image result for platinum blonde

Blonde hair can look stunning, but blonde dyed hair requires extra effort to keep it looking its best. If you don’t care for your blonde hair properly, it can become dry and brittle and may turn yellow or brassy.

Due to the bleaching process, blonde hair is more fragile and delicate than other colors. It needs extra protection from heat, harsh products and environmental factors that can cause discoloration and damage to hair. I am going to share about some good methods to minimize damage of blonde and bleached hair and some useful 5 Top tips.


1.Better Use Purple Shampoo

Image result for purple silver blue shampoo

If you want to stay in color you have wanted, you should use purple / blue / silver shampoo. For light blondies, purple and silver shampoo would fit, on the other hand, for dark blondies, blue shampoo would be good choice.

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2.Apply Heat Protectants When Using Flat Irons for Hair

Image result for hair heat protective oil

You gotta use heat protective oil or serum on your hair whenever you want to use flat iron and dry up. Your bleached blonde hair is already damaged enough and you do not have to make it worse with extra extreme heat like ironing. Also, In summer with hot weather and strong sun heat, Heat protection spray would be helpful to prevent you from getting hair damaged.


3.Keep Hair Treatment Stay A While

Image result for hair treatment care

Do not wash off treatment right after shampoo. Keep it stay longer than what it is written in manual of products. I recommend at least around 20-30 minutes staying on hair. If possible, put hair cap after applying it on your hair.

For Additional Tip, if you feel like your hair is getting TOO damaged, put rinse on your hair before washing off the applied treatment. After applying the rinse on the treatment, you can wash it off them both. Be careful that rinse do not touch your scalp, because it will give you non-essential oil on your scalp.


4.Make sure of Drying Scalp Completely

Image result for hair dry
from Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

You do not have to dry up all your hair completely after washing off. It will take a while to dry all up with dryer anyway, as it is quite damaged one.But, be noted that that scalp must be dried up with dryer. Actually, for damaged hair, tip of hair is healthier to be dried up naturally without dryers.

5.Take Biotin regularly

If you start losing your hair because of changing your hair often, Biotin would help you keep your hair. Biotin, also called vitamin H, vitamin B₇ or vitamin B₈ is a water-soluble B vitamin. It is involved in a wide range of metabolic processes, both in humans and in other organisms, primarily related to the utilization of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

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BEAUTY DIY – Get Blonde – Result After 3 Times Of Bleaching Hair At Home + Tips and Tricks


Series Of The Post
BEAUTY – DIY – Incredible Result From Bleaching Hair At Home By Myself

Hey all, I came back with the final result of bleaching hair at home! As you can check on the previous post, I kind of failed on getting result that I expected.

After that, I have been through little bit more process to reach my color goal. In conclusion, I could organized what I have done for it on my hair condition.

Image result for hair dye gif
from GIPHY

(Before bleaching, I have experience on dying my hair into black.)
(My original hair type is think and very dark brown color.)

3 times of bleaching hair with syoss 13-0 Ultra Aufheller
1 time of Fanola No Yellow shampoo

Image result for SYOSS 13 ULTRA AUFHELLER
syoss 13-0 Ultra Aufheller
Image result for FANOLA 2 TIMES
Fanola No Yellow shampoo

For tips of bleaching hair by yourself at home, you have to prepare thick cream to apply on your skin around your hair like back of your ears and neck. Bleaching is usually giving you a pain on your skin when it is being done.

Also, to get the best result from bleaching, you better use cooking foil for each applying. It helps your hair bleaching keep heat to change color of your hair.

About how long you have to stay on bleaching, if you have thick and strong hair of Asian like me, I recommend around 1 hour each bleaching. Of course, I know it will damage hair seriously. But in fact, you should never bleach if you are about hair damage, am I right? As you decided to have a bleach, I guess you want to have the best result on each time.

If you have thin and weak hair, around 30 minutes would be more than enough for each time of bleaching.

When I got 2 times of bleaching only

AFter 2 times, I found out dying my hair to black was a big mistake for the moment. It turned to red first on the spot that once had black hair dying products.

