Fashion – Why Does Saint Laurent Insist On Black And White Photos?


A new season’s campaign that portrays a designer’s fashion fantasy! 

But why does Saint Laurent always insist on black and white photos? Well, Let’s Find the reason for wonderful pictures from below.

Fashion house designers who are preparing for a new season must appeal to the public with one or two photos of their collection. A campaign of fashion brands that portrays the vision of the house, fashion fantasy, and the concept of each season! Most of them are glamorous celebrities and super models.

Nevertheless, Saint Laurent is more focused on revealing the sexy DNA of the house than on the gorgeous campaign. St. Laurent’s campaign is chic, and the identity of the brand is clearly conveyed, so that if you pile up photos from all seasons, you will be able to complete a wonderful collection of black and white photos.


Hedi Slimane by Saint Laurent (2014 F / W)The portrait-oriented black and white portrait began in earnest by Eddie Sleeman , who served for four years from 2012 . He erased Yves from Yves Saint Laurent and succeeded in rebranding to what is now Saint Laurent. It was revealed through a black-and-white portrait with an underground musician.

And in 2016, the fashion industry is leaving Hedi Slimane disappointed yet bonaegil Anthony’s Bar in Karelia (Anthony Vaccarello) walked to the new expectations. Expecting the era of fantasy, elegant, sensual, and sexy Saint Laurent created by Yves Saint Laurent in the past.

The following year, Anthony to bar Karel found revive the dramatic mood of neunsaeng Laurent. His black and white portrait is more intense, energetic, and plastic. Eddy Sleeman’s street minimalism was focused on Eve Saint Laurent’s elegant yet sensual brand archive.


“I was very surprised by Berger (a representative of the Yves Saint Laurent Foundation) that I sent the Saint Laurent studio team to study the archive collection. He said it was the first time. There is no material that is as good as an actual archive collection for inspiration. ” 
2017. June Interview 

In addition, Anthony Bar Carell as the lot you are interested in visual tasks, and last December he to selected artists commissioned work project ‘Self’ for Wong Kar-wai directed the short film drifting feeling commissioned to noir mulssin ‘Shanghai at night (A Night in Shanghai) .
“The work of the royal family imagining individual emotions is like a vivid dream projecting the real world. In this movie, the fantasy of Saint Laurent was naturally embodied. ”It boasted the subtle harmony between the traditional Shanghai feel and modern Saint Laurent.

And last month, Anthony to bar Carell is in LA page Hebrews / Klein Gallery (Fahey / Klein Gallery) with the collaboration directly curation opened an exhibition in 1986 fashion and art photos professionally on page Hebrews / Klein Gallery is dealt with It is a renowned gallery with more than 10,000 works by various photographers including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Irving Penn, and Melvin Sokolsky. Pictures of artists and stars such as Mick Jagger, Lady Warhol, and Keith Richards, picked by Anthony Bacarello, are also available at the St. Laurent Rive Droite store in Paris and Los Angeles.


Ssint Laurent Rive Droite

For him, these pictures are more special and important than celebrity power. In a last interview, he replied about the relationship between the designer and celebrity.  

“I don’t want to sit in First Row for the stars that I give and bring in for $ 5,000 for a photo. It’s not sincere. I want a true muse.”

'Paul Simonon, The Clash, Milan, 1980 “by Janette Beckman (from FAHEY / KLEIN)

‘Paul Simonon, The Clash, Milan, 1980 “by Janette Beckman (from FAHEY / KLEIN)

'Nico in Times Square, New York, 1964 “by Steve Schapiro (from FAHEY / KLEIN)

‘Nico in Times Square, New York, 1964 “by Steve Schapiro (from FAHEY / KLEIN)

"Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, New York City, 1981" by Arthur Elgort (from FAHEY / KLEIN)

“Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, New York City, 1981” by Arthur Elgort (from FAHEY / KLEIN)15SHARE


Fashion – The Whole History Of H&M Designer Collaborations in 15 Years / Who Is New Collab in 2020 ?

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When I usually go shopping, A shop that I am always headig to is H&M. I enjoy getting a nice fashion item in reasonable price. For me this brand is always what I am thinking of when talking about overall fashion in my taste.

