Daily Essay – Please Let Me Turn Off Radios In My Head At Night / To Insomnia

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Suffering to live a life is not easy to deal with to every single person. From the effort to live right, you might be getting huge amount of stress and depressed moment which even drives you to hell.

I know what the feeling is like, because I regularly get into it whether I want to or not. Let’s say I am going to hell inside of my mind and head once or twice per 3 years. Being suffered by life is the main reason for me to go to the terrible place without my intention.

I bet that this is even worse to people who are specially independent and hate to rely on someone to get helped. Or people who are always motivated to improve their life or social status with overthinking.

Yes, I am one of them.


What I am going to say is that this kind of person usually tries to struggle to survive by themselves much more than relying person resisting other’s help as much as they could.

And guess what we have to endure for it.
A lot of mental energy and fighting with harsh reality by ourselves. Daily thinking of what we have done to others around them is additional. During the process, if we catch the moment in our memory that we think we bothered someone to help us, we make our mind to not do it again.


Moreover, in the meantime, we are always eager to developed by their own with no cheating way. I work hard not to waste life and follow what I want to get and what I should aim for it. For that, we sometimes spend mental and physical energy as well to try to be improved getting ourselves in tension.

Thinking about your better life at all time with independent mindset with no break is not as easy as you think. Meaning of the act is positive but the processes for its final achievement is terribly painful personally.

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Those are why those people including me can’t even loosen their tension even at night when we can be finally alone from people. We are usually nervous at all time and do not relieve themselves from thinking of living life. All because we resist to be reliable and easy-going.

I wish I could turn many radios off inside my head at least when I sleep on the bed. I want to forget all the stressful nerve and tension in night time. My mattress, bed sheet and blanket feel so good but that is all I can say. I can’t be soaked into it for sweet deep sleep. Right, I can’t even have a deep sleep even when I luckily mange to fall asleep. Because then I have to dream the whole night without a break. My brain does not know how to stay away from thinking and overthinking.

I do not believe in Jesus that much but please someone in the sky, help me stop tossing and turning the whole night until sun comes up. Tonight, a day after tonight and a day after the night will be coming for me to manage.

All I want is few time a day which is completely silent only for my own rest so I could put much effort on next days to work on better life.

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DAILY LIFE – HEALTH – 5 Main Symptoms of Burnout At Work + Solutions


Dear people working hard everyday,

I used to be such a workaholic only thinking about work, work and work. Like, Work is not a part of my life but almost everything. I thought it would be okay because I am young and even useful for me in the future. I was always motivated myself. The thing is, I was wrong.

I used to think I am not spending life productive when I am not working hard. You guys might think it is total bullshit. But that was me being crazy a about getting productive me in a wrong way. I was ignoring what my body and inner me have said to me at the time just to work even harder.

My body was shouting at me “I feel burnout right here!”

The matter of fact, I would be not the only one suffering. Statically, 1 of 5 workers is feeling burnout and medical expert has said this is considered as health issue to be diagnosed as an illness.

According to WHO(World Health Organization), But the burnout is not a disease yet but truly effecting to mental health issue. Most of the burnout is occurred by stress from workplace.

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Herewith I share you 5 main symptoms to warn you “burnout” alert.

1. Always Tired

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If you feel tired 24/7 even after sleeping enough, this would be a sign of burnout. The feeling would be like Every Monday after weekend is hell with no energy at all.

You feel exhausted and spaced out even when you are with family and friends.

2. Can’t Focus On Work

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You are going to have burnout soon when you feel distance from your job and work in mental way. You would have no achievement even when you finish your task. You only care about deadlines, nothing else.

You cant’ be motivated and try to delay everything behind.


The problem is that the burnout easily comes to people who are goal oriented and ambitious on accomplishment. Those people are usually working hard because it feels like “Must-To-Do” no matter what, regardless of how they feel on the work. It is like harsh responsibility and even guilt.

3. Feel Meaningless

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It is a good sign to diagnose you burnout if you suddenly became cynical and negative on your work.

It would give you bad forecasting of future and remove your goal oriented thoughts. When you came to think that works which you have enjoyed feel meaningless and useless, you might be already in burnout status.

It is also possible for your burn out if you encounter any unfair situation like discrimination, crime, scam or fraud.


Also, if you keep being denied by management levels even with your creative idea and cheerful energy for work, you would feel they turn you down feeling like “Okay, I would never bother myself and never try to develop my work to be productive in here.” This thought would bring you hell of burnout. Helplessness is a key factor of it.

4. Get Less and Lower Productivity

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Your ability and productivity is evaluated less and lower when you are in burnout. Of course, with no ambition and energy, there is no power to make you work being indifferent of what you are doing skipping off.

Because Concentration, Energy and Emotional Investment on work are the keys for you to be competitive.

5. Get Sick Often

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You can try to avoid tiredness on your emotion and mental that you got from work, however, Physical object does not lie.

If you keep getting sick much often and feel bad most of the time, this is the sign that your body is sending you a message saying “Try to fix working conditions that you got, as I see it is truly bad for you.”

As burnout is an illness from serious stress, it could be shown with symptoms such as high blood pressure, tense muscle(dystonia), cold, insomnia and other sleeping disorder and so on.


What You Can Do For Treatment

Of course, employers are responsible for employees having this problem with health issue from work. But in the mean time, the employees can do something to treat themselves individually.

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Go to Experts for Special Treatment.

Thinking about how you have been feeling, you better go to related experts to discuss about it. Burnout has to be considered as other illnesses.

You Are You, Not Your Job.

If you only feel grateful and happy when you are done good job at work, then you have to seriously consider what is true meaning of your life. Maybe You should diversify your point of view on “Importance of career”

If you are great at workplace and proud of it, you can also feel the same in other area of life. Diversify your self-esteem.

Get Helped by Workplace.

Talk to your boss what problem you have on your working flow and process. Ask if you can have a slight change of your work. For example, You both can consider for any new projects in the company to give employee better energy.

If you are finally bored on your current work, it is a good try for you to ask to your supervisor discussing about what kind of new project and work you want to be in and learn more.


You should recognize that you have to have some time apart from work. Slow yourself down and chill on your free time. Do not underestimate stress listening what real you is saying to you.

We have to try hard to fix ultimate reason of our burnout, not changing working place or job field often.

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