After 3 times, I could remove red color from my hair but instead, I got orange-yellow color with uneven layers of hair color. AS I said, This is all because of black hair dying before.

Haha, the result looks funny as you can see on above pictures. I got purple-ashy color on the spot which is well bleached with no problem. The rest of part, well… at least I can see most of orange-yellow color is canceled out. This is not enough though. I can’t be satisfied with it.

So, This is not done yet, I will keep posting after using Fanola No Yellow Shampoo few more times!

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BEAUTY – BLONDE HAIR- Difference Between Fanola No Orange And No Yellow Shampoos


Gosh, Recently, I have been so into getting icy and platinum Blonde hair that I have never done before.

Of course, I have wanted to try that hair but was too much to do so at the time. As I have very dark brown hair like black, It take so much time and effort for it.

But you know what, I have decided to go for it. I already bleached hair 2 times to get reached to desired level. You can have a look on my previous post when I bleached hair first time to get platinum blonde recently. I am going to post about further outcomes soon, because it is not done yet.

Anyway, to get perfect color that I want, I got an information that bleaching is sometimes not enough to get it. To get helped, I have found that there is various type of shampoo in special function for blondes and popular brand of hair products including the shampoo is “Fanola”.

Reviews said that Fanola is the best on its working, so I decided to buy to give it a try.

I have also found out that there are the most famous 2 type of hair products of it, which are called No Yellow and No Orange.

But I mean, what do I have to choose to get color I want from current condition of my hair?

What’s Fanola No Orange Shampoo?

Image result for fanola no yellow orange

You can now say goodbye to dry and unwanted red, copper, and orange tones thanks to this highly potent toning shampoo. How? Fanola’s No Orange selection contains blue pigments that gently cleanse hair while neutralizing and eliminating any undesired warm red tones that come with the dyeing process.

The formula is sulfate-free, silicone-free, and is armed with botanical oils and coconut extracts that enhance colour-treated hair while cleaning it.


This powerful blue-toned shampoo will enrich and hydrate darker shaded dyed hair for a silkier and softer finish. Its fast-acting ingredients bind warmer color shades to the hair, thus balancing out pH levels and canceling out the unflattering vibrancy in orange or red tones.

Click Below Fanola No Orange Shampoo and Mask Products If you would like to buy!

What is Fanola No Yellow Shampoo?

Image result for fanola no yellow orange

Fanola No Yellow is a purple shampoo explicitly made for blondes – natural or lightened light blonde hair. This toning shampoo comprises of high violet pigments that remove any unwanted yellow tones to create lusher and shinier silver and ash tones in the hair.

This concentrated formula is paraben, sulphate, and silicone-free for better colour protection. Additionally, it’s filled with elastin proteins and amino acids that aid in strengthening and replenishing hair.

Fanola No Yellow professional-grade shampoo will give your hair vibrancy and shine that will actually last! This cruelty-free and ethically-sourced hair care product will treat your hair, nourish it, and banish brass, leaving it silky with no yellow in sight.

Click Below Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and Mask Products If you would like to buy!


Who has more fun – Brunettes or Blondes?

For many years, blondes have turned to purple shampoo such as Fanola No Yellow shampoo to keep that pesky brassiness at bay. Now, thanks to blue shampoos such as Fanola No Orange, brunettes and darker blondes can finally join in on the joys of hair dyeing!

No Yellow shampoo is best suited for colored hair with lighter tones such as white, silver, or platinum shades while No Orange shampoo works best to remove brassiness in darker blondes and brunettes.

Simply put, Fanola No Orange shampoo works for darker hair shades the same way Fanola No Yellow works for lighter hair colors.

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DAILY BEAUTY – 8 Healthy Habits Not To Get Fat Forever / Smart Body Care


I hope you are having chilling Sunday. As soon as I woke up, I felt bad because It feels like I am getting fat from eating Ice cream last night. I have to do workout today. It is tiring as you all know.

Image result for HEALTHY GIF

Speaking of which, Ideas of getting git and healthy came through my head so I brought some tips that I know to make your body fit forever not getting unnecessary fat.