Maybe because of that, it came out middle of nowhere but I wanted to throwback of full H&M Collaboration history, as new year 2020 has begun and new collaborations of the brand of this year are already started.

I am going to show you what is newly coming to H&M as new collaboration, additionally, you will be able to look up at one sight of full history of H&M collaboration which has done so far from 2004.

Let’s get started from this year 2020 with 2 new collaborations of H&M.

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2020: Johanna Ortiz x H&M

Johanna Ortiz x H&M: Timeless Maximalism
H&M designer collaboration: Johanna Ortiz

Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are right. Johanna Ortiz is the dressmaker you need to know about. Now, her vibrant and print-fuelled designs are about to land at H&M.

There’s an irresistible sense of joy and power at the heart of the Colombian designer’s work that has the world’s most powerful women smitten. Michelle Obama opted for Johanna Ortiz during her book tour, at parties, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Alexa Chung and Jessica Biel count Ortiz’s design as must-haves. Olivia Palermo wears Ortiz to set her style agenda, and when it came to serving a major look at Jennifer Lawrence’s wedding, it was Johanna Ortiz that Sienna Miller favoured. 

The Johanna Ortiz x H&M collection will be available in stores and online on 12 March 2020.  


2020: Sabyasachi Mukherjee x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Sabyasachi Mukherjee celebrated his 20-year milestone in the industry. He also dressed a few hundred brides, officially launched his couture jewellery line, opened doors to a flagship store for the same and collaborated with Pottery Barn on a home line. Mukherjee is on the home stretch in 2020, ready to launch one of the most exciting projects he has ever worked on—a global collaboration with Swedish retail giant H&M. 

The collection will hit flagship stores and will be available globally on in 48 markets on April 16 as well as be available on Myntra in India. “I am happy to announce the collaboration with H&M as it allows us the opportunity to share the Sabyasachi aesthetic to a wider audience in India and worldwide. Having done couture for the majority of my career, it is very exciting to bring that finesse and craft to ‘ready-to-wear’ and to create whimsical and fluid silhouettes that bring relaxed sophistication to everyday life,” said the designer.


From now, as I said, The collaboration history of H&M from 2004 to 2019 will be shown to you from right below. So, From Karl Lagerfeld, shall we? 

2004: Karl Lagerfeld x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Karl Lagerfeld

Was there any other choice but King Karl Lagerfeld to kick off the first H&M designer collaboration? The late Chanel and Fendi creative director created a capsule collection so desirable (both aesthetically and financially) that it sold out within minutes – there had never been fan mania like it and there may not have been fan mania like it since. 


2005: Stella McCartney x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Stella McCartney

The designer’s penchant for creating effortlessly wearable garments was a great match for the Swedish company.

Stella McCartney was next on the roster for H&M’s designer collaboration serving up separates that fashion editors went wild for. Workwear staples that mirrored her mainline were the big draw fore this collection as well as stand-out dresses that wouldn’t look out of place in our wardrobes now. 

2006: Viktor & Rolf x H&M 

H&M designer collaboration: Viktor & Rolf

Dutch design duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, known for their lavish and expensive couture pieces. So You might know Viktor & Rolf from their cult-classic ‘Flowerbomb’ fragrance, or you might know them as the couturiers that sent  giant tulle dresses with ‘Sorry I’m late I didn’t want to come’ down the couture catwalk. For their H&M collaboration it was all about the wedding dress. 


2007: Roberto Cavalli x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Roberto Cavalli

’Ain’t no party like a Cavalli party’ should have been the tag line for this collaboration. Leopard print, sequins, minis, tassels, fringing and more this collection was all about having fun. 

“I am the party!” iconic quote of Roberto Cavalli.  This collaboration captured the party-girl ethos and came up with the icon and still popular add picture. Of course, it wasn’t for everyone.

2008: Comme des Garcons x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Comme des Garcons

Creative director Rei Kawakubo knows a thing or two about collaborations, having partnered with Nike, Converse and Supreme to name a few. So, when the avant-garde designed announced she was also to partner on a ready-to-wear collection of structural pieces, fans around the world rejoiced and fashion editors practically sprinted to store. 

The collection was full of polka dots, which came back to popularity for SS18 season. Comme des Garcons presented the style affordable for everybody.