Let’s get started of 8 essential tips for you not to get fat forever!

1.Drink Much Water

Image result for water gif

This is just basic knowledge for people who are about their body. If you are already on diet, You have to drink water as much as you ca. Make a daily routine. Water gives you good circulation of your body flow which even leads better skin condition for you at last.

2.Take Nutritional Supplements 

Image result for nutritional supplements

There are essentially needed supplements which are proven by celebrities caring of their body and healthy quite hard. Those are Omega3, Olive Oil, Lactobacillus and multi-Vitamins.

3.Get Rid Of Little Bad Things From Diet

Image result for no soda gif
from GIPHY

Do not underestimate what you usually have in a daily basis. I mean sorts of energy drinks, soda, juice as so on. If you want to have healthy diet program from your life which makes you never get fat, You should NOT put dressing into salad and not drink any kind of sweet Frappuccino you used to have from lovely Starbucks.

4.Do Not Drink Normal Milk

Image result for no milk gif

If you want to have the habit, try almond mil, soy milk and oats milk instead of white normal milt.


5.Check What You Eat With Diary

Image result for write diary gif

You have to know perfectly what you have done and what you are doing to change for being better. A Diary would be the best way for it in smart way, as you check and write what you have eaten a day. It will be a history of your diet which would diagnose yourself in terms of what you eat.

6.Healthy Anti-Fat Snacks

If you can’t delete snack time which is a part of your life, the you can change the snack into much healthier way. The Healthy Snacks like Protein one and Whole Wheat Bread. Those will satisfy your eating desire healthy preventing you from getting stress of being on diet.


7.Try Intermittent Fasting

Image result for intermittent fasting gif

Intermittent fasting can be as simple as extending that fast a little longer. You can do this by skipping breakfast, eating your first meal at noon and your last meal at 8 pm. Then you’re technically fasting for 16 hours every day, and restricting your eating to an 8-hour eating window. Its efficient function is already proven.

This could be hard to deal with and get used to it. But once you are, this would be effective and the easiest way to cut down your calories and fat. Set it Up As A Lifestyle.

8.Take A Rest Enough After Workout

Image result for stretching gif

Do not be obsessed with doing workout too long or too hard. This would just break your body down so you can’t maintain your healthy program any longer. If you want long and hard workout, only 2-3 times a week is more than enough. Also, You don’t forget about enough stretching after workout for sure. You should sleep tight on the day and take needed Nutritional Supplements. 

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BEAUTY – DIY – Incredible Result From Bleaching Hair At Home By Myself


I have decided to change my look today.

The main reason is that I have been getting white hair too much. As I am Asian and my original hair color is very dark brown like black, those hair seems so obvious even from apart. It has been one my my stress, so I wanted to get hair in lighter color.

Thinking about it, I decided to try color like platinum blonde for the first of my life. I have wanted to be in the color a while ago but I could not for some reason like working stuffs. Now I think I can, so Why not go for it?

Image result for platinum blonde
Example of Platinum Blonde
Image result for exciting gif
Isn’t it pretty? Yaaaaaa am little bit excited! Just saying.

I bought syoss products for bleaching and dying hair into blonde. Well, I will try to be so even though it would be hard to get there. (because of my original hair color)

The products are syoss 13-0 Ultra Aufheller and 12-00 Extra Platinum.

Ta-da, Yes, I got those. I am ready for this.

As the first time, I started it with syoss 13.0 Ultra Aufheller. It took a while like, for 2 hours only fore applying the products on the hair. And then I waited for 30-40 minutes more. It started warmer on my scalp so I went to wash it off after all. Let’s see how my hair is changed!


Image result for shocked gif
H…? Hmm? What am I looking at?

OMG, What I am looking at? What…?

Oh right, I totally forgot what I have done few months ago.
I did dye my hair into black around 3-4 months ago and it still remained on my most of hair. Now, my result from bleaching is almost the same like below image. See the point?

I got all the yellow part only on top of head and the rest of part of hair is remained as black and dark red brown. So, People like me, Please be aware of that you should not expect good quality on results when you do it by yourself. It would give your frustration.

It is too early to give up. To talk about myself, I have been having a lot of times of doing hair bleach and dying by myself, I don’t feel embarrassed or frustrated that much. I am kind of pro of facing with any bad result from what I do.

Image result for is that so gif

I will simply try to think that I have to bleach my hair at least 2 times more to get rid of this stupid black color on my hair. Anyway, I already knew that I could not get the color I want at once. I just should have known it earlier that I once did black hair color. Tomorrow I am going to have second time. I will keep posted how it would turn into like.

Before going to sleep, I gotta order more bleach products for third and forth time that I am going to have soon.

FYI, syoss 13.0 Ultra Aufheller worked pretty good even in my terrible condition. So people having normal hair without black color dying previously, this is recommendable for your targeted color even to Asian hair. (I guess it will be very bight blonde)

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BEAUTY ADVICE – 5 Struggles You Better Know Before Getting Long Nails


Hello guys, I hope you have a chill and peaceful Sunday.

I am usually thinking about nails, most of the time, and I am trying to deal with an interesting topic that I want to share.

“I don’t do drama, I do nails!”

I used to do long long nails few months before. Like, other nail-lovers. So far, Nail is LIFE to me. However, It costs too much a lot on daily life to simply embrace. Well, I would say it was quite hard time to maintain beautiful nails.

gif, fashion, and makeup 이미지

If you need to work and even do house chore by your won without helpers, you better know about problems in advance that you would have as soon as you get long nails.

1.Hard to Type Right

Image result for shoe lace long nails gif
Image result for shoe lace long nails gif

For me, I have a job in the office which means that I usually do my job typing for reports and communications. Some say that it is not problem at all to type with long nails. But think about this, every sound whenever you type with your nails would be kind of annoying to others. Besides, you will get much typo than when you are without those. That is another bothering part, indeed.

2.Quite Impossible to Open Can by your own nail

Image result for open can

It is quite awkward when you can’t even open a can by your own on a first date at restaurant. It is even worse there is no one around you to help. Or you could be type of person who can’t easily ask for help to strangers. Do not try too much to make it done by your long nail, it would be just broken if you think about it easily.


3.Awkward when you press any button

Step 3: Enter your PIN

This part is the most embarrassing moment that I even had because of long nails. Showing off your brand new nails to public could be cool. But things are different when you buy grocery at supermarket. To be specifically, If you prefer using card not cash, that is the epic point that I am talking about. The moment when you have to press your pin code into card reader but you can’t easily press it right because of length of nails…Believe me, that is not pleasant at all.

4.Not free when you fix your shoe lace

Image result for shoe lace nails gif

With long nails, your would not feel free whenever you have to fix your shoe lace or even pull your pants up. Of course, you can do those, but what I mean is that It would take longer time than usual. I mean, Long Long time. Imagine that this keeps going every day even when you have to hurry for some reason. That sucks.

5. Bother Yourself to Wash Hair

Image result for annoying washing hair gif

Yes, You have used your tip of nails and fingers when you wash your hair. But you will have to forget to do it like usual if you decide to get long nails. At the first time , you would feel awkward when you wash your hair only with tip of fingers. You have to stretch your all finger like straight at all time to wash your hair properly. Be noted that you can’t bend your finger like when you have short nails. If you do that any case, you would break your beautiful long nails or have a damage on your scalp.

*All gif image from google

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BEAUTY-NAILS – Self Nail Art of The Week 3 – Bling Bling Metallic Blue


Hello guys, I am back again with my new nails of the week!

Series Of The Post
BEAUTY – NAILS – DIY -Self Nail Art of the week – 셀프 네일
BEAUTY – NAILS – Self Nail Art of The Week 2 – White And Shiny Style

I have been into blue colors for weeks, so I thought It would be perfect to have it this week. Ta-Daa, See those nails that I did. This time, It is not so basic style with simple color only. I would call it Style of Metallic Blue and with beads and metallic light blue with pattern of line and shape.