2009: Matthew Williamson x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Matthew Williamson

These days Williamson is not participating in Fashion Weeks anymore, but in 2009 he was a go-to designer for the gypset.

When it came to 00’s, colourful, Bohemian style there was only one man for the job: Matthew Williamson. The designer, whose muses include Kate Miss and Naomi Campbell, brought his trademark bold prints to the high street with a campaign brought to life by Daria Webowy. 

2009: Jimmy Choo x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Jimmy Choo

Who didn’t want a pair of Jimmy Choos to go out in? Lucky for the H&M shopper, Choo’s Tamara Mellon also designed dresses and accessories to go with her instantly recognisable shoes. At that time Jimmy Choo wasn’t necessarily the hottest Haute shoe brand on the market, but the partnership with H&M gave shoppers an opportunity to cop then-designer Tamara Mellon’s slinky stilettos a more affordable price.


2010: Sonial Rykiel x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Sonia Rykiel

Known for her bright colours and stripes, French designer Sonia Rykiel’s collaboration with H&M kind of flew under the radar. For those in the know, however, it was one to snap up immediately. 

Suddenly, the Rykiel’s H&M collaboration hasn’t become exactly headline news. At least, the vibrant knit pieces and slinky bralettes were great gets for women, who got lucky of getting them.

2010: Lanvin x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Lanvin

Lanvin’s 2010 collaboration captured not only designer Alber Elbaz’s ebullient spirit but also converted his many design signatures, from voluminous ruffles to emotive jewel tones. 

Fashion’s beloved Alber Elbaz brought his Lanvin aesthetic to the high street in 2010 and our party wardrobes rejoiced. Bringing his joie de virie via ruffles, embellishment and classic Lanvin metallics. 

2011: Versace x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Versace

The excitement was real when it was announced that Versace would hit the high street.  Shoppers were so desperate to get their hands on this collection that they queued over night and crashed the website when the pieces went live. 


2012: Marni x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Marni

Another year, another insider favourite, Marni. Bright, bold prints and graphic lines brought Marni’s high street collaboration to life. 

2013: Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Maison Martin Margiela

It would have been a bigger deal if the fast-fashion giant had managed to partner with the brand when the house founder was still in the picture.

Similarly to Comme des Garcon, Margiela was one of those names that fashion editors went wild for. Oversized rollnecks still line our wardrobes from this collection as well as incredibly outerwear and statement pieces from the famously mysterious designer. 

2013: Isabel Marant x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Isabel Marant

For French-girl fanatics and other women looking to class up their everyday outfits, this was the collaboration to buy. Every one wants to an ‘it’ French girl and Isabel Marant holds that title above all other all others.

Skinny jeans with slouchy boots, shaggy oversized cardigan-style coats and the perfect little black dress were just some of the pieces snapped up at breakneck speed from this collection. 

2014: Alexander Wang x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Alexander Wang

An early adopter of athleisure came the collaboration to match: H&M x Alexander Wang. With leggings, hoodies and neoprene a plenty the collection sold out faster than you could say, ‘trainers are the new heels.’ Three years later, we can still catch someone wearing these great pieces!

2015: Balmain x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Balmain

The Balmain designer had Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Victoria Secret Angels, and Backstreet Boys at his Balmain for H&M fashion show, turning Instagram into one black hole of #BalmainHMNation photos.

Putting the ‘glam’ in glamour, Olivier Rousteing enlisted the finest members of his Balmain Army to front his partywear collection with the high street retailer. Embellished mini dresses, gilded jewellery and belts aplenty ticked all the right boxes for eager shoppers. 


2016: Kenzo x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Kenzo

The key print in the line is tiger stripes, which appears on everything from rollneck tops to high-waisted leggings. There is also an oversize jacket and a parka to take you into Winter and, of course, let’s not forget the black Kenzo logo gloves and the tiger-print crossbody bag.

Animal prints and Kenzo’s trademark logo sweatshirt made up the buzziest pieces for this designer collaboration. 