How does it look? 🙂

To confess you, there is a secret on the nail. I did not do those nails by myself with whole designing and stuff. Those are ready-made nail tips. There are lots of nail tips products in the world with various beautiful design. But I am only using one brand that I have been using so far. Name of the products is Dashing Diva. For me, I bought lots of those from Korea. But I think its headquarter is in the State.

Anyway, the way how to do it is more than simple. This product already contains strong sticker for nail uses backside of each nail. Therefore, you peel off those stickers and simply apply on your real nails. But, as a person who is much interested in trying as many ready made nail tips as possible, I got some lesson from my experience.


Stickers would be better for caring your real nails from attaching and detaching than nail super glue. But, sadly, I prefer longer lasting of nail tips than much caring of real nails. Therefore, I would say, just use nail glue for nail tips even though there is already sticker on nail tips. For Long Lasting.

For people who might wonder where to get those products of Dashing Diva, It is sadly hard to get it offline easily. To get it in Germany or in Europe, I think Amazon is just the best and the easiest way for you. You can simply check and click below pictures what kind of models Amazon does have for Dashing Diva. Sadly, Amazon only has a few kind of model that Dashing Diva is producing. That makes me sad, honestly.

They do have pedi-set as well for your information.

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BEAUTY – PEOPLE – Jenny Bui Is Not Just Cardi B’s Nail Artist

Hello, I hope you have a beautiful day. Welcome back to my newly uploaded Post!

This time, I brought a post related to Beauty Nails that you might want to know about. But it would be not only about Nail designs or any Beauty Tips of how to make your nails look better, but about a person who is already famous of her ability famous in Nails Beauty Industry.

Jenny Bui at her Nail Salon

Today’s heroine is Jenny Bui who is best known as the mastermind behind Cardi B’s now iconic fingernails.


She has hand-crafted each one of Cardi B’s signature stiletto jeweled nail looks, However, before she launched her nail business with a shop in New York City, Bui grew up in poverty in Cambodia, fled the Khmer Rouge genocide, and started a family and a new life for herself in the U.S. Here I am going share you how she overcame unimaginable hardship to be the “Queen of Bling.”

Bui was born in Cambodia in the late 1970s to a father who was a cook and a mother who was a soda street vendor. She had eight siblings. Their lives turned upside down after the Khmer Rouge took over when she was only 5 years old. “I [had] no shelter, nothing. I just lived in the air and [rain]. We don’t have shoe, we don’t have clothes to wear. We don’t have toothbrush and we don’t have nothing to eat,” Bui said. She fled to Thailand at the age of eight and was separated from some of her family members. Bui recalled how the Thai government dropped them on a mountain that was covered with bombs that when “you walk, you step wrong spot, you die.”


Bui also recalled how people fought and died for water. She said they had no water to drink at the time and it was so scarce that when someone found water, they would steal it.

Bui immigrated to Canada as a teenager but moved to the Bronx when she turned 22. At 25, she started studying cosmetology. She worked on her own nails but they did not look good at first. Her lack of experience left some of Bui’s customers dissatisfied that they would resort to shouting racial slurs at her. Despite the struggle, she pushed on to reach her goals.

Most of us would never be able to encounter kinds of tragedies Bui and her family suffered over the years, and Bui herself has a hard time talking about her past without tearing up.


Still, she hasn’t let those events behind her ability to press on and keep building up her business, a mindset that ultimately led to her close working relationship with Cardi B. She has also won various awards for her works, including the Nail Artist Influencer of the Year award at the prestigious 2019 American Influencer Awards, and her popularity keeps growing, as no need to doubt.

Now, no need to emphasize more, Everyone who is nail-lover is eager to have an appointment with Jenny Bui to get her nails. Beauty Bloggers and Youtubers are videotaping it as a v-log or an interview as below contents.

To get to the main point of this post about Jenny Bui,
she is a wealth of inspiration when it comes to learning how to make your own way.

Let’s learn 3 important lessons worth thinking about from what she has been through and achieved.


1. Be Stubborn of what you do and Keep in that way.
After opening a second shop in Harlem, Bui endured aggressive racism. Customers would insult her then-shaky English by hurling racial slurs at her and telling her to go back to China. Many times they would try to leave without paying. They often succeeded. Bui kept getting up for work every day regardless.

2. Get your own remarkable style.
Bui discovered her signature style: the crystal-encrusted nails that have earned her the nickname “The Queen of Bling.” Originally inspired by a Japanese nail magazine, Bui’s work soon drew the attention of “Love & Hip Hop” star Yandy Smith, who helped her set up an Instagram account that now boasts almost 1 million followers.

3. Stay humble and hardworking no matter what.
Cardi B took Bui with her on the road to fame, but that hasn’t interfered with Bui’s dedication to hard work, persistence, and focusing on others. If anything, her newfound success and dealings with celebrities have strengthened those principles in her life. 


*Reference of Post : Not Just Cardi B’s Nail Artist: Jenny Bui Explains How Surviving Khmer Rouge Gave Her Fearless Determination As An Entrepreneur

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BEAUTY – NAILS – Self Nail Art of The Week 2 – White And Shiny Style

Hello, I hope you have a good weekend!

I am back with another self nails contents that I have actually done this week.
I kind of wanted to do white colored nails in a while so I decided to go for that one.

With pure and pain white color, little bit of glitter would be not so bad.
So I put shiny glitter on each index finger as a point. How does it look? It is only obviously captured on the first photo, sadly.


If you are a beginner of self nail world, You can check out my previous post which would be helpful for building up your skills!

For the nail art, as I have been doing it by myself more then 3 years, It took one and a half hour to make it done.

For beginners, you have to keep in mind that it might take more than 3 hours. Therefore, please try it on your long free time like weekend.

Time is usually being taken by filing artificial nail tips. When filing, you have to decide which type of nail shape you would like to have in advance. If you have no idea what kind of nail shape exists, refer to here so you learn it easily. My shape on this post is “Almond”.

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BEAUTY-GERMANY- Top 3 Daily Facial Creams in dm

Image result for FACIAL CARE

It has been almost 4 years since moving to Germany. When I just started life in Germany, I was still relied on facial care / cosmetic products that I brought from home country, South Korea.

You know, I was quite busy to get used to different environment, surrounding and life pattern. To be said, I had no time to search for new local products which would be suitable for my skin type t as time goes by, I had to find new alternatives, as the products I brought were running out and could get new ones from Korea. (International parcel delivery cost was quite expensive as you know.) That is the story between me and dm. I am still falling in love with dm, because we can get good quality of health-care products in quite cheap price.


dm-drogerie markt is a chain of retail stores headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, that sells cosmetics, healthcare items, household products and health food.

Image result for balea logo

From what I have felt, the products of Balea brand became the best for me, which reason is I never made any mistake whatever product I have tired as new. I have been always satisfied with my choices. Balea is PB brand(private label) of dm-drogerie markt for your information.

*What is Private label so-called House brand?

I ranked top 3 products for facial care cream in dm that I think it is the best. Well, I already used and tried so It is actually proven by Grace. 🙂

For you to know, my skin type in overall is like complex skin. But i think it is changing in daily basis, which means it depends on what I do and what I eat on the day. When I eat too much, my skin is like between oily and complex. On the other hand, when I do not feel well, it is more like between dry and neutral type.

1.Tagescreme Beauty Effect, 50 ml

  • Padding effect with hyaluronic acid
  • SPF 15
  • Strukturfestigend
  • Intense tightening effect
  • Skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed vegan.
  • Smooth, firm and even skin: The Balea Beauty Effect day cream improves the complexion and leaves the skin feeling supple and soft. The care formula with hyaluronic acid actively cushions from the inside as a natural moisturizing factor. The formula with Liftonin®-Xpress provides an intensive tightening effect. In addition, the care formula with vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals and supports its ability to regenerate. The formula with SPF 15 and UVA protection protects the skin from premature aging due to light.
  • Ohne Alkohol, Ohne Aluminiumsalze, Ohne Farbstoffe, Ohne Nanopartikel, Ohne Parabene, Ohne Paraffine / Mineralöle, Vegan
  • Normal / all skin type

Review of Tagescreme Beauty Effect !
This is what I am using right now. Smells nice like floral cotton. Quickly absorb into skin. No sticky. Feel refresh even right after applying. still moisturizing well with refresh feeling. but this is not good for super dry skin.