2017: Erdem x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Erdem

Filled with the floral flourished and exquisite feminine detailing the British designer is renowned for, the collection unsurprisingly has some Victoriana-style lace blouses, ruffles, bows and floral cocktail dresses, as well as a few pleasant surprises – a sharp grey pants suit or a tweed jacket and skirt combo! Cutting his teeth for both the men’s and women’s departments for H&M, Erdem’s signature design touches bring a heavy dose of English eccentricity to the high street. 

Taking the British designer to the big stage, Erdem brought his feminine aesthetic of ditsy floral and floor-length gowns to the high street – undoubtedly the prettiest collaboration to date. 


2018: Moschino x H&M

H&M designer collaboration: Moschino

Never one to shy away from fun, Moschino’s collection with H&M saw his playful take on clothing brought to life. Having announced the collaboration at Coachella, the two brands injected huge amounts of joy into our party wardrobes. 

2019: Giambattista Valli x H&M

H&M launched their much-anticipated designer collaboration with Giambattista Valli.

Giambattista Valli x H&M spans womens wear, menswear, and accessories. And the couture-inspired pieces run the gamut, from ruffled blouses and tiered gowns to logo hoodies and beanies. The prices are equally varied, ranging from $17.99 to $649, according to Vogue.

Image result for h&m  collaboration

It introduced to the collection earlier this year at Cannes film festival, where the red-carpet worthy dresses modelled by Kendall Jenner and Chiara Ferragni were the biggest fashion talking points. Teased by a mini capsule collection that launched in May, the main drop unsurprisingly drew in huge crowds this morning with an queue wrapping around Oxford Street and key pieces selling out in minutes.


FASHION – RISING BRAND – 5 Things To Know About Rejina Pyo

“Rejina Pyo Knows Exactly What Women Want To Wear.”

(To get brief background of Rejina Pyo Brand, I recommend to watch above Youtube videos in advance to understand this post well.)

Rejina Pyo is a London based fashion brand built upon a philosophy that explores dressing as an everyday phenomenon, both mundane and extraordinary, for women all over the world.

Rejina Pyo catwalk
Rejina Pyo Official Website:

Wanting to contribute something special to this daily ritual, our vision is to create modern, wearable pieces that encourage individual instincts and maintain relevance and quality over time. At a time where the pace of fashion trends has reached new heights, we live in an overstimulating market which presents customers with new choices every week.

It is not concerned with promoting quick or short-term trends, instead this brand is focused on building long term relationships and evolving with our wearers over time.

Below Post is quoted by 5 things to know about the surprise biggest hit of LFW, Rejina Pyo Wirtten By Amy De Klerk



She is a Central Saint Martin’s graduate from Korea

Rejina Pyo taking her bow

Pyo hails from Seoul and completed her MA in Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins in 2011. Her graduate show was widely praised by critics and she was quickly snapped up to be Roksanda Ilincic’s first assistant, where she worked for three years before setting up her namesake label in 2014.


This marked her brand’s first catwalk show

Rejina Pyo SS18

Although she started the brand over three years ago, SS18 marked Pyo’s first catwalk show, having previously opted for presentations. The setting was London’s Quaker Centre and despite the change in format, the collection was very in keeping with Pyo’s aesthetic, one that her legion of fashionable followers have come to love. 

She is a real favorite among influencers

Rejina Pyo SS18

In fact, you’ve probably been eyeing up plenty of her designs for seasons without even knowing it. Style mavens including Camille Charriere, Pandora Sykes and Lisa Aiken are all devoted fans of the brand, often wearing the pieces to shows or shouting about them on Instagram.


She is A Champion of Diversity

Rejina Pyo SS18

Pyo is one modern-day designer who is fighting against fashion’s issues with diversity, whether that be age, size or skin color. Ahead of her catwalk show, Pyo put out a casting call for “confident, unique and inspiring women of ALL ethnicities and ALL ages to participate in a very special paid project (the catwalk show) on the 19th of September”. 

Her clothes are wearable (and surprisingly affordable)

Rejina Pyo SS18

While Pyo’s collections are not high-street or even high-end high-street prices, they are certainly not as out of reach as some of the collections presented at LFW. You can pick up a pair of jeans for £270, suede loafers for £359 and the most desirable wool coat for £589. Best of all? The structured, statement pieces are unmistakably stylish, but they are designed for real women with real lives, not just for the catwalk.

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