2. Tagescreme Q10 Anti-Falten Energy 24h Pflege, 50 ml

Image result for Tagescreme Q10 Anti-Falten Energy 24h Pflege
  • With vitamin C.
  • The first wrinkles are demonstrably reduced
  • Provides the skin with verifiably new energy
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved
  • Balea Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Energy 24h care has an antioxidant effect and protects the skin – signs of premature aging are prevented. The effective vitamin complex of vitamins C and E strengthens the protective shield of the skin and protects against free radicals. Q10 is an effective source of energy for the cells and helps to improve the elasticity of the skin – the first fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. The energizing formula provides the skin with intensive moisture. The skin appears visibly relaxed. The light texture is absorbed particularly quickly and pampers you with a fresh fragrance.
  • Ohne Alkohol, Ohne Aluminiumsalze, Ohne Nanopartikel, Ohne Parabene, Ohne Paraffine / Mineralöle
  • Normal / all skin type

Review of Tagescreme Q10 Anti-Falten Energy 24h Pflege !
Good to apply when you feel super dry on your skin, heavy and thic texture, full nutrition, smells not so good (like old chemicals) it might be not good choice for peopel who are sensitive with smells. Anyway, I chose it in terms of nutrition and intense moisturizing.

3. Tagescreme Beauty Therapy LSF 15, 50 ml

Image result for Tagescreme Beauty Therapy LSF 15
  • With Juvenessence ™ and duo hyaluronic acid
  • Youthful beauty with the power of algae
  • Intense tightening and firmness
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved
  • Vegan
  • The effective formulation of the Balea Beauty Therapy day cream provides the skin with valuable moisture, tightens it and visibly counteracts the appearance of wrinkles and lines. The delicate, non-greasy texture pampers the skin with freshness. For a visibly smoother complexion and a youthful appearance. The care formula with Juvenessence ™, obtained from the brown algae, increases skin elasticity and effectively reduces wrinkles and lines. The day cream with duo-hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin from the inside and helps to maintain the natural moisture balance. The formula with SPF 15 and UVA protection protects against premature light-induced skin aging.
  • Normal / All skin types, mature
  • Ohne Alkohol, Ohne Aluminiumsalze, Ohne Nanopartikel, Ohne Parabene, Ohne Paraffine / Mineralöle, Vegan

Review of Tagescreme Beauty Therapy LSF 15 !
Smells super nice like fresh cotton. Not sticky. little it heavier than 1. Tagescreme Beauty Effect, as this has a function for super anti-aging. would be the best for people around 30s or 40s.

BEAUTY – NAILS – What kind of Nail Shapes would you like?


Hi ! This time, We are going to talk about what kind of nail shapes there is in the world and what is my favorites among them.

As I am nail art lover, I am already so into trying different nail shape to find out which type of the shape would look the best. That is why I started learning this information.

First of all, there are Oval, Square, Coffin (so called ballerina), Almond, Stiletto, Lipstick and Flare. (You can see each shape on right below photo.)


Speaking of which, My favorite is Coffin and Almond shape!

Almond is able to make my fingers look longer. What’s more, round edge of the top makes personal impressed image clear. If you want to add unique point on the clearing, of course, additional coloring or special design is all up to you.

My self-nail art with almond shape.

*Reference – my previous post – Self Nail Art of the week

Coffin shape is also attractive and worth to try as new ! But sadly, This is just my opinion and experience, coffin shaped nail with medium length is quite hard to maintain after getting nails done for people doing house chore almost everyday and having a job mainly for typing.
But I still can’t resist to try them on to refresh my mood.

To check out sample designs on each shape and its well-marked difference, Have a look at below gallery. Coffin nail usually does much more fancy and noticeable design than almond shape, just what I have felt from ail designing.


Photos of almond shape nails

Photos of coffin (ballerina) shape nails

Seriously, Coffin shape is LOVE. 🙂 I wish I could do one of those designs with coffin shape by myself. Stay at my blog, as I am already trying to make it and share the result with you.

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BEAUTY – ART – COSMETICS – Drawing Inspired by Cool Eye Shadow

Drawing by myself thinking about nice make-up on attractive woman.
Just drew it all of sudden on common paper, so it might not look professional.
Just for you to know.

Inspired by this product before drawing

You can click below images if you just got interested in searching for beauty!

BEAUTY – DIY – How to do Self Gel Nails for beginners

Related image

I have started doing nails by myself since few years ago.

I just cared of nail polishing before I moved to Germany, but then I got interested in nail extension as well. So I had to find tools and ways how to make it done.

You will probably all know how to get nail polish products and apply it, I am going to introduce you how to be a beginner to do gel nail polish and nail extension. (in my way!)

You can get all those products as a kit with reasonable price in Ebay or Amazon.
  1. Self Gel Nail
  • This is not difficult at all. There is a lot of nail kit products in Ebay and Amazon.
  • You can search it with keywords like ‘gel nail kit’. After getting products, most of it already have a beginner manual paper sheet inside.

  1. Nail Extension

For this one, I have to divide for 3 parts. Gel, Acrylic and Tip extension.
On this posting, I am going to inform you about gel nail first.

About Gel Extension, if you already know how to do gel nail, it will be easily understood.
For my tip, you can simply use nail artificial tip as nail form.

These are artificial nail tips, of course, you can easily buy those online in Ebay and Amazon.
1) What you do on first step.

First, put ‘Hard Gel’ for extension usage into the artificial tip . (Before that, of course, you have to choose right sized tip for your each finger.) You gotta put right amount after deciding how long nails you want. TIP, put little more than you want, because you have to file it up anyway at the end to shape.

2) An Example after Second step

Second, gently put prepared tip on your nail and let it dry by UV or LED nail Lamp. Depending on products, but I recommend at least 2 min.

Third, get rid of each artificial tip from nails gently and slightly. then you will see transparent grilled 🙂 gel on your finger nails like 2) photo. For beginners, It is so obvious that its shape is not pretty at all. But do not worry, as I said on the first step, You are going to file it up with nail file to get to perfect shape you want. At last, taking a while to file all the gel on your fingers you have!

For the process, you need to get nail kit set and artificial nails if you want to learn about self nail on basic level. The kit usually costs under 30-40 EUR with all the needed tools and materials and artificial nails are so cheap. Check this out to buy simply!

*TIP: Before starting, Be sure that your finger nails are clean and have even surface. Recommending filing up your original nails with nail file to be so. It helps your extension maintain much longer.

BEAUTY – NAILS – DIY -Self Nail Art of the week – 셀프 네일

For massive luck in 2020, I got my new nails done!
But, for your information, I always do my nails by myself. You know, There is many reasons why I do it.

Glitter, shiny with silver color !

Photo can’t really take this beauty enough !

First of all, most of the time, I am very picky whenever I take services in Beauty / Fashion area.
I am not usually satisfied with all the outcome after hair salon, or example. When I do all by myself, I do not need to feel guilty of spending money for bad results. and Also, I can learn and enjoy processing of being done.

새해 2020년 를 맞이하여(핑계) 취미로 하는 셀프 네일을 하여 보았다.

나같은 경우는 미용실이나 패션 뷰티 쪽 서비스를 받으면 대부분 전혀 만족 스럽지가 않다.
그래서 스스로 나를 꾸미는 것 (머리 자르기, 염색하기, 셀프 네일하기 등)은 아마 고등학교 졸업 이후로 계속 해온 것 같다. 비싼 돈 내고 결과가 원망스러운 것 보다는 저렴하게 망하는게 낫지 않는가, 하는 생각이다. 사실 결과란 게 늘 자기 만족에 있어서 평균 이상은 했던 거 같아 ‘셀프’ 를 오히려 즐기고 있다.

*Examples that I have done for self-nail DIY 🙂